8 Delicious Healthy Treats For Dogs in your Pantry

The kitchen is the most important place in a home right? It has all the utensils, ingredients you need to make a meal for the day. What’s the best part is it is conjoined with the pantry stored with all the cooking ingredients you want to use to make various home treats for your dog. If you are a great cook or even share a passion for healthy eating, chances are you will want the same for your dog too. 

Many fruits and vegetables are the primary ingredients for dog treats. These ingredients are the most basic and easy to find in your pantry. Also, being the most nutrient-dense treat, they are good for your dog’s health too. 

But if you are still confused about which are the most healthy treats for dogs you can use to make homemade doggie treats then relax. This article is your guide to the most simple and natural dog treats you can find in your pantry. 


An apple a day keeps a vet away, and it will also make up for the most nutritious and fibrous snack too. You can give raw apples to the dog but you can also use them as one of the specific ingredients in the doggie cookie you want to bake. For pups, apples are a good choice. Just make sure to remove the seeds and core before giving it to them. 

Green peas 

The best thing about peas is that they are inexpensive and dense in nutrition, while you are making pea for the side dish, just freeze the rest to be used later for the dog treat. You can either mash them or use fresh peas and mix them in your dog food. 

You can use green peas in one of the baking recipes too in an easy peasy way. 


Carrots are a powerhouse of beta carotene and other vitamins. You can cut the bite-sized carrots and mix them with the dog food or place them in the food bowl separately. Some dogs might tease you a lot, instead of chewing it they might just swallow! So if you have labs or beagles you might need to look at their eating behavior too. 


Watermelons are tasty, juicy, and delicious fruits aren’t they? Also in summer, they help to keep the dog’s body hydrating too. It’s one of the purest forms of beneficial treats. 

But before giving the watermelons to your dogs, remove the seeds, they are not good for your dog and can even cause allergies or food poisoning otherwise. 

Sweet potatoes 

These are delightful savory as a snack. Highly convenient and easily found in your pantry you can store them in the refrigerator also before use. You can roast, steam, mash, or Blanche it as a part of the nutritious and healthy treat for your dog. 

But avoid giving them raw. It will not do any good to your dog this way. 


A lot of potassium, please! If that is what you are looking for then bananas are not so hard to find either. Turns out most dog breeds love to eat bananas. Given the highly active routine for a guard dog, it is the natural choice you want to keep at hand. 

But do not get over excited with the bananas. Use them in moderation due to their high sugar content. 


It is considered to be one of the good choices for a pup. Something green and healthy means broccoli a day. You can add more than a dash or handful of cut downs as a part of the treat when your dog behaves well. 

You can give them raw, roasted, or stemmed. Just let them be unseasoned. Broccoli is indeed one of the easy-to-digest high-fiber foods so you can give them to your dogs safely. 

Lean meat 

If you have a training dog in your home, you need to keep all the food portions in check. Lean meat is one healthy treat for dogs. Plain, boiled, or broth, in any form lean meat is suitable. The best size of the lean meat is if it’s cut the size of your little nail. The pieces will be small, chewable, and easy to digest too. 

Lean meat is filled with omega – 6 fatty acids which help promote healthy skin and coat oo. Also salmon is a good choice. 

So if you love your dog a crazy amount then all the ingredients will make up for the healthy treats that are easily available in your pantry. It’s cheap, nothing costly and still delicious!

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