8 Beautiful Wooden Canes You’ll Want to Buy Now

Can you tell who someone is, just by looking at their cane?


Canes are more than mobility devices. They’re works of art, that can help the person holding it express their true personality. Whether you want to look like a stylish movie star or rugged cowboy, wooden canes are the best when it comes to choosing quality.

To help you find the perfect wooden cane design to express your personality, we’ve created this guide, all about cane styles and designs. What type of wooden cane is right for you? Read on to find out!

1. Ergonomic Wide Handled Canes

First, let’s go over some of the features and benefits of wooden canes with wide handles. Wide handle canes have more surface area to offer a better grip and comfortability for the person holding them. For instance, if you have weak hands or wrists, then this type of cane would be beneficial for your needs.

Benefits of Wide Handle Designs

Researchers are just now revealing how amazing our ability to walk is. It turns out, walking is a complex process, involving propulsion, swinging, and core support. If you don’t have a cane that lets you move freely, your stride will pay the price.

With an ergonomic wide handle design, you’ll be able to enjoy keeping your arms and wrists in a neutral position while walking.

The wide design of ergonomic canes can also help prevent wrist pain. You’ll also be able to reduce the amount of pressure you’re putting on your forearm and elbow.

2. Ashwood Cane Handles

Next, Ashwood cane handles are a popular choice for people that are looking to buy a new walking cane. Ashwood is one of the most durable types of wood used in handle making, and you know that you’ll have this durable product to help support your daily needs for years to come.

Ashwood handles are created with a beautiful appearance that’s sure to match any decor theme or style you’re wanting to represent. That means if you’re going for an old-fashioned look or more contemporary design, they’ve got canes from both ends of the spectrum. You’ll also enjoy being able to customize your cane with our stabilizing rubber tip options as well.

Benefits of Ashwood Cane Handles

Along with customization opportunities, you’ll love the durability you’ll find in canes made of Ashwood. These canes are made with hardwood and have been hand-turned.

You’ll be getting a product that will withstand many years of use. So don’t worry about having to pick up another cane again, anytime soon!

Ashwood also offers their handles in different colors like brown, black, orange, and red (just to name a few). All you need to do is select your desired color option and style, and you’ll be good to go.

3. Hardwood Cane Handles

Moving on, we also have hardwood cane handles. Hardwood is a strong, resilient wood that you’ll be able to use for many years in the future. You can choose between maple and oak wood handle materials too.

Both of these types of wood are beneficial because they’re going to last a long time, and are very stable when holding your weight as you walk around.

Benefits of Hardwood Handles

If you’re looking for stability and durability, canes with hardwood handles are going to deliver superior performance over time. You won’t have to worry about this cane bending or cracking as a result of constant use.

You’ll enjoy choosing the right design and style for your needs when it comes to canes with wooden handles. The amount of colors ensures that no matter what color scheme you want, or what design fits best your style, there’s an option just right for you! Popular designs you’ll find include hand-carved animal head styles ( like a bear head cane) or more traditional styled handles.

4. Wooden Canes With Collars

Did you know that wooden canes can have collars? Take for instance these wood canes, with a variety of stylish collars you can choose from. As you’ll see, the collar sits at the top of the cane, just below the handle.

Benefits of Cane Collars

The cane collar serves a variety of purposes. First, it makes the cane look great and sophisticated. It’s also used to reduce glare and sunlight so that you can walk in the daylight as well as dark evening walks without difficulty.

Because the collar is small and angled, it acts as a cutout that can fit around your hand. It allows for an ergonomic experience when holding and using this type of handle.

5. Pointy Edged Canes

Have you ever seen pointy-edged canes before? They bring a unique style to the table since they feature a point on the end of them. You won’t see many people walking around with these types of handles due to that unique edge.

However, if you’re looking for something that’s out of the norm, pointy-edged handles could be the right way to go. When made in wood, the pointy handles can have an especially dramatic effect.

Benefits of Pointy Edged Handles

If you’re going for a stylish appearance, you’ll love how your pointy-edged handle can add some pizzazz to an otherwise plain-looking cane. These handles look amazing and are sure to get you noticed wherever you go!

With a pointy edge design, the edges must be smoothed out too. It will help prevent any scratching or damage from occurring as a result of use. That way when someone is using your cane, they won’t be worried about being cut or poked.

6. Walking Canes With Rounded Edges

If pointed edges aren’t your thing, then consider getting a wooden cane with a rounded handle. Round handles are great for walking canes, or just for getting around the house.

These handles are usually made with lighter wood material and might be even made of plastic! If you’re looking for an easy-to-maintain option, rounded edges are the way to go.

Benefits of Handles With Rounded Edges

Cane handles made with rounded edges are great because they’re not going to cause any damage or scratching as a pointy one might. You’ll also enjoy the fact that these canes are generally very affordable and economical too.

Doctors suggest taking around 10,000 steps a day to stay fit. With a rounded edge getting those steps in will be a breeze!

There’s no need to worry about whether or not you’ll get a great grip when it comes to these types of handles. They’re easy to hold onto, and you can grab on fast if something is causing you problems with balance when walking or standing up.

7. Western Styled Canes 

Are you a fan of the wild wild west? Then you can express your love for cowboy movies and the old west with western-themed canes. Examples include canes that feature a banded or bar-style handle that looks like it’s from an old western movie. You’ll also find a variety of colors, finishes, widths, and designs to choose from as well.

One of our favorite types of western-styled cane handles is those fashioned to look like a firearm. It’s a unique look that can help give you a rugged cowboy look, wherever you go. Cowboy-themed canes are great for showing off at an event or just whenever you want!

Benefits of Western Styled Handles

What makes this type of handle so attractive is the fact that it brings a colorful and stylish focal point to your cane. Nobody else around will have one with a similar western-themed design. The individuality you’ll enjoy can more than make up for any additional cost when compared to other handle styles.

8. Colorfully Creative Canes

Getting a wooden cane doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your color options! There are all sorts of colored wood options you can choose from, to give your cane a unique appeal. Consider a royal blue or redwood cane, or even one with a paint finish that features many different colors and patterns.

Benefits of Colorful Canes

These colorful canes might seem a little more expensive than their plain wood counterparts, but they’re well worth it. Not only do they look great, but you also get the durability of a great wooden handle to hold onto.

Colorful canes are also easy to spot as you move around different places too. This makes them ideal for people who like to explore new cities or use their walking stick as a way of getting from place to place while sightseeing.

Express Yourself Fully

As you can see, canes aren’t simply useful, they’re an opportunity to express yourself. There are many different types of wooden canes for you to choose from, which will make your experience picking the perfect one all the more personal.

What style handle will work best for you? Do you want something with an ergonomic grip? Are you excited about the pizazz a pointy cane offers?

Make a list of your top 3 choices, and then decide which one is your favorite. For more advice like this, take a moment to read another article here on our site!

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