8 Awesome Ways to Customize A New Copper Bathtub

From a free-standing soaker to a drop-in tub, choosing an authentically rustic copper patina is sure to create the oasis you desire.

Aside from being gorgeous and offering a classic appearance, copper tubs are also versatile and durable. Copper is a natural material that is modeled without cracking, which means copper is mold-resistant, rust and corrosion proof, and antibacterial.

Offering an extra-long lifespan, there are a large variety of styles, finishes, textures to help customize copper bathtubs. Below are a few custom features to keep in mind when shopping around.

How to Customize Copper Bathtubs

1.      Finish

You have a variety of choices when choosing the finish of copper bathtubs, including:

  • Brass- Aged
  • Brass- Burnished
  • Brass – Blackened
  • Brass- Polished
  • Copper – Aged
  • Copper – Fire
  • Copper – Polished
  • Copper – Red Fire
  • Copper – Rustic

Whether you’re looking for a brand-new penny shine or a deep brown, all finishes develop the patina effect. This is where it changes color over time.

2.      Texture

Image walking into a bathroom and your eyes land on a hand-hammered copper custom made bathtub that is made from 16-gauge recycled copper. It’s a breathtaking view! The hammered texture is not only visually appealing, but it helps with slippery services.

3.      Interior Finish

When it comes to the interior finish, you can choose between copper-polished or copper-rustic. The choice often depends on the exterior finish, so that you can match or offset it. Regardless of the finishes of the copper tub, you’ll have an eye-catching piece with a patina that is sure to impress.

4.      Interior Texture

After a long day, there’s not much that can send you into a feeling of nirvana than sinking into a custom hand-hammered copper bathtub. Plus, a hand-hammered interior texture provides the tub with a slip-resistance protection.

5.      Size

Copper bathtubs can be hammered for any style bathroom in dimensions such as 60, 64,69, and 72 inches wide, 31 or 33 inches wide, and 31 or 33 inches high.

6.      Gauge

Copper bathtubs are often offered with a 14 or 16 gauge. This refers to the thickness of the copper and is one of the most important factors when customizing a tub. The lower the number, like 14, the thicker the copper. Thicker copper requires little to no maintenance and repairs and will last for years.

7.      Drain

When it comes to the drain, you can choose a polished brass, chrome, brushed nickel, or rubbed bronze push button tub drain. Depending on your preference, there are also options for lift and turn drains and overflow drains, all in different finishes.

8.      Tub Filler

Tub fillers are the faucets or plumbing fixture that delivers cold and hot water to the tub. These can be customized in polished chrome or brass, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze.


Due to its corrosion-resistant and anti-microbial nature, copper is one of the smartest and most sustainable material to use in your home.

Copper is also known to help joint pain, boost energy, and stimulate the brain. Did you know that as you bathe, the body absorbs tiny hints of copper naturally? This means soaking for a long time in a copper bath is not only relaxing, but it’s good for your health!

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