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7 Workplace Safety Tips Every Business Needs to Know



Being a business owner or manager is a big responsibility. Not only is the weight of the company’s success on your shoulders, but everyone also looks to you for advice and answers. Just as importantly, it’s your job to make sure you’re providing a safe work environment.

The last thing you want is one of your employees or customers getting hurt due to negligence or any other accident. The key to learning how to avoid workplace injuries is following appropriate workplace safety tips.

Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Keep reading for our top tips for safety in the workplace.

  1. Make Sure Walkways Are Clear

Some of the most common accidents in the workplace are trips and falls. These can be caused by obstructions in walkways. Even in office spaces, things like briefcases, bags, and poorly placed garbage receptacles can result in people tripping, falling, and getting injured.

  1. Remove Overhead Hazards

In construction areas, warehouses, and factories, you need to make sure people are aware of overhead hazards. As much as possible, you should make sure no objects are positioned in a way that leads to potential injuries. In scenarios in which overhead hazards cannot be removed, workers should wear hardhats.

  1. Use Signs for Slippery Floors

Other workplace safety tips include alerting people to possible dangers. Using a “wet floor” sign is vital in any workplace, especially if there is a lot of foot traffic. These will help people walk more cautiously or avoid slippery surfaces altogether.

If you are injured at work, it may be necessary to hire a workers compensation attorney to make sure you get the medical coverage and financial compensation you deserve.

  1. Reduce Clutter

Clutter can also be quite dangerous in the workplace. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at warehouse safety of office safety. Clutter can lead to a myriad of injuries.

Aside from slips, trips, and falls, loose items can also fall off of desks or platforms causing foot injuries or worse.

  1. Keep Your Work Environment Free of Pests

As a business owner, it’s vital to keep your workplace free of pests. Rodents can carry the Hantavirus which can spread through the air if their waste is disturbed. They can also cause a lot of damage to your building.

Other pests, like wasps, spiders, and snakes can pose a more direct threat to your employees’ well-being.

  1. Be Wary of Health Concerns

During times like these, you also need to take special care to make sure people are social distancing and wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We know wearing a mask all day is less than ideal. However, it’s your job to enforce these rules to make sure people aren’t getting sick.

  1. Make Sure Workers Follow Safety Protocols 

Finally, one of the best and most effective workplace safety tips requires employees to take the initiative. If you work in an inherently dangerous environment, you must adhere to safety guidelines and protocols. They were designed specifically to keep you and your employees safe.

Looking for More Workplace Safety Tips

Workplace safety tips are vital to protecting your staff, clients, and customers. However, there’s a lot more to improving your workplace than just making it safe.

If you’re looking for more tips and advice about how to boost your work environment, be sure to check out some of our other articles before you go. Our blog was created for business owners like you.

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The Future of Dentistry world and how Dr. Glenn Vo strengths it




The Future of Dentistry world and how Dr. Glenn Vo strengths it

Dentistry does not seem like a very exciting industry but it is much more complex and intricate than most people think. Dr. Glenn Vo is a dental professional that has found success as both a dentist and a social media influencer. His journey began when his parents moved to Pasadena, Texas from Saigon, Vietnam with him and his four siblings. From a very young age his parents taught him to go through life working hard and study even harder to achieve the American dream. Dr. Vo did his very best to follow his parents advice, but he too occasionally ran into roadblocks along the way. If he ever required any mentorship he turned to his family friend, Mr.Glenn Leon Rogers. Mr. Glenn Leon Rogers provided him with lots of quality advice along the way but the piece of advice that impacted Dr. Vo the most was when he was told, “If you find yourself to be fortunate in this life then always pay it forward”. 

If you had checked the list of things that Dr. Vo wanted to do with his life, dentistry would be nowhere to be found. He did not consider dentistry until he took a position at his sister’s dental office as a dental assistant. After only a week of working there she had convinced him that he should study dentistry. He soon began dental school where he earned his degree and met his wife. The both of them later opened a dental office together, Denton Smiles Dentistry in Denton, Texas. Dr. Vo wanted to begin growing his business as fast as possible so he started using social media to maximize his reach and he has gained over 30k followers on Facebook. After becoming a prominent social media influencer he began using it to maximize his impact on his industry. He swears by the power of an online presence and believes that no entrepreneur can succeed without a high quality social media page. 

Denton Smiles Dentistry is now a seven figure dental office and Dr. Vo has used his influencer status to give back and pay it forward to the community. He created Nifty Thrifty Dentists, a platform where aspiring dentists can receive information on how to get their business going in the form of podcasts and live streams to reach their niche group. He makes an effort to maintain his platform as well as speak at big dental events, popular podcasts, and personally guide dentists to their own path to success. In order to provide help to industries other than the dental industry, he created a course on Groupology so that any entrepreneur could learn how to scale their business. He is currently working on his own book, “Industry Influencer”. He began writing this book because he wanted to make an even easier way to get his advice. This book is full of information on how to use the internet and in person connections to grow one’s business efficiently and effectively so that they can make a lasting impact on their industry. According to Dr. Vo, finding an experienced mentor is one of the most important parts of anyone’s journey to success. He is aware that not everyone can find an experienced mentor which is why he has put so much of his energy into publishing his own experience. His goal is to reach thousands of people, but he would feel fortunate just to improve the life of a single person. 

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3 Ways to Help Stroke Survivors to Recover



If a loved one has recently suffered from a stroke, or you are worried that one day they might, learning how to spot the signs and symptoms of a stroke and how you can help them recover can give you peace of mind while also preparing you for the worst. Caring for a stroke survivor isn’t easy – there are many challenges that both you and the stroke survivor will have to face, but there is also a lot of help and resources out there that can support everyone involved.

Here are the best ways to help stroke survivors recover.

1.      Know the Signs and Symptoms of a Stroke

You may have heard this before, but you will want to act FAST when there are potential signs of a stroke. FAST stands for:

  • Face drooping
  • Arm weakness
  • Speech difficulty
  • Time to call 911

The faster you act, the more likely the stroke survivor is to recover and be able to go back to their former self. Immediate treatment for a stroke can be lifesaving and help minimize the risk of living with lifelong complications associated with a stroke. What’s more, you can also reduce the risk of suffering from a secondary stroke by recognizing and taking preventative measures. Read about these preventative measures here.

2.      Start Rehab Early

You will want to rebuild your body as soon as possible, and the stroke survivor may even find themselves presented with a physical therapy team a day after they have suffered from a stroke. They will start off by undergoing simple stretches and exercises with their arms and legs, rebuilding the movements they may have lost. The stroke survivor will have to relearn many of their old skills again which could mean relearning swallowing, eating, drinking and walking.

Rehab will typically see the stroke survivor relearning how to use and move their body so that they can reclaim independence. This can be a frustrating and overwhelming time of their life – it can also be painful and uncomfortable. They may also feel defeated every now and then if they do not think they are progressing quick enough. Always be there to support them and lend a hand. Encourage them by pointing out the small victories. However, try not to sound condescending. You may also want to prepare yourself as watching the rehab sessions could be emotionally and physically draining for you, too.

3.      Get the Right Equipment to Help

Firstly, you will want to find products that can help a stroke survivor swallow, eat and drink. Being unable to eat and drink can be painful but also frustrating, so looking for a food thickener can help the stroke survivor chew their food more comfortably. If you are unfamiliar with swallowing disorders, then the blog Simply Holahan can help offer advice and insight for those who may be suffering from dysphagia.

You may also want to invest in exercise equipment such as small weights so that they can rebuild their body in their own spare time. What’s more, you may need to invest in a wheelchair, too.

Suffering from a stroke can have long lasting and devastating effects on a person’s life. However, there are ways to help a stroke survivor reclaim independence and recover. Be there for them and offer a hand whenever it is needed. However, also remember to look after yourself.

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How Can a Father Teach Children Respect?




How Can a Father Teach Children Respect

Complaints of lack of respect among children are on a gradual rise every passing day. As a father, what can you do to make sure that your children learn and value respect? What is your role in ensuring that your children have behaviors that portray respect?

1. Start teaching your kids early

The best moment to start instilling the art of respect in your children is when they are young. As soon as they start modeling their behavior, teach them to respect. As they grow and start developing communication skills, respectfull behavior will be incorporated in this growth.

For example, teach them that they should never interrupt another person when talking but should wait until there is an open moment for them. Show them how to behave when around the house, both in your home or other people’s.

They should know how to behave when they are in all settings, be it public or private. When you do this, they will grow with respect as a part of them.

2. Be a good role model

The best way for your children will learn is by observing you. They will learn so much from you as an example. Therefore, you should always watch how you talk, carry yourself around the family and other people, and treat your spouse. Be a respectful and listening person.

Respect their space, their privacy, possessions, and bodies. Avoid belittling them or calling them names.

3. Be an attentive listener

Ever talked to someone who was all ears? How did that make you feel? Yes, you got it right! You felt respected. It would be best if you also did the same. You should give your children all the attention, especially when you are having a conversation.

Do not just glue your eyes to the TV when they are trying to talk to you. By stopping what you are doing and listening to them, you will be reflecting a good image, and they will feel important.

4. Cultivate honesty

Being honest with someone is another way of showing respect. When conversing with your children, communicate clearly and straight to the point, making them know when they have met your expectations or when they have failed to do what you wanted them to.

This way, they will learn to value honesty and reciprocate this in their day to day activities.

5. Appreciate diversity

Teach your kids that there is so much more to life than they already know or are experiencing. Tell them about the diverse cultures, religions, practices, and opinions. This way, they will become familiar with different things, and from here, they can respect other people’s views and differences. They will then be able to respect even people different than them.

6. Practice empathy

Empathy is a crucial tool for developing respect. For example, you might be the kind of possessive person and don’t take it easily when people use your things before borrowing them. Even if it makes you fume with rage, try thinking about what was on their mind while doing so.

Maybe they thought that since you are their dad, you won’t mind it if they used your stuff. This way, you will avoid putting them in embarrassing and stressful moments.

Teaching kids respect is not about being so hard on them. Be calm and gradually teach the virtue in them. You will marvel at how your children will quickly learn.

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Different Treatment Options Available For Ovarian Cancer



All the women possess two ovaries that are present in the pelvis. They are present on both sides of the uterus. They produce eggs and female hormones. Each ovary passes eggs through a long and slender tube to the uterus. We call them fallopian tubes. The peritoneum is a tissue lining or covering that surrounds the organs in the abdomen. A group of disorders that originates in the ovaries or the nearby regions of fallopian tubes and peritoneum is termed ovarian cancer. Let’s discuss this cancer and its treatments.

Symptoms Of The Disorder

We know that every disease causes some symptoms that doctors use to diagnose it. This specific type of cancer also produces some symptoms. Women should consider the changes occurring in their bodies. They should keep an eye if their body is normal or abnormal. Abnormal symptoms do not mean that it is cancer. It may be something else. You should see a doctor confirm the symptoms. In its early stage, it does not produce any specific symptoms. In its advanced stage, it may cause non-specific signs. Its symptoms include abdominal swelling or bloating, feeling full after eating a small quantity of food, sudden weight loss, uncomfortable sensation in the area of the pelvis, increased production of urine, and alternation in the bowel habits such as constipation. After finding any of these signs, a female should visit a doctor and discuss the issues. It will help you identify the disease.

How To Diagnose It?

When you identify symptoms for a specific disorder, you must go to a doctor for a diagnosis. You should go to some healthcare center. Following are different methods to diagnose the disorder.

Pelvic Exam

During this particular examination, a healthcare professional inserts fingers through the vagina and at the same time press the abdomen with another hand. It helps a doctor to feel (palpate) the pelvic organs. Doctors also visualize the external genitalia, cervix, and vagina. This practice helps him understand the circumstances of the body and analyzes the abnormalities. It measures the size, structure, and shape of the ovaries.

Imaging Tests

Another method of diagnosing this disorder includes the CT scan or ultrasound. The doctor scans the abdominal cavity and pelvis of the patient. These tests take images of the ovaries and other organs inside the abdominal cavity. It helps to identify the size, shape, and structure of the vagina, ovaries, and cervix.

Through Blood Testing

We know that blood testing can help to diagnose various diseases. Diabetes mellitus, hepatitis, and many other diseases can be diagnosed by using blood tests. Its blood tests include organ function tests that help to diagnose the overall health of the body. The doctor takes blood samples and tests them for tumor markers. Tumor markers will indicate the cancer of the ovaries. For instance, there is a cancer antigen (CA) 125 test. It can identify a protein that is often present on the surface of cancer cells of the ovary. They may give your doctor clues about whether you have a disease or not.

Through Surgery

Sometimes a doctor is not sure about the disease. He needs to remove the ovary surgically and test it to analyze it for the presence of cancer.

After the confirmation of the disease, doctors read and understand the reports. After reading the reports, they assign a stage to your cancer. For example, what stage of cancer you are suffering from. They indicate different stages through Roman numerals from I to IV. The lowest stage is “I,” which indicates that ovaries have got cancer. Stage “IV” indicates that cancer has spread in the whole body.


Who Treats This Disease?

It is the era of specialization. Specialists deal with specific problems. Each specialty deals with specific problems. In the medical field, there are many diseases. Different doctors treat different disorders. A radiation oncologist is a doctor that uses radiation to treat cancer patients. A gynecologist oncologist is a specialist physician who treats cancer of the ovaries. He may treat by using chemicals or other medicines. Some medical oncologists make use of chemotherapy and medicines for treating this particular type of cancer. This is a specialty that requires specialists who have gained training to cure patients suffering from this type of cancer.

Treatment Options Available 

There are different options to treat this disorder. They may include chemotherapy, treatment through medicines, and surgical therapy. Let’s discuss different options.


This is the option to remove different parts that are suffering from cancer. When cancer is in an early stage, doctors may remove the affected ovary. When a disease has affected only limited parts of the body, such as only one ovary, then this practice can help to remove the affected ovary. In other cases, when there is a greater influence of cancer, and more body parts are affected, they may remove both the ovaries and uterus if required. For more advanced cancer, a doctor may recommend treating via chemotherapy and perform surgery afterward to remove as many cancerous cells as possible. This is a good procedure in which surgeons remove the affected cells from the body. It helps to stop the spread of disease.

Treatment With Chemicals (Chemotherapy)

Chemotherapy is a specialized treatment that makes use of chemicals for killing fast-growing cancerous cells. Doctors can inject chemotherapy drugs into the body through veins or ask the patient to take drugs through the mouth. Sometimes, they directly inject the drugs into the abdomen. This particular procedure is called intraperitoneal chemotherapy. Most surgeons use chemicals to treat cancer cells after surgery. It helps to remove the cancer cell that might remain in the body. Some physicians also use chemotherapy before surgery.

Targeted Therapy

This is a special kind of treatment that makes use of medicines to target or reach specific vulnerabilities that are present within cancerous cells. There are targeted therapy medicines that are reserved for the treatment of cancer of the ovaries. They help to treat cancer that returns after the previous cure or the type of cancer that resists other methods of treatments. Healthcare professionals can check through their expertise the usability of targeted therapy for your cancerous cells. They will identify which method is the most suitable for your body. Targeted therapy is an active area of research, and many clinical trials are performing tests for new targeted therapies.

Palliative (Supportive) Care

Palliative care is a specialized kind of medical strategy that helps a patient to get relief from pain due to a serious illness. There are palliative specialists that work with you, other doctors, and your family to provide you extra efficient care. They try to help you get relief from pain. Doctors use this procedure to provide extra care during ongoing medical procedures such as surgery or chemotherapy. Cancer patients feel uncomfortable due to prolonged pains. They can get palliative care for relieving their bodies. A team of doctors, a group of trained nurses, or another specially trained healthcare professional can provide palliative care.

Ovarian cancer is a highly painful disorder. It is curable in its early stage. At its advanced stages, its cure becomes difficult, and the recovery rate decreases. Surgical treatment removes the affected cells or body parts. Chemotherapy kills different affected cells through chemicals. Targeted therapy and palliative care can also help to relieve cancer.

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Mind Over Medicine: 7 Ways Your Body Heals Itself



8 Tips for a Healthy Mind and Body in 2021

The human body has many secrets, many of which people still don’t know. Yes, the human body is a magical tool given to you from birth. It knows how to recover and heal itself independently. It is surprising that you, most likely, care a little about it, sink it with junk food, and are lazy to play sports. But the body still works in its usual mode of constant updating.

In this article, we will tell you how your body heals itself from various diseases. 

How Your Body Heals Itself?

Many of us do not take care of our bodies as we should. But still, it usually functions without any disruption; how does it happen? Keep reading; you will get all your answers.

1- Liver Regeneration

The liver is a champion in terms of its own regeneration. Instead of scarring damaged tissue, as most other organs do, the liver simply replaces old cells with new ones. This process is quite fast. If 70% of the liver gets removed from a person, it can recover in just two weeks.

Yes, this is the reason why the liver recovers soon from alcohol and substance abuse. But if a person continues to misuse these products; the liver gets damaged. In such a case, you will have to obtain a substance abuse treatment facility from a specialist to help your body and liver recover.

2- The Intestine Restores Its Lining

Every day it works hard in digesting food. The intestinal epithelium acts as a barrier, filtering out toxins and absorbing nutrients. Without this, microbes would quickly attack the entire gastrointestinal tract. To stay healthy, the body gets rid of old epithelial cells and replaces them with new ones.

The mucous membrane is almost completely restored every five to seven days. This does not mean that you should not take care of its health. Try to eat foods that are healthier for your intestine health.

3- Bones Grow Back

The plaster cast around the broken bone does not directly help its repair. But it holds the bone in place so that it can properly heal itself. A couple of hours after the injury, your body already begin to heal the broken bones. It starts to form the blood clot to clear the resulting wound.

After one to two weeks, the body will replace this clot with a collagen build-up. The body will then add minerals, so the collagen begins to harden and turn into new bone. Though the bones can heal themselves or start to grow after some time, you still need to be careful.

If bones get broken, it takes more than six weeks to recover. During this time, you will not be able to move them or use them to do your regular tasks. In case of severe bone injury, you may lose that part of the body permanently. Therefore, it is mandatory to take care of them. Take enough calcium to make them strong.

4- The Skin Renews Itself

The skin does not just repair itself while healing external damage; it also constantly works, renewing its own cells. In fact, the skin has many different layers, with the top 20 layers being dead cells. More than 30 thousand of these cells get exfoliated daily, and new ones get formed in their place.

Scars and tattoos do not disappear during this process since they are located in deeper layers. This is the reason the upper layer of the damaged skin recovers itself after some time.

5- Eye Scratches Heal Quickly

The cornea-the outer layer of the eye continually renews itself. The healthy epithelium (surface layer) replaces itself in just over a week, getting rid of old and unnecessary cells. If you inadvertently damage this epithelium, then the process begins to occur even more actively.

The eye removes “wounded” cells, and cells from other areas of the eye get superimposed on top of the wound. It fills the scratch and eliminates the damage in just a couple of days.

6- Lungs Recover From Smoking

Tiny hairs or cilia in the lungs usually remove mucus and other unwanted particles from the lungs. But when you breathe in cigarette smoke, these cilia do not move, and therefore mucus begins to form actively. In addition, irritants (irritants) in smoke cause inflammation and swelling.

If you quit smoking, you will not be able to repair the damage already done. But you will give the lungs the opportunity to repair themselves. 

About a week after your last puff, all accumulated plaque will begin to come out. It means you will be actively coughing. It will help you breathe easier, and your shortness of breath will decrease. Bonus: The risk of heart attack decreases within 24 hours of quitting cigarettes as blood pressure and heart rate decrease.

7- The Brain Builds New Connections

Previously, neuroscientists believed that the brain stops growing with age. That is, once a person reaches its peak of development and growth, brain cells will no longer be produced. However, a couple of decades ago, scientists said that the brain is quite capable of giving birth to new cells in adults. 

Researchers are now actively exploring what’s called “neuroplasticity,” which allows the brain to create new connections between neurons. For example, if an area associated with speaking gets damaged, another part of the brain can take over that function. So a patient with a head injury may well regain their ability to speak, especially with rehabilitation.


Though our body recovers itself, it is still important to take care of it. Moreover, if we continue with our bad habits, the chances of recovering will become lesser. With time, the organs get damaged. In such a situation, you need to contact a specialist and follow guidelines to stay healthy. Take of your organ’s health!

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