7 Ways to Make Your Meeting Room Clean and Healthy

When the COVID-19 started, it disrupts the peace of people worldwide. More people become health-conscious and gain awareness about cleanliness. That is also true with your meeting room.

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Today, we need to become extra careful, especially at work. Having your meeting room cleaned regularly will decrease the risk of infecting other people with the disease.

Here are the seven ways to make your meeting room clean and healthy:

Always have hygiene products inside the room.

Provide adequate sanitizers, alcohol, and tissue in every block or corner of the meeting room. Having it in every place will encourage everyone to be conscious of sanitizing regularly. It would also be best if you had provided face masks to your team members.

Divide Your Team into Groups

Amidst the fact that many people nowadays shrug off the danger of the virus, taking care of your team’s health will save lives. Don’t put all your team members in a single room at the same time. You can set a schedule for every team so that you’ll still imply your purpose. Have a meeting application where everyone can keep track of their meeting schedules.

 Add Plants to Your Meeting Room

Plants can improve the meeting room’s ambiance. Apart from that, it freshens the air. Although the plant’s capability of purifying the air depends on the number, a single or two can boost everyone’s mood and productivity. The sight of nature is enough to spur positivity—and a good mood leads to better health.

Keep away snacks while having meetings in the meantime.

Snacks or complimentary can entertain your meeting’s visitors. However, having foods together with their laptops might risk their health. Getting foods into laptops can cause food contamination. As a result, microbes can multiple and make you unhealthy.

You can tell your visitors that you will provide food or snacks after the conference. Separating foods from the workplace table is a must during these days.

Disinfect your meeting room regularly.

Disinfecting should happen every after the meeting. Unlike before, three times a week is not enough to get rid of bacteria, microbes, and viruses today. Start with the obvious spots where people touch, such as the doorknobs, screens, interactive boards, phones, and tablets.

If you don’t like the idea of cleaning every after the meeting, you can purchase smart nanotechnology to prevent bacterial contamination.

Update your employees with the changes.

Implementing the new rules is nothing if no one tries to follow them. You should get in touch with your employees and team members to avoid misinformation. Moreover, get rid of all the fake coronavirus news to prevent panic and anxieties in your workers.

Imitate Japan in their cleanliness standards.  

Even before the coronavirus occurred, Japan has a high standard in its cleanliness. They wash their hands regularly, remove the equipment first before cleaning, and clean from top to bottom. Following the same procedure can help save lives.

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