7 Ways To Get More Google Reviews

Google reviews are very important. 88 percent of consumers trust online recommendations as much as they trust personal recommendations. 90 percent of consumers check online reviews before visiting businesses. They are often the last factor that leads customers to prospects, and they hold a lot of weight in the current search algorithm. If you live in the USA, Visit here for Google Reviews USA , this will help you to get more Google Reviews.

Stay tuned if you are struggling to improve your online visibility. In this article, I will give you 10 methods to get more Google Reviews and practical tips for how to do it.

Ten Ways to Get More Google Reviews

Before we get to the meat of the guide, here’s something you need to know:85 percent of consumers aren’t confident in reviews older than three months, while 40 percent will only read reviews from the last two weeks.

It doesn’t suffice to have 100 5-star reviews. To keep your reviews current, you need to ask for them constantly. This is easy to do by incorporating the ten review-generation strategies below into your marketing strategy.

1. For a Google Review, ask customers directly

Asking for a Google review is one of the best ways to get one!

Review requests are often the best way to make sure you get satisfied, customers.

Ask happy customers to scan your Google Review QR code and leave a review. It’s easy!

2. For more Google Reviews, send a follow-up email

Send your customer a thank you email after a job well done and ask them for a Google review.

Include the following in your email

Personalize your experience

Recognize your customer’s choice to you

Let your customer know how much you appreciate them and take the time to read their feedback

Your customer should be able to tell you why feedback is so important

3. Leave a Legacy of Goodwill

A leave-behind refers to a piece of marketing collateral you leave behind at customers’ properties, such as a Google review card. These are more popular among contractors and local service providers.

Consider leaving the following in a folder for a flooring contractor that just installed oak hardwood floors in a client’s home.

Tips for maintaining and caring for your new floor

For any follow-up questions, a phone number

A business card

A Google review card

The instructions for using the review card are clear and precise.

You don’t want to pay thousands or hundreds of leave-behinds.

You don’t have to worry about it, you can create a digital version.

BizBoostup, an online review management system that allows you to create a professionally designed brochure for your business and get more Google reviews.

4. To get more Google reviews, install the Review Generation Tools

The review generation tools make it much easier to streamline the process. A complete guide to the top online review platforms has been created by us, so make sure you check it out.

Review Buzz, for example, is an internet marketing tool that helps business owners get more Google reviews. We’ll also be focusing on Google reviews, but will leave it at that).

Review Buzz is not free. However, they offer a free 30-day trial.

One client has received more than 575 reviews from Review Buzz after implementing it on his website.

This client received 90 Google reviews out of 575+! The average rating was 4.7 stars.

These are our top recommendations for review generation platforms:

  • Nearby Now
  • Broadly
  • Grade.us
  • NiceJob
  • PulseM
  • BirdEye
  • Podium
  • ReviewBuzz
  • ReviewTrackers
  • Customer Lobby
  • TrustPilot

5.  Follow-Up Your Review Requests Multiple Times

It doesn’t matter if a customer doesn’t leave a review the first time they ask, it doesn’t mean that they won’t.

They might have been caught at an awkward time during your first request. Maybe they were trying to leave a review but forgot.

We recommend that you create two email follow-up templates, in addition to your initial review request. This will limit the number of review requests you can make to only three.

Send a new request every week, or every other week, until you reach your maximum. It’s a fact that not everyone will leave reviews no matter how many times they ask. However, that doesn’t mean you should not try.

Consistent follow up keeps your company’s name fresh in customers’ minds. It also increases the number of points of contact between your client and you.

6. If you get a bad review, keep your cool

You got a poor review. You shouldn’t be critical or make excuses. Accept responsibility for the situation and promise to fix it. Our clients have turned a 1-star review into 5-star reviews by simply being kind and doing the right thing.

Customers will be more inclined to choose your services if they see that you respond to all reviews, even bad ones.

7. Add Calls-to-Action and Popups to Your Website

People procrastinate. That is something you know. That is what I know. Everyone knows this.

You can encourage procrastinators to take action by placing lots of calls-to actions on your website and even adding a pop-up asking users to leave reviews. You’ve likely seen them at work.”Do you appreciate [insert thing here]? We would love to hear your feedback!They are there every time I use half of my apps on my phone, and many times per day when I visit websites that I use for work.

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