7 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Get Physically Active

Did you know that a child should engage in at least a 1-hour physical activity daily? This blog will show you the 10 ways to encourage your kids to get physically active.

Physical fitness and health should be prioritised and integrated into daily activities, just as eating, sleeping, and bathing are.Moreover, physical sports fitness has massive benefits for children. Physical fitness becomes more challenging as you get older, but as parents, you can prioritise and encourage your children to be physically active.

Benefits Of Physical Activities In A Child’s Life

1. Physical activity has been shown to improve academic performance in children. When children include physical activities in their daily lives, it has a good impact on their academic performance. 

2. Physical activity aids in the development of strong leadership abilities, cooperation, and values such as respect and empathy.

3. If your children frequently throw tantrums and have meltdowns, this could be the source of their excessive energy. Physical activity allows them to release their suppressed energy and keeps them physically and psychologically healthy.

4. Physical activities eliminate the cortisol levels in the body and develop happy hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and more.

5. Physical activity assists in the development and sustains healthy bones and muscles.

10 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Get Physically Active

1. Incorporate Fun Outdoor Games

You should be aware of your child’s interests and allow them to play entertaining games with their pals. Buy them frisbees, hula hoops, ropes, and balls, and take them to parks where they can run, play, and participate in fun physical activities. Kids will inculcate self-motivation if you allow them to explore an activity that they love to play or engage with. 

2. Buy Them A Bicycle

Cycles are great fun and one of the best physical workouts for kids. It’s not easy for parents to encourage kids to incorporate physical activity, but bicycles are fun for kids, and they will love to ride them. Cycling sessions will aid in the relaxation of the legs’ big muscles. It helps in increasing the body’s total endurance. 

3. 1:1 Online Yoga Classes

It is false to believe that yoga will be tedious for your child. Many people believe that yoga is only for adults or the elderly and that children will not be interested in it. But this is not the case; there is a separate yoga program for children which is exciting. Begin their classes by making them learn about the animal poses to pique their interest in the discipline. Children will enjoy performing animal postures, and you may tailor the online yoga classes according to your child’s needs.

4. Set A Schedule For Their Exercise

Setting a routine for your children will help them perform better. Establish a study, eating, sleeping, and physical activity regimen. If you do so, they will realize that physical activity is an important part of their lives and that they must do it daily in addition to their other activities. Making them realize the value of physical activity in one’s life is one of the most effective strategies to encourage physical activity in a child’s life.

5. Encourage Them To Learn A New Sport

If your children are interested in sports, make sure they receive proper training. Inquire if they’d want to participate in cricket, badminton, or any other sport. If your child enjoys cricket, you may sign them up for a cricket summer camp – in 2022. Moreover, this is the ideal time of year to encourage kids to participate in physical activities. Assist your children in developing a passion for a sport. Make the best use of the summer camps to encourage your kids for physical activity. 

6. Be A Role Model

Kids don’t follow the words of encouragement but follow the actions. They might not feel encouraged by your words, but they will always be encouraged by your actions. If you encourage them to exercise and follow a healthy lifestyle but don’t do it yourself, your words will be hollow to them. If you want your child to do something, do it yourself first; else, it will not work. You should be active and live a positive lifestyle if you want your children to be active as well. Get up early, go on a walk, or perform yoga with your children. This will have a significant impact on your child’s life.

7. Limit Television & Video Game Addiction

Watching television and playing video games can cease the growth of the brain. Encourage them to go outside in the evening and play with friends. Set aside a weekly time for screen time and encourage them to participate in outdoor activities.


Including physical activity in your child’s life will reap long-term benefits. We underestimate the relevance of physical activity in our lives due to the stress of studies and overall academics. As a result, getting fit and active should be a top goal in life because nothing is more vital than one’s health. Allow your children to engage in outdoor activities or participate in their favorite sport. Never discourage them from any physical activity. A healthy body develops a stronger immune system and is more resistant to disease. A child that incorporates physical fitness into their life also performs better academically. 
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