7 Interesting Things to Know About Tire Failure Experts

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Tire failure expertise isn’t as fancy of a term as forensics expertise but tire experts play an important role in solving cases that involve an accident or even a crime. If you are interested in understanding the ins and outs of a tire investigation analysis, you can find out more about this industry at: https://usforensic.com/forensic_service/tire-expert/. This article will highlight some of the lesser-known and interesting aspects of the work done by tire failure experts and how they perform their job. 

  1. Inspection of Tires in Each Case 

If you have not hired a professional company, there are chances that in case of an accident you will miss checking the tires. In most cases, people ignore the tires, and hence the real reason for the accident is never found. Also, it is difficult to predict or recognize a tire case and this is why having a tire expert by your side helps you to understand what really happened. 

  1. What is the DOT Number?

If you don’t have a tire expert on your side, you will probably not be aware of this. The DOT number is an 11-digit on your tire and the last four digits of the number indicate the manufacturing of the tire. The month and the year of manufacturing can be easily verified using this number and this number often proves to be helpful while conducting an investigation.

  1.  Qualified Accident Reconstructionist 

A qualified accident reconstructionist will be able to present an argument in court that even if the tires failed, the driver is able to retain some control. So if you are a tire manufacturing company, a tire expert will help you win a case even if it seems to be going against you. 

  1. Design Defects 

An inexperienced person can easily ignore a design defect but trust a tire expert to save you. Not all tires are made using high quality raw materials. In fact, often wrong decisions are made by manufacturers to cut manufacturing costs. Once a tire expert looks into the design, he can list down all the shortcomings. 

  1. Manufacturing Defects 

Not all tires are manufactured in world-class facilities, some are made in compromised conditions as well. These tires are manufactured all over the world. A tire expert will always look for manufacturing defects and even run a background check on the reputation of the tire’s manufacturing company.

  1. FMVSS Defense 

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards are often used as a defense by the tire companies to cover up their shortcomings. These are the minimum standards but by no means they can answer every anomaly and only a tire expert can help you ask the right questions to make sure they aren’t covering up anything.

  1. Experts with Professional Degrees. 

One of the lesser-known facts about tire experts is that these people are either mechanical engineers or automotive engineers. These are people who have academic qualifications and are fit for the job and their experience enables them to critically analyze every aspect of a flat tire to connect dots and find out what happened down the road.

A tire expert is in short qualified enough to answer all your questions when it comes to tire failure. Their analysis is based on their knowledge and experience. If you have a case presented in court, you need a tire expert by your side to lay down all the evidence from the accident.

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