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7 important facts related to oxygen absorbers that you don’t know

Have you ever think, why the food packets like chips, milk, bread, etc. do not get spoiled after remaining inside the packets for several months? On the other hand, milk, bread, and other food materials get spoiled and leave an odour after one day. Why did this use to happen? The simple reason for this is oxidation, but why does the same not happen with food packets. The answer to this question is, added oxygen absorbers or nitrogen in the packet, that resists the formation of oxidation inside that. Oxygen absorbers for different things are available to resist the oxidation process to happen, along with these elements, oxygen absorbers for pharmaceutical is also available that saves those pharmaceutical products from losing their qualities. Oxygen absorbers for pharmaceutical products will help the pharma products from losing their colour, from odour, and from losing their quality. 

It is very important to keep oxygen absorbers for pharmaceutical products in their packets because people are dependent on those products to be healthy, and if the oxidation process happens inside the packet then there is a lot of chance that some other chemical process will happen with the medicine. These processes could make the medicine toxic or may result in certain allergies, therefore adding the oxygen absorbers for pharmaceutical products became very much important. If we talk about the safety and health-related matter issue, how could we forget medical devices, if oxygen absorbers for medical devices are not added to the box then it could also get affected. If you do not do this then the oxygen will cause rust, fungus, and some other serious harm to the device and would not work properly, therefore keeping oxygen absorbers for the medical device is much needed. 

In this article we are going to tell about 7 important facts related to oxygen absorbers that no one told you, these facts are as follows:-

  • The oxygen absorbers are made up of iron, sodium, and charcoal, all these elements have their unique function in oxygen absorption. 
  • Iron absorbs the moisture to form rust, if the moisture is not enough to form rust then sodium works as a catalyst to make the rusting process faster. Charcoal is a carbon element, that is very porous, the pores of charcoal absorbs gases and prevents odour.
  • The oxygen absorbers for medical devices and pharmaceuticals is known as ‘pharma keep’, it absorbs moisture and oxygen and prevents hydrolysis as well. This quality of absorbing moisture and oxygen will prevent oxygen-sensitive medical devices and pieces of equipment from damage.
  • Packed oxygen absorbers for medical devices will last for 6 to 1 year, but after opening or crushing the packet, their life became very short i.e. 15 to 20 minutes.
  • You cannot keep oxygen absorbers where more than 10 per cent moisture is available, if you do so then the risk of botulism poisoning rises.
  • Oxygen absorbers will also save food from bacteria, from mold formation, preserves vitamin A, Vitamin C, and E, kills pest eggs, etc. 
  • You can use foil pouches, Mason Jars, Metal cans with seamed lids, food-grade plastic buckets as a container with oxygen absorbers.


After going through all the articles we could conclude that oxygen absorbers for pharmaceuticals are very much important to protect them from oxidation, which could result in losing efficiency and shelf life of the pharmaceutical products. Like that, the oxygen absorbers for medical devices save medical devices and pieces of equipment from further damage from moisture and oxygen.

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