7 GMB optimization tips to grow your local business calls in 2021

The best way to grow your local business is by getting found on Google. With the changes in search engine algorithms, it has become more difficult to rank for competitive keywords that are highly searched. Luckily there are a few tips you can implement today that will help you get ahead of the curve and stay ahead! Read below for 7 GMB optimization tips to grow your local business calls in 2021.

1. Claim Your Google My Business Listing

You should claim your Google My Business listing, where you can manage a financial planning business’s digital presence for both Google Search and Maps. This is free of charge and user-friendly! If you already have a Gmail or Google account, use that to claim it; otherwise, create one. You will then be able to edit what people see when they search for your company to better optimize the description with keywords as well as ensuring everything looks nice on their phone screens.

2. Categorize

Categorizing your business is an important component of search engine optimization. It helps to ensure that when a customer searches for what you do, you can find and contact or do business with them quickly!

Business owners can now add a short, catchy description to their Google My Business account. The snippet will appear in the local knowledge panel of your search or on Google Maps for that business location. You can also employ the services of a Dallas SEO Expert to help with your GMB categorization.

3. Business Description

Google My Business is a great way for local businesses to establish themselves in their community. To do this, you’ll need an informative and engaging business description that will be searchable by potential customers on Google Maps or other web searches. Here’s how it works: Once logged into your GMB account, click “Info” from the menu bar at the left-hand side of any page if you’re not already there. You should then see one new section labeled as “Add business description.” Click on the pencil icon next above this field and up pops a dropdown with many options like adding directions via street view or uploading photos relevant to your business.

4. Add Photos

Pictures are a must on your GMB page, as they will get you more clicks to your website. A picture is worth a thousand words and can convey many characteristics of the business that text cannot. This team seems professional; this office inviting? What would it be like working with these guys? Showcase who you are through pictures so people know what they’re getting themselves into when clicking over for more information about you!

High-quality photos are important because they can make or break a potential clientele. We recommend choosing pictures that show off the personality of your company and work setting so virtual visitors get an accurate representation of who you are. If possible, use at least three high-quality photographs to optimize performance on GMB as well as add “virtual tours” for those 360 degrees shots.

5. Localize

Giving GMB an accurate phone number with local area code will help validate its accuracy while also appealing more to potential prospects in the same location who may be inclined to do business locally. Finally, only use consistent NAP information across online platforms.

6. Get Reviews

Reviews online are helpful for prospective customers looking to work with your firm or buy a product from you. You can also include reviews on the GMB page and help increase rankings. Reviews have helped people make an informed decision about working with businesses and it might work for you too.

7. Set Your Service Areas

With the ever-growing trend of online businesses, more people are trying to make a living by providing goods or services remotely. However, it can be difficult for potential clients to find your business since you may not have an office in their location. There is now a quick way that service providers like yourself can list any location they serve on Google My Business which will allow them to rank just as high as other local competitors within close geographical proximity! Be sure when setting up your profile page for this platform that you select one main city per listing so customers know where these areas intersect and don’t get confused about what area encompasses all locations served from afar.


With the right GMB optimization tips, your business can succeed in today’s digital world. Contact us if you need affordable SEO services for small businesses. We have a team of SEO experts willing to partner with you to create a sale boosting SEO marketing plan.

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