Choosing The Right Fridge For Your Kitchen Renovation

7 Expert Tips For Choosing The Right Fridge For Your Kitchen Renovation

Are you planning to buy a fridge for your kitchen innovation? If your answer is yes, then we would help you in choosing the right refrigerator. While buying a refrigerator, you need to keep multiple factors in mind. We will take each factor individually and help you understand the practical aspect of it while purchasing a refrigerator. 

We will discuss price, capacity, design, technology, storage space, family size, and a host of related factors. While discussing refrigerator buying tips, we ought to mention brands like Whirlpool fridge. These refrigerators have been very successful as one of the most preferred consumer brands. Whirlpool fridge double door units top the sales chart of retail and online stores. 

Its attractive design and colour variations will fit perfectly into your kitchen renovation plan. It has a wide range of refrigerator models which would best suit your requirements and give an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen space. Plus, modern refrigerators are considered to be the powerhouse of your nutrition and need to be chosen carefully.

For the time being, let us focus on 7 expert tips for choosing the right fridge

  • Choosing the right size or capacity – We often fail to understand the right capacity or size of refrigerator needed for our living space. Many people end up buying bigger or smaller refrigerators compared to their requirement. Hence, we recommend you to select a fridge based on your family size and food storage requirements. If you have a small family with 2 to 3 members, then you can manage with a 190 litre fridge. However, you would need to go for a 320 litre fridge if your family size is more than 3. Plus, the design of the fridge should be ergonomic to fit into your room.
  • Energy efficiency – The rising cost of electricity has forced fridge manufacturing brands to implement energy saving technologies. Today’s modern refrigerators and other electronic appliances come with Star ratings. To understand the concept of Star rating, let us assume you purchase a 3 Star refrigerator. This refrigerator would be capable of saving up to 30% in electricity consumption. Choose an energy rated refrigerator which best suits your budget.
  • Price – It is the most important factor which would determine your purchase decision. Today, there are many platforms which offer you refrigerators on EMI. You can select an EMI offer if you are running on a tight budget.
  • Design and Colour – If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, then the style and design of your refrigerator would be very important. Choose a refrigerator which fits perfectly into the module of your kitchen. While choosing your refrigerator, make sure that its colour is compatible with the ambience of your kitchen. In case you are confused with your refrigerator design, you can seek professional assistance from an interior designing consultant.
  • Storage space – The utility of a refrigerator is determined by its storage space. Hence, you should seek a refrigerator which offers a good storage space for you. The lower vegetable compartment, freezer compartment, and aqua storage space are very important in a refrigerator. If you are looking forward to store more and more fruits and vegetables, then you must select a fridge with extra vegetable storage space. 
  • Top or bottom freezer – You can choose a top or bottom freezer refrigerator according to your preference. A top freezer refrigerator is more energy efficient than a bottom freezer refrigerator. Single door refrigerators are very energy efficient and are very affordable at the same time. In case your kitchen size is too small for a large refrigerator, then go for a small refrigerator with a single door.
  • Nutrition control and humidity control – The nutrition and humidity control are essential factors in a refrigerator. Hence, you must look into these factors before purchasing a refrigerator. Modern refrigerators offer intelligent cooling and maintain adequate moisture to preserve uncooked food items longer. This includes meat, vegetable dairy, and package products. Smart refrigerators recognize the food type stored in the refrigerator and offer the optimum amount of cooling needed for its safe keep. 

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