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7 Ease one should consider before hiring a Web Designing Company



In today’s fast-paced and ever changing world, where miles of physical distance have been shrunk to mere seconds, various products and services from across the globe are accessible from any location, and all the information needed, is only a click away, Internet has truly become one of the most popular and outreaching medium of the modern day.

Because of the Internet’s expansive user base and ease of communication, companies all over the world invest and spend lots of money to gain the attention of customers and acquire them as long-term consumers by utilizing online channels. That is why for any company to be well established and make its mark, it becomes imperative to have its own website, up and running, to cater to this plethora of online users.

Bangalore being the technology capital of India, promises companies in India, looking for professional assistance and expertise for designing and launching their own websites, to search for a suitable web design company in Bangalore, as per their requirements, from a large and well distinguished catalogue of web design company in Bangalore.

Any company planning to develop its own website should ponder over the following 7 points before confirming to and hiring any web design company in Bangalore.

  1. Know the requirements and scope

It can never be stressed enough just how important the planning phase is for any type of work. With regards to hiring a web design company in Bangalore, due diligence must be carried out to identify all the important objectives that the website is to accomplish.

This can be achieved by forming a ‘Design wish list’ to highlight all the ‘must-haves’, i.e., the significant technical specifications and characteristics of the website. For example, if the website should be a responsive site so that users can view the website without any issues from any type of device, be it a mobile phone, tablet, or the traditional desktop computer.

The company must also focus on the scope for improvement or any belated modifications which may be required in the future, to be added to the website post-launch.

  1. Appropriate budget and right quotations

Once the requirements are decided upon and the design wish list is ready, the next step is to draw out the budget to be incurred for the website. A practice that affects the web design industry is that it is very common to receive different quotations for the same work, from the same provider, for different clients. Thus, it is essential to conduct proper research to discern the most desirable web design company in Bangalore to recruit.

To get a fair idea of the price requested and worth of the quality delivered, the company must look at and consult with various web designing companies in Bangalore, take quotations, and compare them with each other to find the most appropriate web designer for them.

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Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra in order to get a better quality output. Your website should be thought of as an investment and not expenditure because an appealing and engaging website will aid in building long term commitments with customers whereas allocating ill budgets or shunning from incurring more for the development of the website could produce shoddy work and may cause regular workaround overheads and even long-term costs.

  1. Past performance and credibility

Before finalising any web design company in Bangalore, it is prudent to go through the designer companies’ client work portfolio and review all their service offerings beforehand. It is advantageous that their past work resonates with the DNA and brand of the company that wants to build their own website. Do not be swayed by just the aesthetics of the work of any of the web design companies in Bangalore but also focus on the functionality and efficacy of their past developed websites’ performances.

Moreover, the web design company in Bangalore, which is hired for the job should accept and adhere to the dedicated completion time scrupulously. Additionally, find out if the website will be created in-house or will it be outsourced, as this information will make it clear whether there can be any last minute delays and therefore planning can be undertaken accordingly to provide buffer time to rectify any errors before official launch.

  1. Understanding and flexibility

Sometimes there is a tendency in web designers to only stick to their palate of designs and templates and not be fully cooperative and amenable to the demands of the client completely. When choosing a web design company in Bangalore, an understanding should be established right in the beginning, that the web designers should be accommodating and pliable enough to incorporate the designs that are best suited for the client company and not simply preferable to the liking of the web designers alone.

  1. Post-Launch support and customizations

The support services after the ‘Go-Live’ of the website is equally as consequential as the designing and implementation of the website, if not more. The client company should have the means to edit any part of the website from their end after the launch. It is thus beneficial to ask the concerned web designer company to integrate the website with a Content Management System (CMS) to allow the client company to incorporate changes to the website without altering the source code, which is to say that the website created should not be built on static HTML code.

Thus, the client company should be transferred with the end-to-end control of their website once it is created and live. It should also be discussed how and where the website will be hosted, as the host server will determine how fast the website opens and loads once clicked.

  1. One “go-to” entity

Aim to employ a web designing company in Bangalore which can act as the ‘one-stop solution’ for all the needs of the client company. Rather than employing individually a video production company in Bangalore for production of videos, social media marketing company in Bangalore for managing the social media content, and email marketing company in Bangalore for handling newsletters and online queries for the website, have a single web designer company that can don all these roles.

  1. Proximity

Even though modes of interaction such as emailing, texting, voice calling, and the more effective and relevant nowadays, video conferencing, enable communication and transfer of information conveniently, nothing can beat the good old fashioned face-to-face conversations. It helps infuse trust and better understanding than any other mode because of the aspect of human touch.

Therefore, when choosing a web design company in Bangalore or for that matter, a digital marketing company in Bangalore or a SEO company in Bangalore, it always panes out great if they are situated nearby to the client’s location.

This helps to get in touch with them directly in case there are any complications or if any difficult situation arises which may be ambiguous to explain over texts or a call. This way the company also saves time that would have been spent in travel and the expenses on transportation.

Keeping in mind these above 7 points, should create an adept and firm groundwork for guiding any company in the right direction to get the website that they wish for, one that connects them to their customers effectively and seamlessly.

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What Type of Cyber Security Threats Are There For The Tokyo Olympics?



An Overview of the Most Common Cybersecurity Threats That Exist Today

Experts have warned about the possibility of cyber-attacks by those seeking to cause havoc during the highly disputed Tokyo Summer Olympics. During the COVID-19 pandemic, global tensions have increased after a year of growing cyber-attacks on many organizations. There are some worries as well.

As stated by Neil Jenkins, the chief analytics officer of the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA), “The Olympics are a huge opportunity for a country, in this case, Japan, to put its best foot forward, to show off, to show the gains and strides that it has made, to increase tourism, to put itself on a better place on the world stage.” 

He also warned the media that “Any nation-state that is not aligned with Japan may see an opportunity here to try to embarrass Japan through a cyberattack.”

The dangers of Olympic cybersecurity are not new. North Korean, Russian, Chinese, and even South Korean hackers are among the Olympic cybersecurity activists with a history of attacking. Based on their attacks on past Olympics, we may look at the common threats that CTA expects in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and what can security products such as Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) do to Olympics cyber security.

Targeted Attacks

Targeted attacks may result in severe financial or reputational harm or losses to high-profile Olympic assets, people, or organizations, either monetarily or politically (for example, broadcasting systems, Olympic commissioners, Japanese cybersecurity organizations). An example of this is during the most recent Olympic threat incident. There is evidence that APT28/Fancy Bear, a malicious hacker, targeted anti-doping organizations once again. In the middle of September 2019, the threat actor began targeting at least 16 affiliated organizations, just days before WADA announced that Russia might face further Olympic sanctions. Microsoft claims that (who refers to the actor group as Strontium). Although, the attacks were primarily unsuccessful.

CTA believes that anti-doping agencies and specialists, and services supporting the Games’ operations and logistics, such as WiFi networks and ticketing systems, are most vulnerable. In addition, tourists and spectators, Japanese authorities and partner countries, Olympic partners and sponsors, and supply chain and infrastructure suppliers are also possible targets. In addition to nation-state risks, the 2020 Summer Olympics will be a prominent target for cyber thieves owing to the high number of potential victims using internet systems and visitors’ lack of cybersecurity understanding.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Advanced threat actors launch sophisticated DDoS attacks. These attacks against Tokyo 2020 infrastructure or associated networks could disrupt the availability of services or distract from other ongoing attacks.

During the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, a large-scale DDoS threat carried out by LizardStresser, a well-known IoT botnet, happened. According to Arbor Networks’ Security Engineering & Response Team (ASERT) research, a division of CTA member NETSCOUT Arbor has been actively involved in enabling DDoS detection and mitigation at significant events. Many of these attacks occurred before the Games began, but the adversaries increased their efforts significantly after the Games began. Because of these attacks, CTA took a considerable step to implement Network Firewalls that can counter such advanced DDoS attacks.

Ransomware Attacks 

Devices, services, and underlying infrastructure supporting the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, including participant and visitor gadgets, transportation services, and point-of-sale systems, might be targeted by ransomware attacks. Cyber thieves may also employ ransomware to interrupt operations for financial gain. High-profile ransomware attacks on government agencies have lately been common in the United States. Attackers use this chance to go against the government and Olympic enterprises in Japan. An attack like this may make Olympic-related IT systems unusable at critical times. To prevent ransomware attacks, it is important to be always vigilant, with Sangfor Technologies, you can ensure your network safety from being accessed by attackers.

Malware Attacks

Before the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics opening ceremony on February 9, 2018, terrorists targeted networks in an attempt to sow disruption and confusion. The attackers deployed a destructive virus known as Olympic Destroyer, which knocked down the official Olympics website, affected WiFi connectivity in the stadium, and caused broadcasts of the event to get disrupted. In addition, many viewers were unable to obtain and print tickets for the ceremony due to the attack.

According to Cisco Talos’ investigation of various malware variants used in the attack, the attackers were only interested in interrupting the games, not stealing data. According to Talos, the malware makes the victim machine unusable by deleting shadow copies, event logs and attempting to use native operating system functions like PsExec and Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) to move through the environment. 

Cyber actors could use this attack to harm the reputation of individuals, sponsor organizations, or the host nation. It may also be utilized for political objectives or to cause havoc during the Olympic Games.

Data Leaks and Misinformation for Cyber Propaganda

These types of attacks can harm the reputations of people, sponsoring organizations, or the host nation. It may potentially be utilized for political objectives or to destabilize the Olympic Games. Data leaks are a powerful tool for threat actors to inflict humiliation. Victims may suffer severe consequences. In recent years, misinformation, or misleading information meant to mislead, has emerged as a serious concern. Data leaks are frequently observed in combination with disinformation and propaganda efforts.

Japan Readying Their Security Measures

Japan has several challenges in defending the 2020 Olympics from various sophisticated and complex cyber threats, many of which result from a general lack of preparation and inability to put in place the necessary cybersecurity safeguards. Researchers looked into the cybersecurity threat landscape for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, as well as lessons learned from previous Olympic Games, which actors provide a cybersecurity threat, and what policy options might help planners manage these risks. The team’s policy suggestions include planning ahead of time, collaborating and sharing knowledge, and allocating resources based on risk.

With the Summer Olympics rapidly approaching, cybersecurity preparations are well underway, and many parties have action plans in place. Countering these sophisticated and hostile attacks from many countries requires the use of advanced next-generation firewalls. CTA has been working with IT security businesses to build the appropriate next-generation firewall for the highly anticipated 2020 Olympics since NGFWs are technologically sophisticated firewalls that can deflect such threats as those mentioned above.

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Best Ways to Have a Clean And Organized Inbox



Almost every person checks his email inbox every single day, no matter if we use email correspondence at work or in everyday life. We reply to emails that get there, view the news that was sent to us, and so on. However, very often many people complain that they are not very comfortable using emails, whether they use email clients or web services, – moreover, they can not properly organize the time that could be allocated to check mail.

Once you enter your inbox, you are engulfed in an abyss of messages from which it is difficult to get out. So you need to learn how to optimize time and organize your inbox management strategy. Many people use their mail client not only to read emails, so you will need to think seriously about how to optimize the process.

Only if you design your workspace so that nothing distracts you, and so that you do not have constant lawsuits to check your mail again, then you can succeed in this direction and solve all the tasks you need as effectively as possible.

  1. Permanent check of your inbox steals your time. It is preferable to schedule a certain amount of time when you have some spare minutes or need to check your emails for business. It can be early in the morning, before breakfast, at lunch, or at any other time that is convenient for you. If reading and responding to the message will take less than 2 minutes, deal with it right away and save the more time consuming messages for later.
  2. Use an email organizer. These apps take care of all the boring work in your inbox instead of you. Most of them feature advanced algorithms that automatically sort your incoming emails so you can conveniently do an action on the group of emails. Choose the best for you according to their price, design, functions. And do not forget about your data privacy.

Another option is to use collaboration software as an alternative communication channel. Email is not the only way to contact your colleagues or clients. Think about other apps such as Echo, Skype, Google Chat, Slack, etc.

  • Get used to archive emails, it’s a very useful function. If you see emails that you don’t need right now but may require in the future, archive them instead of deleting them. You just hide an email in a dedicated folder when you archive it. You can go back to it in that folder at any time.
  • Newsletters and promotions. You will receive a few newsletters from each firm every day as soon as you sign up for them. We usually forget or don’t have time to unsubscribe from newsletters that we no longer want. As a result your email inbox will quickly become cluttered. Instead, create a separate email address for such types of messages. Or get an email cleaner that will take care of this for you. Because if you start to unsubscribe from all unneeded messages manually, you will be shocked.
  • If you have a lot of correspondence at work, most probably you need to write short similar answers all the time. It is one of the best ways on how to reach proficiency level as an email guru. Create the templates and reply to the messages in a few seconds.
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Gmail accounts protection



Gmail accounts protection

As you know that Gmail is the most popular email service and due to this publicity, there are unlimited enemies of Gmail. And these enemies try to hack Gmail accounts for destroying your data. It is important that all hackers are not the only enemies of Gmail, but they can be your enemy. However, Gmail is a fully secure email service and if someone will hack your Gmail account, and then you can recover it easily. If your Gmail account is hacked, then you will come to know about it. And before learning about hacking, you can use the policy through that you can protect your Gmail account. So, if you will buy Gmail accounts, then you will get the opportunities through that you can protect your Gmail accounts.

Different ways about learning Gmail hacking

Sometimes, you are using your Gmail account normally, but without your knowledge, your Gmail account is hacked. So in this case, hackers can delete your data or use your account for illegal activities. There are many ways through that you can check that whether your account is hacked or not. If you will use these tips then you can protect your Gmail accounts when your Gmail account will be hacked. Here are some important ways for checking that your Gmail account is hacked or not.

Gmail last account activity feature

As we discussed above that Gmail is a secure email service and the reason is that Gmail has introduced a lot of features that are related to security. However several years ago, Gmail has introduced a feature named as last account activity feature. And through this feature, you can check your Gmail account activity date, IP as well as location. You can check up to 10 logins and then if there is any doubt then you can check it and protect your Gmail account for safety.

If you want to check this specification of Gmail, then open your Gmail account and then click on the option of “Last account activity”. So when you will click on it, then you can check that where your Gmail account will be login. You can know about different IPs and times of login when you will use this feature.

So if there is any doubt that maybe someone is hacking your Gmail account, then it is important to use this feature. And if your doubt is right, then you can get another feature through that you can log out of your Gmail account from your own device.

Email forwarding checking

Gmail offered many features and if you want to learn all features, then you will need to serve a lot of time. Gmail forwarding is a major feature through that you get an email automatically to other accounts. This feature is useful if you want to keep your record safe for the future. But this feature can become the cause of your emails hacking. Because hackers can hack your Gmail account and then can set mail forwarding. So when you will get emails on your email account, then these emails will be automatic forward to other email addresses.

If you doubt that someone is reading your all emails, then you can check your Gmail account for knowing about this situation. Before buying Gmail accounts, it is important to check the forwarding page and if there is add any number, then you should remove it.

Settings and POP and IMAP

If you want to get your emails on any other device or app, then you can use POP and IMAP. So if you are using Gmail accounts, then you are allowed to use these protocols for getting your emails on other devices. So it means that hackers can use these protocols and your emails could be hacked. So if you are using these, then protect them from hackers. While, if you don’t want to get this facility, then it is important to disable these apps. Because, through these apps, your account could be a hack.

If the above situations are occurring in your Gmail account, then it is important to change your username and password. And you can also choose other ways for your Gmail account protection. However, if you want to use full secure accounts, then you can buy Gmail accounts from us.

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Abtach Pakistan– Delivering Exceptional Digital Solutions



Abtach Pakistan

Starting a business is difficult as it is however; becoming one of the key players in the information technology industry is even more challenging. With the threat of innovation by your competitors always hanging like a sword on your head, it is quite an arduous task to make your digital agency a well-known brand in the industry. Abtach Pakistan is that one name, which has exceeded the expectations of many around the globe and in the home country, to achieve success in the shortest amount of time.

Since their foundation was laid in 2014, Abtach Pakistan has only gone in one direction and that is upwards. Their goals and targets were well defined, which allowed them to concentrate all their efforts and resources towards achieving them in the most effective and efficient manner. This allowed them to be known as the fastest growing companies in the IT industry of Pakistan. 

Starting small with just a few hundred employees, Abtach Pakistan is now one of those companies, which wields the power of more than 1500 employees, who are both, passionate about what they do and proficient in their respective fields. Not just satisfying but in fact, delighting over 21000 clients across the globe in just a short span of time since their introduction in the market, Abtach Pakistan has proven itself to be a force to be reckoned. 

Now, Abtach Pakistan has their operations in more than 5 countries including USA, UK and China, making it one of the leading names in the IT industry of not just Pakistan but in fact, globally. However, in order to understand what truly sets them apart from the rest of their peers in the industry, you should take a closer look at the various services, which they offer their massive clientele across the planet. 

Sincerity & Dedication

Before delving into the various digital services, which Abtach Pakistan delivers, you first need to understand that one of the most significant reasons, why this company is soaring in the industry is due to the unrivaled and off the charts dedication and sincerity, which they have towards their clients. Abtach Pakistan is a renowned name in the IT industry and due to their exceptional level of passion and commitment towards their clients; they have quickly proven their worth in the world of digital solutions. 

Their ability to comprehensively, understand their clients’ needs and requirements and their unwavering commitment to ensure the creation of the most viable strategies, which helps them in tailoring their digital solutions to fit their clients’ needs, is something that distinguishes them from their competitors in the industry. 

Furthermore, it understandable that sincerity and commitment is not the only thing, which allows you to excel therefore, along with this sincere attitude, Abtach Pakistan also delivers the highest quality digital services to all of its clients in every niche. Their highly skilled and talented teams of professionals help in offering their clients a complete package. It would definitely be safe to say that Abtach Pakistan is your one & only solution to all the digital issues, which your businesses may face in these current times.

Myriad of Exceptional Digital Services Offers

Digital Marketing 

In this age of digitalization, digital marketing is one of the most significant tools for business organizations across the globe to make their mark in the market. It allows brands to successfully work on creating meaningful relationships with their target audiences and build a strong image throughout the market. The teams of professional digital marketers at Abtach Pakistan has a firm grip on the concepts and skills, needed to create out of the box strategies, which helps their clients in achieving their business goals. Abtach Pakistan ensure that they look after all the aspects of digital marketing for their clients, giving them a better chance to tackle their competitors in the most effective manner.

Here are some of the services, which Abtach Pakistan provides its clientele that comes under the umbrella of their digital marketing solutions. 

Graphic Designing 

Nowadays, it is all about visual content. Brands with the most engaging visual content tend to sweep their target audiences off their feet in a much better way. Abtach Pakistan has some of the most experienced and talented teams of graphic designers at their disposal, which make it easier for them to deliver their clients with exceptional visual content. To put it simply, if you are looking to make a strong and powerful impact on your target audience through visual content then Abtach Pakistan should be your go to agency. 

Video Animation

Research has shown that business organizations or brands, which use video animation in their marketing campaigns for creating product awareness, brands awareness and advertisement or promotional campaigns are more likely to increase their sales and profits. However, much of the burden falls on the digital agency, which is creating these animations for your brands. If the agency cannot create something, which clearly defines your brand’s message and story then these animated videos may do more damage than good. 

Abtach Pakistan seems to have a very clear understanding of how video animation works and how it can affect the businesses of their clients. According to their past works, many of their clients belonging to different industries have seen a massive growth in their sales and profits due to the video animation services delivered by Abtach Pakistan Furthermore, Abtach Pakistan is not only known for their amazing animation services but also renowned for their extremely affordable prices as well. 

Web Development 

Nowadays, it is almost an obligation for every brand to have a website to ensure their online presence. Furthermore, having a website is something, which also makes them look more professional in the eyes of their target audiences as well. Abtach Pakistan comprehends the needs of their clients and offers them the most exceptional web design and development services in the most reasonable prices, which has helped countless of their clients to successfully create a powerful online presence for their brands. 

Book Writing Services

Many of the world’s bestselling fiction and nonfiction novels are the work produced by none other than the amazing writers, who are part of the Abtach Pakistan family. Abtach Pakistan is home for the most well-versed and talented writers, who have contributed as much as any other team in the success of this phenomenal digital agency. Believe it or not but, many of the amazing authors you know out there are simply enjoying their fame thanks to the extraordinary talent, which is offered by professional writers at Abtach Pakistan.

From e-books and paper-backed books to online blogs and articles on various topics and industry related news, Abtach Pakistan has a number of some amazing teams of award winning writers, who are passionate about writing and helping their clients become successful.

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How much does it cost to make a shopping website?




Statistics suggest that e-commerce grew by over 40% in 2020. With online sales booming, more and more businesses and start-ups are looking to capitalize on the popularity of shopping on the web. If you are thinking about launching a shopping website, it’s natural to have questions about how much it costs to get started. In this guide, we’ll discuss how much shopping websites cost.

How much does it cost to make a shopping website?

One of the most common questions business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs have about shopping websites is how much it costs to launch and run a website. Managing a budget is an essential requirement for company owners and solopreneurs, and it’s wise to have an accurate idea of how much building shopping websites costs before you take the plunge.

There is no simple answer to the question, ‘How much does it cost to make a shopping website?’ and this is largely because there are several key factors to consider when analysing, comparing, and calculating costs. While it may be possible to create a basic shopping website for a small business for around $5,000 (£3,600), it’s also possible to pay millions for a sophisticated e-commerce website.

Factors that impact the cost of setting up a shopping website

The most crucial factors to consider when calculating the costs of a shopping website include:

  • Web hosting
  • Domain name cost
  • Web design
  • Customization options
  • Setup and configuration
  • Payment processing
  • Add-ons, plug-ins and extensions
  • Scale of the site

Budgeting tips for new shopping websites

If you are looking to create a new shopping website, and you’re in the process of drawing up a budget, it’s wise to focus on the factors that will influence how much money you spend. You should customize your budget and make calculations based on what you need, the number of pages and products you have, the features you use, the payment types you offer, and additional costs you expect to incur to get your site noticed, for example, plug-ins to boost SEO (search engine optimization).

As a general guide, you can expect to pay:

  • $500-$5,000 for WooCommerce Starter, $5,000-$10,000 for WooCommerce Custom and over $10,000 for WooCommerce Enterprise
  • $1,000-$3,000 for basic Shopify sites ranging to over $10,000 for larger stores that use third-party payment services
  • $1,000-$10,000+ for BigCommerce sites

You can estimate costs by comparing different platforms and plans and calculating totals based on using different features, add-ons, and payment services. Small-scale, basic stores are a lot less expensive than complex sites that sell hundreds of products used by larger retailers. If you’re unsure which platform to choose, or you don’t know which features you’ll need, use free trials to get a feel for different platforms and see which offers the best value for money.


It’s natural to wonder how much it costs to launch a shopping website if you want to start selling online. The price of a new site can vary from less than $3,000 to millions of dollars. Calculate your budget based on the scale of your business, the number of products you sell, the features you use and the platform and plan that suits your needs best.


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