7 Documents to Have When Meeting Lawyers for Vehicle Accidents

7 Documents to Have When Meeting Lawyers for Vehicle Accidents

Did you know that there is an average of 6 million automobile accidents every year in the United States?

Unfortunately, it is a matter of time before you’re involved in one so it is important to be prepared to work with lawyers for vehicle accidents for help with your car accident case.

This is especially important if you’ve sustained car accident injuries that cause you to miss work as you’re liable to receive damages for lost wages. It is important to know which documents to bring when meeting with car accident lawyers.

Keep reading to learn about the seven documents to bring with you when meeting with lawyers for vehicle accidents.

1. Police Reports

Police reports are public records and they become available to any and all parties once they are completed. If there were multiple law enforcement officers that responded to the call when the accident occurred then it is possible that there is more than one police report.

There is also the possibility that there is an accident reconstruction report that was conducted to try to determine what happened and who was at fault.

While these reports aren’t completely conclusive, they’re a great starting point for the investigation by the lawyers for vehicle accidents into the incident. These reports could lead to other reports that are related to the accident which could help your case.

2. Statements From Witnesses

Witness statements are also of immense value and should be brought with you when meeting with lawyers for vehicle accidents. They are reports about what individuals heard and saw at the scene of the accident.

Witnesses are also people who have relevant information about the accident. This includes the people who took part in the accident as well as experts on the mechanics of the vehicle that were involved.

Witness statements can come from a variety of sources. The most common is through law enforcement and the police, though they can also come from parties to the automobile accident.

Federal agencies with jurisdiction over the area where the accident occurred can also weigh in and act as witnesses to the case.

3. Medical Reports

The medical reports that you should bring with you comprise of all of the emergency room records, doctor care records, and autopsy reports if there are any.

These reports contain information about the amount of time for which you were under a doctor’s care. They cover all parties that claim to have sustained injuries in the vehicle accident. It is important that you show medical records to the vehicle accident lawyers. 

These medical records can also extend to the medical history of anyone involved in the vehicle accident. This applies the most to people with pre-existing conditions that make operating a motor vehicle risky or difficult.

In a situation like that, a person’s medical history is relevant to building the case for you. You should also include the amounts of money that you paid in order to receive treatment for your injuries.

It is important to remember that if you aren’t injured and there isn’t significant damage to either party then a lawyer for vehicle accidents isn’t necessary. Check out these examples for more information.

4. Records Showing Past Violations and Safety Concerns

You should also bring records that show any past violations as well as the inspection reports of the vehicle that was involved in the accident.

If a car was involved in a vehicle accident that resulted from a mechanical failure then the records will show if the car manufacturer had a recall out for your vehicle or if they’re liable for not recalling it.

A history of past violations in regards to unsafe equipment on the vehicle is another record that is relevant and that you should bring to meeting with lawyers for vehicle accidents.

5. Video or Photography

Any photos and videos of the accident are also very useful for the lawyer that handles your case. These videos and photos may be images taken prior to the accident as well as after the accident.

In most areas where you drive there are cameras that capture events that occur in that camera’s area of operation. While the videos are important for building your case, the photos are equally important.

The photos that you bring that show the aftermath of the vehicle accident will help to capture how severe any injuries are as well as provide an idea of how they occurred.

6. Proof of Income

If you ended up missing time at your job as a result of the vehicle accident you were in, it is crucial that you bring records of your proof of income when you meet with the lawyer.

By doing this, you’ll most likely recover any lost wages from the time that you were out of work. If you choose to take this route you’ll need to provide very detailed proof of what happened.

The best way to get your proof of income is through pay stubs from your paychecks. Direct deposit records and tip records are also very useful documents to provide your lawyer with.

It is important that these documents show the amount of money that you missed out on due to not being able to work.

7. Vehicle Damage Estimates

If your vehicle sustained damage during the vehicle accident then you’ll want to make sure that you bring records of the damage estimates. It is likely that you’ll receive help with paying for any necessary repairs for your vehicle.

In order to know how much to ask for when it comes to helping with repairs, you need to know exactly how much those repairs will cost. 

Depending on who your insurance provider is, you might have to leave the damage estimates in their hands.

Do You Need Lawyers for Vehicle Accidents?

When accidents happen it is best to be prepared. The best thing that you can do to help your case is to get in contact with lawyers for vehicle accidents and provide them with these important documents.

They’ll evaluate your case and do a further investigation while making sure that you get the lost wages that you’re owed so that you can get back to living your best life.

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