Make Your Office Desk Lively

7 Best Plants That Will Make Your Office Desk Lively

Usually, work consumes you, and you feel dull after a time. It is not because of what you are doing but because of the surrounding you are in. When we surround ourselves with positivity and liveliness, we often feel better and energetic. Complete research was done. A study showed that people whose ambience is cheerful and filled with good vibes tend to work more efficiently and effectively without taking any work as a burden. Even they remain cheerful for more time than others.

Now let us enlighten you about what you need to add to your office desk to stay fresh and keep your ambience light and healthy. You must be knowing how plants help to boost energy, spreading green all around. Same way office table plants can be very helpful, how? Well, they transform the workplace into a tranquil, peaceful and engaging environment. They are easy maintenance plants that you keep on your desk. Whenever you feel low, you can easily look at the freshness they provide, and you are back to normal.

So, we have curated some seven plants that you can adorn in your office table and will look very creative. Remember, if you are not green-thumbed, then the plants may end up losing their freshness. Let’s have a look at them…

Ficus Benjamina

Ficus Benjamin is one of the cutest additions to the office desk. Unique and creative, it looks like a stand-alone specimen or a mixed display of it. This usually catches the attention of everyone because of its peculiar nature. Remember to place them at that point where cold drafts don’t harm them because they might not survive with that. So make your office space beautiful with this addition.


A perfect plant to adorn the reception area of the office. This cute little plant may require a little more maintenance at the start while it’s blooming and then, it needs occasional watering and very little care. The striking colours and blooms look very attractive and are one of the most catchy plants it is. Adorning the office space with this plant is kind of good and healthy.

Peace Lily

Peace lily plants are well known for cleaning the air and are one of the beautiful additions to the office desk. With wide, broad, deep green leaves, they have white flowers that look soothing and shine slightly.

This is another low maintenance plant that doesn’t need much light and often forgives the over-watering done. It clears the toxins and keeps the environment fresh and friendly. So, you can anytime add this over-grower to your office table.


Dracaena is one of the most demanding plants to choose from, but if you want to eliminate pollutants, it is good to go with it. They can survive even drought-like conditions, but the relentless root system makes it a difficult one to keep at an office desk.

Dracaena is an ideal plant for the dark colour space because its thin dark leaves give a gorgeous addition to the office space. Besides, it is a tough and forgiving plant.


When you are out of ideas, then you can only trust a cactus in that time. It is like a safe plant to keep at an office desk. If you don’t like many people surrounding the desk, then this is one of the most delicate plants to put, but yes, don’t let it harm anyone. Keep it in a safe place. It again needs less care and maintenance and survives even the harshest conditions. So, it is good to keep cacti as your office desk plant.


Aglos are a Chinese evergreen plant that is well known for its colours of the leaves. Mostly grown dark greens but sometimes have silver or red shade in it.

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According to Chinese references, this plant is a symbol of long life. It also needs less care or no maintenance. So adorn your office space with this beautiful aglaonema plant.

Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy is one of the evergreen vines also known as Pothos. It has a unique leaf structure that comes out heart-shaped and is usually light green leaves with some dark shade. It looks incredibly soothing to the eyes, and this species is well adapted to office conditions. It is an easy-to-care plant that can be kept near your office table or on the desk.

Final Thoughts

If you are still thinking about which plant to choose from the given options, then do not worry! All are equally good and will help you to stay cheerful throughout the day. Just like pets, plants are one of the best friends of humans, and we can grow with them learning about how they care about us. If you take care of your office table plant, then they will keep you energetic throughout the day. We hope this information helps you.

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