7 Best Online Tutoring Websites For Students In 2021

Everyone is aware that learning nowadays isn’t happening the way it used to. With the COVID19 imposed closures, the quality of education offered to the students is unsatisfactory. Though schools and colleges are conducting online classes, it is practically impossible for the overwhelmed teachers to pay one-on-one attention to all the students. And, this is the reason why more people are searching for the best tutoring websites in 2021.

Even in the post-pandemic era, there is nothing like calling up your favorite teacher on-demand to assist you. The best online tutoring provides students with a customized learning experience based on their needs. Many of these websites use tools like a digital dashboard to make students feel like they are in the same room. But which online tutoring website should you choose? Read on to know the top US online tutoring services in 2021.

My Private Professor

My Private Professor is an award-winning online tutoring website that promises to bolster the students’ skills with expert guidance. From kindergarten to graduate level, they cover all the academic needs of students and help them increase their grades, as well as confidence.

They have hand-picked the most experienced teachers who are trained to create a lesson plan for each student. My Private Professor offers the best online science tutoring in USA that fits the students’ personal learning style. Similarly, they provide the best tutors for other subjects, like Algebra, History, English, etc.

With their subject matter experts, the students can amp their preparation and excel in SAT & ACT exams. Plus, they have transparent pricing and easy booking. So, you can select a tutor of your choice and get started anytime.


Chegg is a great online tutoring website to boost your grade with the help of expert online tutors. They have tutors from top colleges and universities and mentor students of all ages in different subjects, including foreign languages, engineering, test prep, and even music.

They are available 24×7, making it easy for the students to start learning and get extra help whenever required. On Chegg’s platform, you can go through thousands of problems and ask a teacher for help with any question.

Depending on your preference, you can choose from two types of plans they offer, i.e., chat lessons (via text, audio, or video) or video calls (via an interactive whiteboard).


Skooli offers an interactive digital platform to help students understand mathematical concepts easily. While they specialize in maths tutor, they have tutors in many other subjects. With an array of features, like online chat, screen sharing, video conferencing, Google Drive, etc., Skooli facilitates a better face-to-face learning experience.

In order to get started with learning on this platform, students need to create an account and sign up with Skooli. Once they sign up, they can choose a tutor as per their needs. After they choose a perfect teacher, they can enter their digital classroom and take advantage of a personal tutoring session.

They have a pay-as-you-go pricing. Thus, whenever a student needs the help of a maths tutor or they get stuck on a question, they are not locked in a monthly plan. The tutors are available 24×7 to assist the students.


Smarthinking is a child company of Pearson Education, boasts that the majority of its tutors have advanced degrees in the subject areas. The company takes pride in providing the students with 24×7 on-demand access to the best tutors.

They provide tutoring to the students from middle school through graduate. Additionally, their services include resources for professionals and help in resume writing. If a student struggles with writing, they can get essay writing help too.


Wyzant is among the best online tutoring services catering to the needs of students from elementary school through graduation. Whether a student is weak in math or wants to learn a foreign language, Wyzant has top-class tutors specializing in different subjects.

With thousands of tutors ready to help students in academics, they have lined up a large number of lessons archived on their site. Students can take advantage of these resources and brush up on the formulas or concepts.

You can sign up with Wyzant for free. The platform also allows you to test-drive its tools, that too without scheduling a session. So, give it a try and see if it fits your needs.

Growing Stars

This online tutoring website is considered a pioneer in providing students with affordable tutoring. Before they get started with their teaching session, they make sure to understand the child’s individual learning style and connect the child to the right tutor.

They create a curriculum tailored to the student’s needs, helping them to develop an interest in learning. They offer tutoring services for students from third grade up to twelfth grade. The best part is, they provide periodic reports about your child’s performance. So, you can see your children growing in academics.


Another great online learning website on your list is TutorMe. With an acceptance rate of only 4%, they commit to offer the best tutors and make learning as convenient and effective as possible. They boast the most qualified tutors who are experts in over 300 subjects, including Algebra, Programming, Science, and more.

Along with the best tutors, they have a digital classroom where students get access to screen sharing, an interactive virtual dashboard, and many other tools. All the teaching sessions are recorded for later review. Be it a long physics lesson or a math problem; this platform connects you to the subject matter experts within seconds. They offer round-the-clock guidance to the students.


These are the best online tutoring websites for students in 2021. Every student has different needs, and tutoring is a way to support them if they need some extra help. If your child is in elementary school, understand his needs first and then pick the right website which you think will help him in some way. The same thing applies to students in higher grades or those who are preparing for exams to get admission to a college.

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