7 Best Games for a Student Party

7 Best Games for a Student Party

Deadlines, responsibilities, classes in the morning, homework in the evening… This is how parents see the students’ lives. They just forgot how much fun they had at a young age. University is not just about studying from morning till night. It’s also a time for student parties to recharge their batteries and go on a spree. Let’s imagine you have an invitation to a student party next Friday, but the essay deadline threatens you too much.

Typically, you’d refuse to go and stay at the dorm with your essay. But with the help of rewrite my essay EssayPro service, you mustn’t deny yourself a night out. So, check out the six best games for a Student party we collected for you. Let’s get the party started! 

Here are the 7 Best Games for a Student Party

Exploding kittens

Exploding Kittens is an award-winning game, translated into many languages. A few years ago it was one of Kickstarter’s greatest successes. Exploding Kittens gained popularity around the world, having sold over 10 million copies. Why is it the best idea for a student party? Because this simple card game does not require a lot of space and effort.

The only thing you need is to get acquainted with the rules. The concept of the Exploding kittens resembles a bit of Russian Roulette. Players draw cards one by one from the deck until somebody draws “an exploding kitten.” If they have no cards to avoid the explosion, they are out of the game. The game is speedy and full of emotions and a huge dose of humor because of its design.

Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever is an old but gold game, which won’t make your student party dull. The rules are simple. Sit in a circle and get some beverages to drink. The first person starts the game with the words “Never have I ever…” and says something he/she has never done. You can begin with something simple, like “Never have I ever jumped with a parachute.” 

Participants who have done the mentioned activity must drink. Usually, in a while, things people are saying become racier. The level of openness is up to you and the party guests. Try it out, and you won’t be able to say, “Never have I ever been bored at the student party.” 

Mafia (also known as Werewolf)

Mafia is the classic of student party games. The main advantage of this game is that many people can participate. You can try out a new role and learn how to bluff. The rules can vary, but the central concept remains the same. It’s a simulation of a conflict between the Mafiosi (the werewolves) and the citizens. The players don’t choose who they want to be but pull the cards with the role. 

The citizens have to identify the Mafiosi and kill them before they kill civilians. For this reason, they participate in the debate and vote to get rid of the suspect players. The game finishes when one team has more representatives in the game (the villagers or the Mafiosi). 

Beer Pong

In comparison to Mafia, which requires some strategic thinking, Beer Pong requires a strong stomach. It’s a classic of drinking games. To play Beer Pong, you’ll need a table, some empty cups filled with beer (or any other drink you prefer), and table tennis balls. 

Firstly you should put cups on the table in the form of a triangle (approximately 12-15 cups) from one side of the table and do the same with the other one. In beer pong, there are two teams, and each one should aim at a cup of their rivals. If the player hits the target, somebody from the opposing team should drink from the cup.

The winners are those who hit the opposing team’s cups. But let’s be honest, Beer Pong is a win-win situation for everyone who plays.


Alias is for those who like to talk. It has its boarding game and mobile app versions, but both of them will be a hit at your party. At first sight, explaining the words to each other sounds like a nerdy activity. But in reality, you can spend hours laughing at how it isn’t very easy sometimes to explain the most straightforward words.

There is also a particular party version where you must dance, jump, or sing while explaining the words. Moreover, you can download the mobile version of this game with the specific topics of the cards. For example, aliases on pop culture, cinema, or other series. 

Celebrity Heads

You would know this game if you’ve seen Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. The rules are pretty simple, as well as what you need to organize it. All you need are small pieces of paper on which each of the players writes a celebrity’s name. Then, everybody gives their paper to the person (clockwise) next to them without showing the writing.

Then, every participant takes the paper and tapes it to their forehead. They ask Yes or No questions to understand who they are. For example: “Am I a female?”, “Am I an American president?”. If the answer is “Yes,” you can continue asking. The “No” answer passes the turn to the next player. 

Jenga & Truth or Dare

The main thing about the games is to be creative. For example, you can unite two ordinary things into one you’ll love to play with your friends. Get your old Jenga and write on each block either ‘dare’ or ‘truth’ and start the game like you normally would. Each person should draw a block and either honestly answer a question or perform a dare. The one who crashes the tower must do both activities.

Wrapping Up

Student time is the best to try new things and fool around. But sometimes, even the most exciting things become boring when it becomes a routine. That’s why you could get fed up with ordinary drinking and want to diversify your student life. Hopefully, the six games we mentioned in this article will help you to become the life of the student party.

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