7 Best Countries Every Couple Should Visit for a Romantic Getaway

Travelling is food for the soul. It shows you the world through a different lens and enables you to appreciate ways of life different from yours. One of the perks of having a partner is you have somebody you can explore the world with and try new things. The world has many beautiful destinations that you and your partner can go to for a romantic getaway. We scouted around and gathered a few good ones. Without much talking, here are seven countries to visit for a couple’s trip.


If amazing hikes and road trips are on your couple’s to-do list, Norway will have a lot to offer. From Gamle Strynefjellsvegen to the marble castle, you can explore this stunning country and marvel at its beauty. Consider going to Tromso city to view the Northern Lights or head to Trøndelag, where Norway’s history awaits you. Just a quick tip, ensure you pack enough things for your couple’s trip. Norway is more of an activity-based country. It would be best to equip yourself with a swimming or surfing costume, good hiking shoes, and of course, a camera. Take advantage of voucher codes and online coupons available through online shopping.


Dubai takes pride in its elegant skyscrapers, beautiful shopping malls and breath-taking beaches. What’s surprising is that this jaw-dropping city doesn’t seem like it’s trying to be attractive. It just is. Prepare to be amazed, from the moment you alight at the airport to the day you head back. Among the many Things to Do in Dubai, you can go to Burj Khalifa (the largest building in the world) or drop by Al Fahidi Quarter. You can tour Souks of Deira to soak in Dubai’s culture, then on one evening, head to Zabeel Park to see the sunset.


Tanzania is a great destination to gather first experiences. Known for its wildlife conservatories and beautiful landscapes, this East African country can be your go-to for a romantic getaway. You will get to experience the Swahili culture, maybe even learn a few Swahili words like hujambo (meaning hello) or karibu Tanzania (meaning welcome to Tanzania). Consider taking a safari to Serengeti National Park or a trek through Mt. Kilimanjaro and Ngorongoro crater.


No trip advisor worth their salt would suggest the best countries to visit for a romantic getaway and forget France. It’s like every corner and character in this gorgeous country was designed by Cupid. Paris is the number one destination you should visit in France. There is a reason why this French capital is called the city of love. You can delve into the city’s heritage at Louvre or tour Notre-Dame Cathedral. You can also awe in the architectural design of the Eiffel Tower. To get away from the city, you can tour the country lanes, farms and park in Livradois. As you plan for your trip, consider shopping online for the things you might require. You might be lucky to get a coupon code.


When it comes to tourist destinations, Italy is an all-time favorite. This striking country never disappoints. The most common tourist destination in Italy is the Amalfi Coast. There are, however, other under the radar destinations like Via Krupp on the island of Capri. Here you will see historic winding footpaths. Unfortunately, you cannot trek on them, but you can gaze at them in awe from the top. Other destinations that you can go to are Venice, Tuscany, and of course, Rome.


Seychelles is the perfect country for couples looking to spend their getaway in the tropics. You only need to see one picture of this tropical paradise to believe it’s the ideal spot. The waters are turquoise blue, and the jungles are thick and evergreen. You and your partner can trudge through the mountains or sunbathe on the white beaches. Remember to carry both summer and rain outfits. It is never easy to predict whether in tropical countries. You can stroll through the internet for online shopping platforms offering great deals on the valuables you need.


Morocco is rich in culture and architecture. You and your partner can tour over twenty destinations in this beautiful country. You can visit the ancient ruins at Aït Ben Haddou or trek through the High Atlas. Carry your hiking boots because you might be in for an intimidating but fun experience. Try searching online before the trip so that you take advantage of a coupon code or any other great deals. You can make Chefchaouen the last destination for your getaway. Is this city really blue? The only way to know is if you head there.

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