6 Ways to Unwind at the end of the day

A hard day at work calls for some relaxation. Whether you get off at 6 or 9, you still have enough time to relax. Maybe you’re looking to relax on the weekend but instead, you end up taking a big, long nap. There are activities you should know that will be much better than sleeping away the hours (it sounds weird but it’s true)

To watch new movies on Netflix is one way to go, but we have for you a total of 6 ways to unwind. You deserve the fun after a tiring day that does not compromise more of your energy. Any one of these will get you rested and relaxed, ready to kickstart a new day. So, let’s get started. 

Meditation/Breathing exercise

Meditation has evolved to be one of the biggest stress relievers. In the time of the pandemic, people practiced meditation and breathing exercises to keep calm after a struggling day. Perhaps, it would be a great unwinding tool for you. 

Many YouTube videos and services can teach you. There are also some podcasts about guided meditation that can take you on a relaxing journey. 

It would be interesting to know that Netflix has an interactive feature called ‘Headspace: Unwind your mind’ which gives you control of your choice and then takes you on a guided meditation process. 

Other than that, there are health apps like Samsung Health and Apple Health that offer breathing guides and meditation exercises as well. Most of the smartwatches of today are equipped with a breathing exercises. This exercise is the first thing brought up when it finds you in a stressful situation. 

Watching TV or Streaming Netflix

Before you get excited and start justifying your binging as a ‘stress reliever’, we should add a disclaimer here. You must be mindful of what you watch and how much watch time you’re supposed to get.

As Jackie Chan said to Jaden Smith ‘Wu Ji Bi Fan’ (Too much is bad), we say the same to you. You need to unwind, not kickstart a mental adventure of your own. You don’t want to be up all-night streaming Squid Game or Money Heist

Therefore, we recommend 2 episodes per day or a movie. There are more disclaimers to this, but this is a good starting point for those who want to stream and not binge watch.

Now if you look at the ‘mindful’ part, it is important to stream healthy genres like animated movies, documentaries, comedies, sitcoms, and more. The last thing you need after a big day is to watch an alien decapitate a human being. Choose simple genres and save all the horror and gore for another time (if you’re into that). 


You’ve probably heard this before, right? Curl up with a good book? Well, it is true. It’s a shame how our generation considers reading work more than a hobby or a daily exercise. 

For successful people, reading is as important as brushing their teeth. It is not necessary to be reading world history or philosophy. Sometimes you need a little fiction in life to take your headspace on a journey of peace. 

Reading classics, fiction, sci-fi, can help relax your neurons and is an ultimate brain relaxer for you. If you’re new to this, start with a lower grade reading level, and then you’ll find yourself reading Tolstoy and Koontz. 

Doing Puzzles/Playing Games

If you’ve got a family or friends with the same desire to unwind, a board game is an absolute relaxer. Games like Snakes & Ladders, Monopoly, Chess, Backgammon, or Scrabble can calm your senses after a long tiring day. It becomes even more fun when you’ve got company. 

At this time, it becomes less about the competition and more about having fun. You don’t lose actual money in Monopoly or bungle a murder investigation in Cluedo, you are simply having fun. And that qualifies as an afternoon delight. 

However, if you are alone, doing puzzles like Sudoku, crosswords, or jigsaw can help ease your mind as well. The consistent focus of collecting pieces together to build the bigger picture is backed by science to be a great pastime and stress reliever.

Going for a walk or jog

Another successful people trait and a great way to unwind. Car companies will not back this fact but walking or jogging unclutters your mind. It works even better when timed right. For example, a morning walk or jog is said to freshen up your morning and give a great head start. 

You are more likely to be energized and active during your work hours rather than sluggish and slow. Even an evening walk after work is proven to reduce your stress. 

If you have a pet, walking becomes a necessity of the day. If you have a desire for pets and want to integrate walking as a hobby, getting a pet also helps. You can’t help but rush to the park once you see the puppy’s excitement. 

A hot cup of tea or coffee

The last tip to unwind is a great relaxer. Sitting and sipping a hot frosted mug of coffee or a hot brewing tea makes up a beautiful evening, especially if it is wintery night. 

If it is assisted with tip no. 3 (reading), it makes a fantastic combo. You find yourself detached from the world with warmness in your heart and sharpness in your senses. A hot beverage makes a great way to unwind. 


These 6 tips are designed for your interest and desires. Some of us are so tired after a hectic day, that we don’t desire to walk. That is when a hot beverage unwinds you. 

Maybe you prefer company. That is when a board game puts a smile on your face. Some tips like taking a warm bath, working out, or crafting can also act as a stress reliever. The next time you find yourself stressed, be sure to engage in one of these tips to relax. 

Christophe Rude
Christophe Rude
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