6 Ways to Further Your Education After College

“Never stop learning; for when we stop learning, we stop growing” – Loyal “Jack” Lewman

Education is a key to keep growing as a person. Continuing to learn in life can lead you to finding a passion, lead to higher levels of happiness and fulfilment, and will most likely lead to higher quality jobs with better pay. It can be tough, however, to find a way to continue learning after you have graduated college. Here is a list to take advantage of in order to further your education after your first degree.

1.  Go back to school

Returning to school is probably the best way to continue your education. Maybe you want to turn your bachelors degree into an MBA or a doctorate degree. Maybe you just want to learn something new in a different profession or expand your knowledge in something you are weak in. Going back to school can be an important step. No matter if you’ve just graduated, or it’s been years, you can’t go wrong taking advantage of an institution that’s specifically built for education. If it’s been a while, there are programs specifically made to get you back into school, like Shorelight education.

Teaching English as a foreign language either online or abroad is now a popular option for college students after completing. The best way to avail of the multitude of options in this area is through completing a TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language) course.

If you want to sit in on a class, but don’t want to deal with the stress of tests or homework, you might want to check with your local college or university to see if they have an audit or visitor program. While this will still usually cost money, it is often cheaper than full tuition. Be aware, that if you go this route, you don’t get credit for the class, and will most likely not be able to take advantage of any of the other school facilities.

2.  Online courses

Online classes have existed for a while now, but with everyone stuck indoors because of the coronavirus, online learning like Coursera has exploded. All you need is a decent internet connection and a computer. You can find paid courses, subscription based learning, or even free classes online, taught by anything from prestigious universities around the world, to leaders in their field, and even you. Because of this, it is important to vet your teachers. Check the class reviews, and make sure you read up on the teacher’s bio to make sure that they are worth spending your time on and/or money on. After finishing the class make sure to make a note of it. Some classes even offer certificates which you can put on your resume when you finish them.

3.  Read

One of the cheapest ways to further your education can be located at your local bookstore or library. Books are filled with tons of information, and were the main way people educated themselves for thousands of years. If you find reading educational books to be dry, try joining a book club. They can alleviate some of that boredom by giving you a deadline and a platform to discuss with real people.

4.  Go to a museum

Going to a museum can be a great way to learn about something new in an interesting and visual way. Reading about history or seeing a painting online pale in comparison to seeing the actual ancient artifacts or getting a chance to experience the painting up close. Make sure you take advantage of the interactive exhibits. Or Better yet, join a tour group or take an audio tour in order to get a full curated experience.

5.  Listen to a podcast

Nowadays everyone has a podcast. They can and do cover any topic you can think of. History, serial killers, cooking recipes, tv drama, d&d campaigns, you name it, and I promise you that somebody has recorded a podcast about it. It is a perfect opportunity to find something you’re interested in and learn about while running errands, going on a walk, or listening to whenever you have the free time.

Hopefully you realize by now that finishing college isn’t the end, but only the beginning. By doing one or more of these steps, we hope that you continue to grow and learn.

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