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6 Ways to Decide Between Tech Products You Are Considering



The tech world has grown significantly in the last decade. Chances are some of the most popular products available today weren’t around when you were growing up. The iPad, for example, wasn’t released until 2009. And it wasn’t until recent years that tech innovators started designing products specifically for children, like kids tablets or Nintendo Mario Kart Live. 

There’s no denying technology has brought some innovative products. But with so many options available, how do you choose the right one for you? When it comes to purchasing something new, it’s important you don’t rush the process. Regardless of whether you’re buying a home security device or software for your company, take your time and do your research. 

Here are six tips for deciding on the right tech product for your needs: 

1. Make a List of Must-Haves

If you’re looking to buy a tech product, you probably have specific features in mind. Maybe you want a device that will help streamline day-to-day tasks. Maybe you want something that’ll entertain your children. Or perhaps you’re shopping for a home security system that will offer remote access.

Make a list of the features you want and a list of the features you don’t need. A good way to do that is by looking at similar products you’ve used. 

For example, if you’re looking into a phone for your kid, make a list of what you like about your current one. It might have a really good camera, or its security features are easy to navigate. Then consider its demerits. You may not like how much you have to pay per month or how often you have to update the software.

Once you have your lists of must-haves (and must-not-haves) create a list of products that will meet your expectations.

2. Explore Your Price Points

Regardless of what you’re purchasing, you’ll want to make sure you can afford it. If you’re purchasing software via monthly subscription, make sure the payment fits within your budget. Try to project what your tech needs will be in the next few years and how much additional money you’ll need to spend. 

For example, the cost of computer software for your small business might be manageable with 10 employees. But in five years, when you have 20 employees, how much will it cost then? Is there a comparatively stripped-down version of the product that will meet your needs now and into the future?

You also want to make sure you’ll use the software effectively to get your money’s worth. It’s a mistake to purchase an expensive tech product that has a suite of features you don’t really need. 

3. Research the Company Behind the Product

An eCommerce Foundation report found 88% of consumers research a product before making a purchase — and that was back in 2017. That number is almost certainly higher now, but how many research the company? Before making a decision on a tech product, it’s important to investigate the business.

According to research, approximately 305 million startups are created in a single year. How many of those are tech startups, you ask? 1.35 million. With so many new businesses launching every single day, it’s safe to assume not every company is top-notch.

That’s why it’s important to research not only the tech products you’re evaluating, but also the company producing them. How long have they been in business? Are they financially sound? You’ll want to ensure that the company will be around to support any product you buy. 

4. Assess the Product’s Security 

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a huge increase in cyber attacks targeting both workplaces and everyday products like mobile phones. As security giant McAfee explains, hacking software is readily available online that enables hackers to lift information from your smartphone. How can you be sure the tech products you buy aren’t at risk?

When it comes to assessing the security of consumer products, keep up on the news. In late 2019, a rash of attacks on Amazon Ring video doorbells led to public warnings from digital privacy and consumer groups. Look for such notifications for any product you’re considering. 

If a product you’re considering has experienced a breach, how did the company respond? You want to make sure the company will have your back, even during the worst-case scenario.

5. Check the Product’s Latest Updates 

Technology is constantly evolving, which is why you should choose a product that’s evolving with it. If a company hasn’t launched new products in years and doesn’t plan to, you probably don’t want to buy their device. 

Of course, not every update is an improvement. When considering a product, consult Google and social media and read the reviews online. Did the product’s latest feature rollout go smoothly, or did it cause chaos for users? Changes to a product should help users meet their needs more effectively, not cause them grief.

6. Use It Before You Commit to It

Nowadays, most software offerings will let you take them for a test run. Whether you’re considering Microsoft 365 for family use or new project management software for the office, sign up for a free trial. These trial periods usually last 14-30 days, allowing you to experiment before actually committing to a product.

During this time, check to see whether the product has all your must-haves and then some. You’ll want to make sure you can use the product for your intended goals and that the company provides any needed support. If you feel comfortable after your trial, go ahead and buy.

When evaluating a tech product, you want to pay attention to your specific needs. What do you want in a product? Constant updates? Easy-access to the product’s help center? A system that’s customizable and secure? 

There’s no point in purchasing a product you won’t like or be able to use effectively. So make sure you know what you want before you start shopping. By implementing the six tips above, you’ll be able to make the right tech choice.

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How to Employ the Use of QR Codes into Your Geocaching Activities?




Put outdoor treasure hunting and GPS tracking together and you have geocaching. It has been a little over 20 years since the activity was invented and it has gone a long way.

Every year, more people get into it. It has become so widespread that there have been different takes on the game.

People are not just tweaking the rules but are also infusing modern technologies to make it more fun. One that is worth taking note is QR codes. They are currently making rounds in commercial use because of their flexibility. Who is to say that they are not the best thing to use in geocaching?

QR codes are capable of functioning in almost every way a user can think of. So, it really isn’t impossible to give it a role in your geocaching activities.

How to Employ the Use of QR Codes into Your Geocaching Activities?

QR Codes Tell the Next Location

The traditional way of geocaching is that when you find the geocache, you proceed to find the next one. So, the location of where you should proceed to is specified on the geocache you just found.

The problem with this system is that it is prone to error and whether or not a participant knows where a particular place is.

However, you can infuse the use of QR codes to make it fair to all the players. Instead of manually navigating to find the next location, have a Google Maps QR code that will tell the coordinates of the next geocache.

It is easier, faster, and much more accurate. This will allow your participants to concentrate more on the activity rather than on technicality.

Ensure Geocaches Stay Where They Are

You can’t deny that some players can get a little bit competitive. Sometimes, they would try to make it more difficult for other participants by hiding or relocating a geocache.

However, the other players don’t have to follow this kind of attitude. They can always return the geocache in its rightful place.

One way is for them to scan a QR code that will tell the original location of the geocache. So, they can return it and make sure that the game continues fairly for the rest of the participants.

Log Your Find Fast and Conveniently

One of the guidelines of geocaching is to write your name on a log sheet to know who has and hasn’t found the geocache. However, it is inconvenient and prone to paper damage.The last ones would be left with a barely recognizable piece of paper.

Fortunately, this can be substituted by a QR code. The image can be scanned and participants will be directed to a form where they can log their find.

The best part about this is that after scanning, a person can simply fill the form while on the move. It is faster and more convenient, allowing participants to concentrate more on the fun part of the game.

Rewards and Bonus Geocache

Put in a little twist to your geocaching activity by attaching a QR code on your geocaches that have random surprises.

You can set the QR code to only show the location of the surprise geocache if they are the first three people to scan it. Make it more interesting by not basing it on order. Randomize, for example, the participants after the fifth scanner get to be shown the coordinates.

This will leave them anticipating and looking forward to what each geocache holds. It keeps the participants on their toes hoping that the surprise geocache will work in their favor.

Tips to Remember When Using Your QR Codes

To successfully have a QR code powered geocache activity, there are three important tips that event organizers should always remember when using the tech.

1. Protect Your QR Codes

Geocaching is an outdoor activity. So, your QR codes can get wet, covered with dirt, and damaged. When at least one happens, it can render a QR code useless, leaving the entire game unplayable. Remember to provide protection, either laminate it or put a layer of scotch tape over it.

2. Color Code/Personalize Each

As there are a lot of ways you can infuse QR codes with your geocaches, color coding them can provide the participants on what to scan to solve and move on to the next one. With the right QR code generator with logo online, you can further personalize the image to be more discernible and intuitive.

3. Test Your QR Code

Your QR code has the potential to malfunction; it can be caused by the generation process, the printed surface, or the quality of the print. So, it is important to make sure that the image functions as it should before the activity.


For an outdoor activity to infuse the use of technology, there is no better way to make it more interesting but with the help of QR codes. As the use of them can successfully unpack information from a scan, the fun in searching for clues intensifies.

With the help of a QR code generator like QRTiger to start a QR code-powered outdoor activity like geocaching, the possibilities to infuse learning with technology increases.

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Quick search and check of substitutes for terminal blocks of wires




There are situations when you need to quickly assemble a device or repair a broken one. Due to the lack of one part in the warehouse, the work may stop for at least several days. If we are talking about the selection of a substitute for complex parts such as terminal blocks, then the process is further complicated by the need for a long comparison of the technical characteristics of various models.

Search for analogs for the right terminal block

To find a part that will successfully replace an existing one, you need to check many criteria. The following indicators must coincide:

• The area that the part occupies in the device body;

• The pitch of the contacts should be the same so that you can easily connect the part to the rest of the spare parts;

• If the part has a through hole, its diameter must also match the diameter of the original part;

• The number of leads and contacts must correspond, they must also be placed in the same part of the part;

• The size of the input wire of the device must match both the original and the replacement.

The connection method does not have to be 100% identical in all devices. But if the project requires it, then it is necessary to check this criterion too.

The electrical parameters are also extremely important. If the rated current and insulation voltage do not completely coincide with these indicators of the original part, then you need to additionally check the requirements for the device. Perhaps a part with slightly different parameters will fit, but this should be clearly indicated in the specification for the project. It is also imperative to check the material of manufacture for compatibility. The most important are RoHS, REACH and temperature ratings.

Automation of finding similar terminal blocks

Manual selection takes several hours. And if you need to compare more than ten parts, this work may take several days. It greatly simplifies the process of using the automated service In the search field, you only need to enter the name of the original part. The service database has already uploaded information about the most popular manufacturers for all electrical parts. You will see the results in the form of comparison tables. They are ranked according to the degree to which they match the source.

For example, let’s find analogs for the Phoenix Contact 3-pin terminal block, model number 1935174. The pitch between the wire and the board is 5 mm. At this request, the system offers four of the most popular and high-quality analogs:

• TE Connectivity;

• Wurth;

• Eaton;

• Amphenol.

In the table, you will see information about the availability of several reliable dealers in warehouses, prices and full technical specifications.

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5 ways to increase cybersecurity on Mac




Jamf has published a new survey focused on the use of the Mac at work. As in other years, it was carried out in conjunction with Apple on large and small companies that use their equipment, the results yielded optimistic conclusions for those who use them. Mac employees are generally happier with a Mac at work. Mac user satisfaction levels are broadly high, driving sales to remain steady amid the onslaught of various Windows-based laptops.

More productive, creative, independent, and collaborative 

Last year they found that 72% of employees who could choose which brand of computer to use chose a Mac. Now, Jamf’s study sought to test whether choosing a specific brand of computers at work made a difference. At the same time, they wanted to know if the different functions of a company were affected by it. 

Number of Responses 

825 people from more than 12 different areas have participated in the study. Of these, the most important have been IT, human resources, marketing, and engineering. Small and large companies from all over the world and from different sectors have participated. This is a survey that is considered to be the most representative of the real conditions in the field regarding Mac’s presence in the business world.

The popularity of the Mac increases the risk of criminality for its users. More and more reports of cybercriminals and hackers attacks on Mac users. As a device grows in popularity, the more threats it poses. This is “a law of nature,” and Macs are no exception, no matter how secure Apple has designed the device.

Are you a Mac user?

Regardless of your company’s size or industry, technology is probably at the heart of your operations. After all, digital transformation is a reality, providing more agility in processes and profitability for companies. At the same time, this means that organizations’ invaluable assets – their data – are not kept in a safe. Thus, it is essential that managers and IT teams take the best steps to prevent virtual attacks.

Whether through ransomware or other threats, cybercriminals often exploit any operating system vulnerability. Therefore, adopting an Apple environment is a firm step towards any company’s digital security. That’s because macOS brings a number of native security features, protecting your data much better than competing systems.

Firstly, macOS is the product of an integrated vision, in which hardware, software, and services are synergistic. In the Apple ecosystem, these three pillars are designed to work seamlessly together, avoiding loopholes that could compromise security. In addition, the configuration, implementation, and administration of the systems become simpler and faster. After all, practically most protection systems are shipped in the form of native resources. 

Here are 5 ways to improve cybersecurity on Mac:


This technology minimizes the possibility of eavesdropping on unsecured Internet networks such as public Wi-Fi. For info, cybercriminals can spy through packet sniffing and man-in-the-middle attacks. Therefore, a Mac VPN is here to make sure you can surf safely. Its main working principle is to encrypt all user’s online activities through a private tunnel. 

FileVault 2 

Technology that encrypts data to prevent it from being accessed improperly. This feature encrypts all Mac storage, using advanced cryptographic algorithms that run quickly and discreetly. Thus, it can be used to encrypt any storage unit, protecting backups of Time Machine and other external drives. If the company wants to reset a machine to assign it to another employee or even resell it, FileVault 2 makes it easy to remove all data from the Mac, ensuring that it cannot be unduly recovered.

Secure software updates 

In macOS, the updates come directly from Apple and have a digital signature from the manufacturer that acts as a seal of origin. So, your company and your IT department know they are reliable.

System Integrity Protection 

Technology that helps prevent malicious software from modifying protected Mac files and folders. This functionality restricts the root user’s account and limits the actions that the user can perform in protected areas of the operating system, preventing them from being exploited improperly.


Functionality that allows IT staff to define where users can download apps from. That way, you can prevent downloads from outside the Mac App Store and check the software’s digital signature, making sure it is safe to install. Gatekeeper works in conjunction with XProtect to quickly block the spread of any malicious applications.


There are many methods to increase the security of Mac users’ online activities, you can choose the one that really meets your needs. Hopefully, this article can be of use to you. Thanks for reading!

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Which of the Best WordPress Plugins Can You Trust?



wordpress plugin

Finding the best WordPress plugins to use can be a daunting task, especially if you’re unsure precisely what you need. There are dozens of different WordPress plugins out there, and each one can significantly increase your website like or blog’s functionality. But which ones are best? Here’s a quick guide to the best WordPress plugins.

The number one best WordPress plugins help you manage social media marketing and promote your products easily. A WordPress plugin is an application or a piece of code that you can add to your WordPress blog. It adds a new function to your site or expands the functionality. WordPress works on its own. However, you can make it do what you need it to do with plugins: share cool digital products online with your friends. With the Facebook plugins for WordPress, you instantly share Facebook photos, videos, and other multimedia with your social media networks.

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The best WordPress plugins for SEO are also among the most popular. These plugins help you optimize your content for search engines so that your website shows up favorably when people are searching for the types of content you’re offering. Popular keywords and SEO keywords are essential factors in getting found in organic searches. Search engines love unique content, and they love websites with fresh content – that’s what the best WordPress plugins for SEO will provide you.

Dig-out More About The Best WordPress Plugins

The best WordPress plugins to use for an eCommerce site are no different from the best WordPress plugins for any other type of site – they all add functionality and SEO power and increase your traffic. One such excellent WordPress plugin for eCommerce is wso pro. This plugin makes your shopping cart easier to use and can be used with any plugins for SEO or other SEO strategies. With this plugin, you’ll be able to accept credit cards online, and you’ll be able to set up a shipping label to keep your customers’ shipping costs down.

best WordPress plugins

In addition to allowing you to accept credit cards online, you may want to consider taking a few other SEO steps to promote yourself. One excellent WordPress plugin for SEO is wp-dashboard, which lets you customize your login page and even change the colors! You have complete control over the colors, graphics, fonts, and graphics on your login page. The best WordPress plugins for SEO mean you get to customize it how you need it.

Three other WordPress plugins are among the top ones around, and these are also great if you’re involved in an industry or business that gets a lot of foot traffic. Yoast SEO Premium, which has been downloaded over six million times and has a full database of over one hundred and sixty keywords. Yoast SEO Free, which has over eleven million active users, provides a great search engine optimization tool for anyone who needs it. And finally, Yoast SEO Advanced, which has been downloaded over seven million times, provides more detailed information about each keyword.

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With the best WordPress plugins, you’ll be able to manage your eCommerce store easily. For example, there is a popular gallery plugin called Bandit Gallery, which provides a way to manage your products and your blog. When using a gallery plugin, users can browse by category, create a search filter, and much more. The best WordPress plugins for eCommerce websites will allow you to manage your products and add new products easily. The best plugins will enable you to create and manage your inventory quickly.

One of the best WordPress plugins out there is also one of the most popular WordPress plugins, and that’s the super socializer. The super socializer plugin manages multiple social networking accounts in one place. This single plugin makes it easy for website visitors to connect with their friends and coworkers across various social networking sites. As you can probably imagine, if you manage multiple social accounts for your business, then it’s time to invest in one of the best WordPress plugins out there, like the super socializer.

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Kosher cell phone – your cell phone




Kosher cell phone

The ​kosher cell phone​ is one of the most common means of communication among the religious and ultra-Orthodox population. Using a kosher cell phone, the Chief Rabbinate can be stamped and speak or send messages without any concern. Before buying, it is important to compare the prices of Pelephone as a kosher Zap and accordingly choose a new kosher Pelephone

What is a kosher cell phone?

A kosher cell phone is a cell phone with a kosher stamp on behalf of the rabbinate. A new kosher cell phone, whether it is a cheap kosher cell phone or a kosher protected cell phone, can be used safely without fear that the phone is not kosher. The kosher cell phone Zap can be found through Zap, where there are types of kosher cell phones in a variety of different stores and at different prices. For example, you can find a kosher protected cell phone or a cheap kosher cell phone depending on your budget. In addition, you will find a new kosher cell phone without apps and the Internet, as well as smart kosher cell phones that include apps and the Internet

Where can I find a kosher cell phone?

You can find a new kosher cell phone in the various cellular stores scattered throughout the country. You can find kosher smartphones, or non-kosher smartphones depending on your personal needs. You can find non-smart kosher phones at lower prices due to lack of apps and the internet. The importance of a kosher cell phone for the religious and ultra-Orthodox sector Kosher cell phones are the most sought-after cell phones in the religious and ultra-Orthodox sector. They can be found in the various cellular stores and in smart and advanced models. The cell phones bear an approved rabbinical stamp on the back of the device, which gives them safe use without any worries or worries. The various kosher cell phones meet the most stringent standard and have been carefully filtered before being brought for sale in the store. They are suitable for all ages and you can call, send messages and even use WhatsApp

Kosher cell phone – is there such a thing?

Kosher cell phones are the most popular cell phones among the religious and ultra-Orthodox audience. Thanks to these cell phones, you can talk, send messages, use email and other applications that exist in advanced smart devices. Most smartphones are consumed by the religious and ultra-Orthodox audience and are completely kosher and include a stamp behind the device as required. Beyond that, they include a wide range of important applications in daily life whether it is email, navigation, banks, government institutions and more

Who is a kosher cell phone suitable for?

Kosher cell phones are suitable for the religious and ultra-Orthodox sector as well as for people who keep traditions. The phones have the rabbinical kosher stamp behind the phone and there is no fear of using them in everyday life. The kosher phones include kosher smartphones and advanced kosher as well as kosher phones without internet and apps but only phone calls and SMS messages. These phones are more suitable for the elderly .population who do not use smartphones anyway and are cheaper than smartphones

What is the difference between kosher and non-kosher phones?

The ​kosher phones​ have been carefully filtered before being manufactured and sold in the cellular stores and they include the kosher stamp that can be found on the back of the device. In contrast, the non-kosher devices contain non-kosher applications, the Internet and more, the use of which is not suitable for the religious and ultra-Orthodox population, but rather for the secular due to the high exposure to their content. This situation can lead to a deviation of the owners of the device to a world that is not suitable and right for them, which is the secular world. Therefore, in order to prevent these temptations, it is important that the phone you purchase has a kosher rabbinical stamp approved in accordance with the law

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