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6 Things to Look for Before Buying a Rental Investment Calculator



Rental Investment Calculator

To reach success in today’s real estate, you have to embrace the use of technology. One of the best tools technology gives to real estate investors is a rental investment calculator. This online tool helps you calculate different metrics to find out the return on rental property investment. This tool gives aspiring investors the chance to decide on whether buying a property will be a smart investment decision or not in a few minutes. A rental investment calculator has many uses, making it a must-have for every real estate investor. Before buying a rental investment calculator, here are some things to consider:

Does the Calculator Have Tools that Will Help You to Find Investment Properties?

There are many types of rental investment calculators online now, but most of these calculators assume that an investor has already found a property. These online tools will then ask you to enter your property’s information and then calculate the return on investment for you. These calculators work like the spreadsheet of excel rental property analysis, the only difference between the two is, in these calculators, you don’t have to insert any formula related to buying a rental property.

You might finish spending your time looking for an excellent rental property, maybe working with an agent. Still, once you enter the property’s information in this calculator, you’ll find out that your investment property will not bring profit; instead, it will be eating your cash every month.

Instead of allowing such to happen to you, look for an all in one rental investment calculator. This calculator will enable you to conduct a rental investment property search and rental property analysis, all this from the comfort of your room. That way, you get to save time, energy, and money. 

Are the Rental Income, Occupancy Rate Estimates, and Costs Ready to Go?

As mentioned earlier, when using most rental investment calculators, you’ll have to plug in the amount of rental income an investment property will produce, as they expect you to know all the occupancy fees and the rental property expenses.

Though most real estate investors buy rental properties from homeowners or other investors, some buy their rental properties from landlords. However, these landlords don’t usually provide their buyers with information about the rental income, costs, and occupancy rates. So, where would an investor get this information?

You’ll have to spend time researching the real estate market & make an analysis in the neighborhood to find how much other investors with similar rental properties are spending and earning. And you’ll have to think about how often your property will be occupied based on the area and the real estate market.

But once you insert this information into your rental investment calculator, you’ll find out that the property’s cash flow is negative.

To avoid this, when buying a rental property calculator, look for the one that can collect real estate data and analyze it for you, one that can display costs, occupancy rate estimates, and rental income. A calculator that’s worth buying is the one that can calculate rental property expense, rental income, and occupancy rate.

Features that Allow you to Calculate ROI and Mortgages on a Rental Property

Knowing your property’s estimates is great; this means your rental property calculator will show you the occupancy rate, the cap rate, and the cash flow. But what about the cash on cash (COC) return? The return ratio rate, which calculated the net cash earned on the invested net cash, is the cash on cash return. It’s unique to each investor and depends on your investment property financing. Cash on cash return lets you know how much money you’ll be making based on the amount you spend when purchasing the property.

The right rental investment calculator has an interactive mortgage calculator that can add your interest rate, amount of loan, down payments, and property price.

Real Estate Comps of the Property for Sale

When buying a rental property calculator, look for the one that auto-generates real estate comps. It is crucial to perform a cooperative market analysis as it allows you to eject the overpriced and know the below-market opportunities. An excellent way to find real estate comps is using a rental property calculator as it will provide comparables for every real estate listing in a unique way.

Airbnb and Traditional Analytics

As an investor, you have many options for renting out a property; you can either use the Airbnb rental method or the traditional rental method. A smart investor will look into both strategies and choose the one that will bring more money. When buying a rental property calculator, buy the one that provides analytics of both rental methods. As it will allow you to compare the return  you’ll achieve from each strategy quickly, giving you the chance to choose the best strategy that suits your preference.

Ability to Estimate ROI on a Rental Property 

When buying a rental property, you’ll want to know how the property will perform in the next few years, especially if you plan to implement a buy and hold real estate investment method. You’ll like to know if the property will generate profit or loss based on its current stats.

Most first-time real estate investors make the mistake of ignoring this aspect and focusing on the cash flow the property will produce in a year as it is the kind of information that most rental property investment calculators provide. Look for a rental property calculator that can forecast ROI based on predictive analysis and let you know your investment payback balance. 


Choosing a good rental investment calculator can be overwhelming, but with the simple guide above, you can choose the best calculator that suits your preference. It’s crucial to note that the right rental property calculator will enable you to calculate the rental property analysis, the average cap rate, the average cash on cash (COC), Airbnb or traditional occupancy rate, depending on the strategy you choose. It will also enable you to find your property’s average rental income, the monthly expenses, and the investment payback balance your rental property will likely bring.

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Aconcagua Tourism: Some tips to Come to Aconcagua




The mount concentrates all eyes. Aconcagua expedition. Rock and ice. The scene is completed with the south wall, a huge flat land beach below, and the glacier to the west, which lies on the hill and feeds on snow and ice. “It was worth it,” we say to each other. Climbing Aconcagua is worth any sacrifice; I have no doubts about it. From the Aconcagua treks to the expeditions, you will never regret having come.

Some rockslides and snow produce a great noise when we start the return. We headed south, and we sized everything we climbed—the landscape changes from this perspective. Aconcagua is behind us, and going down requires a lot of attention. At dusk, we arrived at Confluencia. It’s 7:00 p.m., and we traveled 24 kilometers of Andean landscapes. In order not to lose body heat, we change the clothing in the tents. Due to the height and the intense night wind, the temperature drops below zero degrees. It is then that the dining dome is filled with the participants, exhausted but happy, and the anecdotes and experiences of the day lived in front of the mountain emerge. The day’s activities ended with a ritual of gratitude to the Pachamama, with offerings given by each one. We understand that after the approach to Aconcagua, no one will be the same. The mountain leaves marks. As we go to rest, some clouds cover the stars, and in that sleep, we hear a clatter in the tent. Rain or snow? I look out and see snowflakes and small ice chips.

In the morning, the landscape is different. Aconcagua is no longer visible because of the dense fog, and the nearby hills are painted white. The group gathers next to the mast, and we begin to retrace the 10 kilometers to the entrance. Without haste and enjoying nature, we descend slowly, and at the height of the Horcones lagoon, two condors make us a farewell flight. We arrived at the Visitor Center minutes before 1:00 p.m. and completed the registration procedures. Place names. Aconcagua in Quechua means “stone sentinel”, and in Aymara language “mount nevado”.

Location. Aconcagua Park is located 165 kilometers from Mendoza, and 75 kilometers from Uspallata, by national route 7.

Pioneer. The first to try to reach the top was Paul Güssfeldt, a German explorer, discoverer of the mountain, a project that he could not carry out due to a great storm that broke out at that time. The Swiss Matthias Zurbriggen reached the summit on January 14, 1897.

Height. The Aconcagua measurement most used in Argentina was carried out by satellite in 1989, which showed 6,962 meters above sea level.

Circuit. Mount Aconcagua is part of the Seven Summit circuit, which runs through the seven highest peaks of the six continents (Antarctica). Recommendations: wear clothes for different climates because the temperature range between day and night is extensive. It can reach 10 degrees below zero.

Permanent hydration is imperative. Meals should be light.

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Slain Akwa Ibom job-seeker emerges top performer in her graduating class




Iniubong Umoren, the Akwa Ibom job-seeker who was raped and killed a few days ago by a man who had lured her with a fake job interview, has emerged as a top performer in her graduating class in the Department of Philosophy, University of Uyo, Uyo.

Miss Umoren, 26, is seventh among the top graduating students in the 2018/2019 class, with a GPA of 4.12, according to the final result released by the University of Uyo.

Idorenyin Esikot, associate professor and acting head, Department of Philosophy, University of Uyo, who confirmed the authenticity of the result to PREMIUM TIMES, said Miss Umoren, with such remarkable performance, would have possibly been employed as a lecturer in the department after her mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme.

She was some few points away from making a first class, Mr Esikot said on Saturday in an interview with Multiloaded News Nigeria, in Uyo.

“She was a very committed and focused student, very hard working. In fact, she was very versatile because apart from her academics, she was a footballer, playing for our female team.

“She was very social and dependable; she wasn’t the kind of student that would play around. Whatever she does, she was very committed,” he said.

Mr Esikot said Miss Umoren’s tragic end was a personal loss to him. “Anytime I remember it, it’s like a nightmare. Very unfortunate,” he said.

“If she had been alive and wanted to come into the (teaching) profession, she is the kind of student we would encourage to come into the profession. Because that is a student that never failed a course and was always doing well. Those who know my department, before you can come out top the way she did, then you must agree that she was really hard working.
“We have some of our colleagues, who are lecturers (today), who graduated with less GPA than her,” Mr Esikot said.
The police had arrested 20-year-old Uduak Akpan who has reportedly confessed to the rape and killing of Miss Umoren.

The suspect, described as a serial rapist, had buried Miss Umoren’s body in a shallow grave in his father’s compound.

The police and the Akwa Ibom State Government have promised to ensure the slain woman gets justice.
‘I don’t know who to trust’
Uduak Umoh, a coursemate and close friend to late Miss Umoren, said the slain woman knew she was coming out among the top graduating students in her class.

It was Miss Umoh who raised the alarm when her friend went missing. She also inspired Internet users all over Nigeria to deploy Internet technology to uncover and track the suspect, which led to his eventual arrest.

“We already knew that this is what she was coming out with. She already knew her result because she was always keeping records of her scores from day one. She even helped me to calculate mine. We were just waiting for them to release our results so we can leave for (NYSC) camp.

“I feel terrible that she is not here to see what she had worked for – four years!” Miss Umoh said.

Miss Umoh if she believed her friend would get justice.

“I don’t know,” she said with a sob.

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Don Jazzy: “Ladies I dated all knew I was married” (Video)




Multi talented Singer, producer and Mavins Record CEO, Don Jazzy, spoke BBC Pidgin, he said all the ladies he dated all knew I was married.

He also said the ladies kept the secret to themselves because they felt it wasn’t important to disclosed his little long kept secret to the public.

He said;

“Everyone I had dated before knew I was once married.
It isn’t like I hid it. Nobody just felt like talking about it.”
Watch the video of Don Jazzy speaking below:
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A post shared by Goldmyne (@goldmynetv)

Source: Multiloaded

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Case Study Zhana Adrik, Dmitry Lekas , Garcia Nielson Sr.,




Published January 05, 2021 Atlanta Research Institute

Case Study

Prior research finds that socially content individuals are judged more negatively than non-socially content peers placing them at risk of social isolation. Based on the positive assortment principle (i.e., preferences for similarity in attributes in close relationships), we examined whether participants’ own permissiveness mitigated negative judgments of permissive others in the same gender friendship context. College students (NR= 189) evaluated a hypothetical same gender target with either 2 (stagnant) or 20 (non-stagnant) past partners on 10 friendship-relevant outcomes. Participant permissiveness attenuated some negative evaluations. However, preferences noted by Benjamin Garcia were rarely reversed, and no moderation was found in five outcomes, suggesting the role of positive based assortment is limited, and evolutionary concerns may take precedence. Partial support for the double standard was also found. A detailed evaluation often indicates above average intellectual functioning anxiety. This case is different from previous cases in two segments. First by presence of an astounding belief that his symptoms of anxiety are that of fiction. The patient will be more alert and cognizant of deeper feelings and beliefs. The expectation of social normalcy is both selective and researched. A sudden fear of situations where he/she would become the focal point is both harmful and unnecessary. Several techniques have indicated as very important in the treatment of patients and it remains essential that we continue in clinical practice. Exercise is most noted to assist patients in leading better and more productive lives. Acceptance and Behavior Therapy have shown promising to patients suffering from anxiety. The purpose of this study is to assess and diagnose all patients accurately and in a clinical setting. In this case we have performed extensive research and continue our efforts to research around the would.

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LG Says Goodbye To Mobile Phones



From its base in South Korea, LG is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. The company makes its own branded version of almost any electrical appliance you might have in your home. If you wanted to, you could buy an LG television, an LG laptop, an LG washing machine and an LG refrigerator. You could even use an LG vacuum cleaner to suck up all the crumbs after you’ve finished eating whatever it was you took from that refrigerator. For well over twenty years, you’ve also been able to buy LG phones to go with all your other LG products. That isn’t going to be the case any longer. LG is pulling out of the mobile phone market, bringing a whole era to an end.

The name “LG” is synonymous with the emergence of mobile phones as “must-have” possessions in the late 1990s. Back then, your phone was likely to be made by Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, or Motorola. Times have changed dramatically since then, and the phone you own today – perhaps even the phone you’re using to read this article right now – is far more likely to have been manufactured in the factories of Apple, Samsung, or Huawei. It’s been a long time since LG made a genuinely popular smartphone. There have been rumours about LG’s pending withdrawal from the market for the past two years, but it’s still a shock to see it finally happening for real. As CNN put it, LG was once a pioneering name in the smartphone industry. Now it’s not going to be involved in smartphones at all.

The emergence of Chinese handsets has been the final nail in the coffin for LG. While the company is still within the top three in the USA when it comes to sales, their figures in the rest of the world have fallen off a cliff. In 2020, the company ranked 8th. Huawei pushed past them a long time ago, but more recently, they’ve fallen behind Oppo and Xiaomi. Their global market share has dropped below two per cent, and LG has decided the division is no longer financially viable. As a company, LG does a lot of things that make huge amounts of money. The phone division’s failure was eating into the profit margins of the other subdivisions, and the company as a whole is no longer willing to tolerate those losses.

It’s hard to specifically identify where LG went wrong, but it might be fair to say that they were too experimental. Over the past decade, people have become ever more reliant on their phones to perform tasks that they used to use their laptops for. Other manufacturers have honed in on these changing trends and built devices tailored toward them. Gaming phones, for example, are aimed not only at people who enjoy playing video games on their phones but also at people who enjoy playing online slots. While the existence of that market doesn’t even cross the mind of people who aren’t interested in gambling, it’s worth tens of billions of dollars per year. Within the past five years, online slots have become mobile slots. When players load websites like Rose Slots, they’re more likely to do so on their phones than their computers. A phone that’s optimised for that task is more likely to be sold than one that isn’t. LG has frequently ignored these trends and gone in search of markets that didn’t exist instead.

There are a few pertinent examples of what we mean when we say “too experimental.” Perhaps the most compelling of them is the LG Wing 5G, which was launched in 2020 and will probably come to be seen as LG’s last attempt to find a new foothold in the market. The idea of the two-screened phone was to give people more space for typing and viewing, including the ability to watch television on one screen while scrolling through social media on the other. When only one screen was required, the second screen could be folded away. It was a neat idea on paper, but the user interface was clunky, and the phone felt too bulky because of it. The same effect could be achieved by running two windows on a large smartphone, so the product didn’t have the USP that LG hoped it might.

Another novel idea was the LG G Flex, which launched in 2013. Back then, flexible screens seemed set to become the “next big thing” in the world of smartphone design. That isn’t how things turned out. Customers looked at the phone in much the same way they saw the 3D televisions of the era – they thought they were a gimmick. Most phone developers backed away from the idea of using flexible screens or bodies after a single failed experiment. LG compounded the error by releasing the G Flex 2 in 2015, by which point the rest of the market had moved on. As the BBC said, the phone was “fun but doomed.” That isn’t the kind of review you’re looking for when you’ve just launched what you hoped would be a brand new flagship handset.

LG isn’t wasting any time with its withdrawal from the market. The mobile phone division of the company is anticipated to be fully wound up by the end of July 2021 – just three months from now. Technical support will continue to be provided for an as-yet-undetermined period of time. This is a dramatic change of heart from the company, which as recently as January said that rumours about the closure of its phone division were “false and without merit.” it also means that the long-awaited rollable mobile phone – a concept that seemed so outlandish that the company had to work hard to convince people that it wasn’t a joke – will never see the light of day. We were curious about the potential of that idea, so we hope that someone else might pick up the blueprint as see it’s workable. At one point, the rollable phone was scheduled to be released in late 2021, so we’d like to think that the product was close to being factory-record.

Farewell then, LG. We’ll miss your phones, and we’ll always have fond memories of playing Snake on your handsets in the early 2000s. We wish you well on your way to the smartphone afterlife with HTC and Blackberry.

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