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6 Steps to Take If You Are Accused of Shoplifting



6 Steps to Take If You Are Accused of Shoplifting

In 2019 alone, retail stores lost about $61.7 billion as a result of what the industry calls “shrinkage.” Most of this loss is the result of theft and shoplifting. With so much money on the line, it’s no wonder that store owners and managers are on the lookout for possible shoplifting activities each day.

Though their watchfulness can help keep more of their inventory from disappearing, it can lead to an increase in shoplifting accusations that may or may not be accurate.

If you’re accused of shoplifting from a store, you need to know what to do to protect yourself. Here are a few key steps that you’ll want to follow as soon as an employee calls you out.

1. Stay Calm

When you’re accused of wrongdoing, the immediate knee-jerk reaction is to get angry and to argue your case as soon as the accusation gets made. Unfortunately, this can make things worse, and making a scene often escalates the situation and gets the police involved.

Instead, stay calm. If you’re worried about your temper, don’t offer any information other than your name. Stay quiet and be as respectful as you can given the situation.

Remember, the people in the store are just doing their jobs. They’re likely not out to get you.

2. Stay Put

It’s tempting to walk away from the store especially if you’re innocent. But doing so can end up getting you in more trouble in the long run.

Instead of leaving the scene or walking away from store security, wait. By being willing to stay and interact with security, you make yourself look less guilty of shoplifting. Even better, security may assess the situation and be able to find a resolution if you’re still in the store.

If those security guards detain you in a way that you feel violates your rights, you can contest their actions in court should your case go to trial.

3. Be Understanding

When you’re accused of doing something, it’s easy to get defensive and angry. But letting your temper get the best of you can end up making the situation worse. Instead, remember that the store is doing what it can to protect the business.

This means they can and will make mistakes. Try to remember where they’re coming from and stay calm when they start questioning your actions.

If you bought the item somewhere else and had it with you in the store, show them the receipt for your recent purchase. If you’re confused about why they’re accusing you of something you didn’t do, ask them to explain the situation.

You may be able to correct their assumptions by simply asking them to explain what they thought they saw. But you can only do this if you try to put yourself in their shoes and view the situation from their perspective.

4. Don’t Say Anything to Imply That You’re Guilty

Just because you have the right to explain your actions doesn’t mean that you have to. And in some cases, doing so can end up making the situation much worse.

Why? Because it’s easy to say the wrong thing and accidentally imply that you’re guilty even when you’re innocent. This can make matters difficult if you try to defend yourself against the shoplifting charge.

Instead, pay attention to the way the store’s employees are acting. If they’re continuing to accuse you of shoplifting, stop trying to explain your innocence.

Instead, turn the tables on their questioning. Ask the store manager or their security team to explain why they think you were shoplifting.  

If they can’t justify their charges or simply noticed that you were holding the item while you were in the store, they have nothing to back up the allegations. This can be enough to get them to back down.

If they keep pushing and insisting that you stole something from their store, just be quiet and wait for the police to arrive. When they do, let them know that you’d like to consult with your attorney before you explain your actions further.

5. Refuse to Sign Anything

Some stores and store managers may ask you to sign a written agreement that you won’t come back into the store again as a result of the shoplifting accusation. You don’t have to sign anything, and you shouldn’t.

Signing that agreement is the same as effectively admitting guilt.

If they insist that you sign a document, tell them that you won’t sign anything until your attorney reviews the agreement.

6. Contact a Shoplifting Defense Lawyer

The most important thing you can do when you’re accused of shoplifting is to contact a defense lawyer to represent your case. This shoplifting attorney should have experience working on cases like yours and will be able to review the accusations against you, fast.

If it’s clear that you didn’t steal anything, they’ll likely be able to get the charges against you dismissed. If you did steal something, either accidentally or intentionally, they’ll do what they can to reduce the severity of the charges you’re facing.

Even better, they’ll be able to represent you in court should your case go before a judge. When you have a legal professional on your side, you’ll be better equipped to mount a theft defense.

Shoplifting Is a Serious Allegation

Shoplifting may not seem like a serious crime, but it can disrupt your life. If you’re accused of shoplifting anything, whether it’s a small-value item or an expensive piece of equipment, follow these steps.

As long as you remember to be calm, avoid admitting fault, and contact an attorney as soon as you can, you’ll be in good shape.

If you do end up dealing with a complicated court case regarding your alleged shoplifting, don’t panic. Check out our latest posts for more tips to help you navigate the legal process with confidence.

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What Things Should I Keep in Mind While Choosing an Elo Boosting Company?



League of Legends – the famous multiplayer online game was launched in 2009 by Riot Games, and the game got famous in no time due to its extensive graphics and techniques used to wipe out your rivals before they begin to demolish you. It’s a dream of every player to grow in this game fastly. But honestly speaking, it’s not that easy to move up the ladder in the game. To thrive in the game and access different weapons, you should consider availing yourself of good Elo boosting services. These services will help you to achieve the desired tier. This Elo Boost Guide will help you out in doing so.

Here is the list of recommendations:

#1. High Reputation

The main thing to consider about the company is its reputation. Don’t forget to look for the reviews about the company. It will give you an idea about other customer’s experiences with that company. If you find its good name in the industry, only then go for it.

#2. Privacy

The second best thing you should look for is the offline mood provided by the Elo boosting company. This mood will ensure that the other people will not be aware of your rank-boosting so that you may enjoy boasting about your high ranking in the game.

#3. Professional and Talented Players

If you consider all other factors but don’t this one, youll surely end up wasting your time, energy and most importantly, your valuable money. Look for the company that doesn’t hide their professional players to know about the players by seeing their profile. Check the skill, speed levels, and other things of the player. An excellent professional player not only boosts your ranking but also gives you some tips to improve your skills and clarify all your ambiguities if any.

#4. Price of Services

Always look for such a company that offers services at reasonable cheap prices. So you should ensure that the rate is fair for what you get.

#5. Accomplishment Time

When talking about LOL boosting, quick fulfillment time is also a crucial point to consider. Choose a company that provides services in less time. A promising company hires only professional players, ensure providing prime priority to an order of their clients to get it fulfilled as soon as possible. A company like Elo Boost 24, which hires only talented, challengers, and master players, ensures that you dont have to encounter any obstacle with accomplishing your orders shortly.

#6. Customer Support Services

Guidance and support provided by any company is a very vital element. Always look for an Elo boosting company that provides 24/7 help to its customers so that you can contact it anytime when something went wrong or have any queries to ask.

#7. Guaranteed Security

The details of your accounts are a private thing, and no one of you would like to leak them out. Look for an Elo boosting company that guarantees that their professional players only use encrypted VPNs to ensure the security of your account.


No doubt, finding a good Elo boosting company is not that simple, but hopefully, you would find this Elo Boost Guide helpful in this context. If you are now looking for a company having all the attributes mentioned early, then you should try Elo Boost 24 once. Contact here to enjoy excellent services!

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5 Picture Framing Tips to Make Your Art Stand Out



The right frame can enhance great art or your favorite photograph. You’ll be amazed at how it can transform a room. So if you are looking to redecorate your home, consider incorporating framed art. 

New to choosing frames? That’s okay!

Check out these framing tips to help you get inspired!

1. Customize the Frame, Not the Picture

If you have a photo or a piece of art you love, don’t cut it to fit a frame. This is one of the most important framing tips for beginners – focus on the art first and frame second.

If the art isn’t a standard size or shape – don’t worry! Instead, contact a custom frame store and give them the shape and dimensions you’re looking for. 

2. Choose Color Carefully

Before you frame and mount your art, look carefully at your wall color. Make sure that the colors in the art aren’t too close to the wall color. You want the art to stand out.

Other basic framing tips include using a mat board to separate the art from the wall color. Check out this 14×14 mat board and choose from a large selection of colors.

If you have neutral-colored walls, you can use a colored frame to make a statement in the room. However, don’t shy away from bright colors if they work well with the art.

If you want more tips for framing pictures with a mat board, look at examples online or test what it might look like by using colored pieces of paper behind the art.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Asymmetry

You might see framing tips and tricks that suggest simplicity and standard geometric patterns if that’s the style you like, great!

But asymmetry is becoming more common in home decor as an interesting aesthetic to add flair and fun to your space. You can also play with the size, texture, and materials of your frames. Organized chaos is fun for a living room, dining room, or home office.

4. Framing for Protection 

We all think of frames as a way to display art, but they are also important for protection. A sturdy frame can protect your art or photo from moisture or dust. 

5. Create a Mock-Up Layout

Before you start mounting multiple pieces of art, consider creating a mock-up first. You can use a computer program or sketch it out on paper. How many frames do you want to use, and how do you want them organized?

Framing Tips for Success

Ready to start framing? With these framing artwork tips, you’ll feel more confident when it comes to shopping and mounting art.

Your style is unique, and your home should reflect that. So pick pieces of art and frames that speak to you. And don’t forget these framing tips in the process!

Looking for a place to get home, lifestyle, travel tips, and more? Check out all of our other great content online. 

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Make Friends with Jokes



In present times when there are restlessness and tense atmosphere around the world. Everyone is depressed and melancholic due to various reasons either it is family issues, personal life problems, or worldly pandemics like COVID-19.  Jokes are the best way to make the environment pleasant and joyful for peoples.

Jokes Buzz provides a platform from where you can read Hilarious Jokes and share it with your friends and family or other people you know and want them to laugh.

You will never be alone:-

People more prefer or like the persons with a sense of humor because those persons are friendlier and entertaining as compared to ones with serious personality or nature. People perceive them as they are rude or have high attitude. For this purpose, Jokes Buzz provides you the hilarious jokes so that you will never be alone and unhappy.

Be someone’s smile:-

Jokes are the best thing you have to bring the smile on someone’s face. It is very relaxing and pleasant when you saw anyone sad or stressed and you crack a hilarious joke that made other person laugh. That person will surely become your friend if you make him or her happy in difficult times.

Different kind of hilarious jokes:-

Jokes Buzz is providing different kind of hilarious jokes for making people laugh. There are people with various age groups so there should also specific jokes for kids, teenagers, adolescence and aged. This site offers various types of jokes for different age groups.

Is it necessary to post different jokes?

Yes, it is necessary because kids only understand the jokes that are related with them. Also you cannot crack an adult joke with children; sometimes adults also don’t like these kinds of jokes so you better to be aware of this.

Purpose of jokes:-

The main purpose of jokes is to feel happy or to make others laugh. People mostly crack lame jokes for avoiding critical conditions or for overcoming their stress. The hilarious jokes can only cracked at certain spots not everywhere you want.

Jokes that people like:-

Today in our society one liner jokes are more preferred ones. There are many comedians and night clubs that use one liner jokes to make people laugh loud. These jokes are indeed one liner but are hilarious ones. Hilarious jokes are an immense means to relieve apprehension and agonize, to disperse a deviation or spot out a little that is contradictory with the norms. There is something concerning a quality joke that can alter insight without even meaning too, and the hilarious jokes are definite to be around for years to appear.

Final verdicts:-

There are many jokes that have history behind, jokes are not something new it has history of ages and the same jokes are still popular and funny after so many years. These things are the proof that people in past were also use hilarious jokes in free times or at certain occasions.

There is no healthier employ of communication then to convey thoughtful and amuse to the day, and they can assist people to tie as one and be familiar with each other.

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Bitcoin and Android: Everything you should know



‌bitcoin‌ ‌breakout

In the digital era in which we live, it appears that you can do almost everything on your phone; the smartphone has become an inalienable part of our everyday life, from products to lunch orders, learning skills, and making payments. As usual, our Android phones would also use stocks, stocks, stock, and Bitcoin. Therefore, it is only logical that we all use Android. Here, we will look at several aspects you should know when investing in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies using Android smartphones. Visit this article to know the reasons behind Bitcoin price crash,.

Many Possibilities

Since all of us know Android apps, it is easier to invest using Android apps in Bitcoin. Another significant benefit to investing in Bitcoin with Android apps is that since there’s a long time around Android, you can download and use several investment cryptocurrency apps depending upon your needs. You can choose an app according to your investment aims and the crystal currency you want to invest in, depending on your options. Although some crypto-exchanges have apps that cater primarily to Bitcoin investors, many more allow users to purchase and sell a range of other crypto-currencies.

Security and Rules

Also, for many crypt trading services, android is the recommended platform, which makes customers more secure while trading Bitcoin. In addition, some of the top Android crypto-trading apps have a strong relationship with the U.S. and other regulators. You may be confident that they follow the rules of the U.S. and other countries in which apps are available because they are registered in regulatory bodies like FinCEN. Many of the most advanced crypto-trading apps also have the latest security features, like 2FA and numerous security capabilities.

Another reason people prefer to trade Android devices with Bitcoin is that it’s much easier to utilize. For example, you first have to install iTunes by setting up an account if you want to copy files or data on your iPhone, and then only then can you move a file to your P.C. and only media files. With Android devices, it mounts easily as an external drive, where files and folders holding information about your crypto investments may be dragged and dropped.

Since there are indeed no two Android applications alike and no exception to crypto apps, therefore, you may choose trusted and recognized businesses like, for example, Bitcoin Era and start your trading journey with Bitcoin.

What does Android Bitcoin wallet mean?

Bitcoin wallet consists of two main varieties, the first is hot, and the other is cold. Hot wallets are Bitcoin wallets that have a web or cloud-based accessibility and compatibility. You may store bitcoins, make transactions, and send or receive Bitcoins from the start of your android phone with Bitcoin wallet modules. But the great bitcoin wallets also allow you to trade bitcoins in fiat and other virtual currencies.

The Hot and Cold Bitcoin wallets, what is the most significant difference?

Bitcoin wallets are two categories, hot wallets, and cold wallets, as explained before. Hot wallets are mainly known as bitcoin wallets connected to the internet. Tons of web services are applied to Android devices, which demonstrate the concept of hot wallets. On the other hand, cold wallets are deprived of any web services in contrast to hot wallets. Therefore, the Android device you plan to invest in Bitcoin wallets is either a hot or cold wallet.

The cold wallets are incredibly safe, and the hot wallets provide hackers and thieving elements little chance to target the bitcoin wallet application. The fundamental reason for this is that web services, like the dark web, the silk path, etc., have various stealing characteristics. It is possible to transform the android device into the cold wallet for a complete process. Keep in mind that the android device you have converted to a cold wallet is just a bitcoin wallet.

As tones of bitcoin wallets are currently on the ground, the bitcoin wallet sector is prone to significant instability. However, competent analysts and researchers have proposed some advice and methods to back up this experience that may help you select a good bitcoin wallet, so let’s get began without wasting further charges.

Monitor the Safety Level

Security for the Bitcoin wallet is one of the essential characteristics and criteria. Unfortunately, there’s a large and flawed bitcoin wallet forum on the market that claims to offer you the finest in class, but only a few of them are worth your funds. The safety of the bitcoin wallet is shown in the scope of multi-signature rendered by the forum, whether web- or device-based.

Multi-signatures are essentially the permission number required by a bitcoin wallet for a bitcoin transaction. The multi-signature contains mainly facial identification, passcode, secret keys, and biometrics. Be careful not to forget the password button, and make sure that you replicate a private key offline to meet the safety purposes of the bitcoin wallet.

Ending Note

In recent months, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been more popular due to their sky-rockets and a few significant supports. While there are no rules to secure income, people have not ceased investing in Bitcoin. Actually, during the last several years, the number of Bitcoin investors has increased because it provides a secure investment using blockchain technology.

You should use a trustworthy Android platform like the App if you want to take action. The website facilitates Bitcoin reporting for novices and experienced investors to make a more educated decision.

A thorough examination and access to complex AI-driven data are the most dependable alternatives available when dealing with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the Bitcoin Era app.

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Refurbishing interiors with LED pot-lights




Recessed Lighting in North Wilmington, DE by Electrical Solutions

Every indoor space requires a lighting source. It is essential as each area is fit for certain tasks and it is necessary to provide a source to facilitate that process or adjunct processes. At this point it has become a statement more than a usual need. Interiors of any space, residential or commercial have certain tasks to pertain to. For example, homes depict personal style while cafes must have a warm inviting ambiance. It’s subjective and requires depth and detail which is luckily now achievable with innovative LED light fixtures. 

LED pot lights are modern-day fixtures that add a subtle and unique value to any room. They are now popularly of use in all indoor spaces and most lighting architects suggest recessed lights for renovating any old spaces. 

What are LED pot lights? 

LED pot lights are tiny light fixtures that have three main components. The function of these lights is quite dependable on these parts. It contains a housing, an LED bulb, and a trim.


The housing is the basic structure that holds all the components in place. It sits inside the ceiling and requires space above the ceiling for efficient function. The housings of recessed lights are IC rated and NON-IC rated. There are different designs for different ceiling types which make them easier to install in various spaces. The housings are both for new construction ceilings and remodeled ceilings. 


The trim of the fixture is available in various designs. It directs the light out of the fixture by controlling the amount of light coming from the bulb. the trim adjusts beam angle and is rotatable in most cases. Different types of popular trim designs are:

  • Open trim, baffle trim
  • Gimbal trim, eyeball trim 
  • Pin-hole trim, 
  • sloped ceiling trim
  • Wall Wash trim


The bulb in LED pot lights is LED. There are various designs of LED lamps available in the market. The design differs on the basis of the bulb’s shape, base, and length. The popular bulb types are MR, PAR, BR, etc. The reason why traditional lamps are no longer of use is due to their inefficient function and shorter life span. LED lamps have longer service life with different CCT options which are helpful for creating the desired ambiance. 

These light fixtures are highly customizable to get a better overview of their installation costs and benefits, check this link.

Planning a layout:

When it comes to interiors and using recessed lights the biggest challenge is getting even light across the room which is also optimally bright for visibility and ambiance. It is certainly achievable but by taking certain factors into account like: 

  • Dimension of the room i.e height of the ceiling, area of the room. 
  • A place for other light fixtures. 

Recessed light requires a cut out in the ceiling for the housing to fit inside therefore it is important to plan a layout prior to purchase and installation. These lights are fit for low ceiling areas or those with ceiling height around 20 feet. By determining the ceiling’s height it is easier to select the size of recessed lights and they are available in sizes 2-6 inches. 

The placement is also crucial so the light is evenly distributed, which is why the fixtures in a certain pattern, must be placed equidistant to each other. Mostly the distance is equivalent to the diameter of the housing. 

Once the layout is planned it is easier to select the appropriate trim design for different light layers and the trims of pot lights can create all three lighting layers which are: 

General lighting 

The purpose of each interior differs depending on whether it is residential or commercial but the basic lighting layer in all spaces is the general lighting layer. It must be bright and evenly distributed throughout the room. The general lighting is easily achievable through open trim, reflector trim and baffles trim. 

Task lighting

Task lighting is common within spaces that have task zones like kitchens, study rooms, or lounges. It is achievable by eyeball trim or pinhole trim. 

Accent lighting

Accent lighting basically creates the ambient layer and focuses on any important zone or piece within the room. It is quite important and adds an improvising touch. This layer is achievable by the use of wall wash trim, gimbal trim, eyeball trim, etc. 

Lastly, LED pot lights allow customization based on different moods one might want to achieve which is through selectable correlated color temperature and color rendering index. LEDs can produce warm yellow to cool white light which is measurable on a Kelvin scale ranging from 2500K to 6000K. While the CRI can be set around 80 or above as it enhances the appearance of the objects under direct light. 

Advantages of LED pot-lights 

Higher lumen output 

The efficiency of LED lighting fixtures is measurable by lumen output. It is a measure of the brightness of LED lamps, they require less energy and produce more lumens. This is a direct measure of the efficiency of LED lamps which is higher than traditional lamps. 

Directional lighting 

LED pot lights are excellent for directional lighting despite their subtle presence in the room. They allow adjusting the beam angle and amount of light leaving the fixture which makes them adequate for decorative lighting with or without an extra pair of fixtures.

Low maintenance 

LED light fixtures are quite low maintenance as they are safety-rated to last several years against different environmental or impairment factors. They are IP-rated to protect against dust, moisture, dirt, and fluctuating temperatures which are the key elements that destroy the functional life of any lamp or fixture. 

They require replacement once every few years and last a while which has a direct effect on the costs of their maintenance. 

Nowadays, subtle but beautiful lighting is the priority for any interior is it home, cafe, museum, gallery, shop, office, etc. Refurbishing is one process that is done with careful planning to achieve a certain layout for adequate function of the room or any interior. The initial investment is worth it because it is durable, efficient, and longer-lasting. 

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