6 SEO Tips to Improve Your Wix Website

6 SEO Tips to Improve Your Wix Website

Here at Wix, we think that many things in life ought to be easy. Using the free site builder for internet promotion, Wix has the tools and pointers that will assist you in reaching your goals on your own. The same is true for your search engine optimization. In case you had not heard, SEO is a marketing strategy that’s crucial for the business available online and can help attract more traffic to your site. 

Oftentimes, your organic visitors, meaning all of the traffic that comes from search engines and that’s not promoted, will be your main source of visitors. Unlike the expensive organic aisle in the market, this sort of traffic is wholly free. We all know SEO is a challenging topic. Being the avid Wix user that you’re, you probably already understand the fundamentals; you have checked out the Wiz (you have, right?) The one thing you are missing is these significant ideas that will allow you to boost your rank, obtain more traffic, and possibly more customers. 

  1. Try Wix SEO Wiz
  2. Use long-tail keywords
  3. Choose the right domain
  4. Write unique titles & descriptions
  5. Make it mobile-friendly
  6. Submit a sitemap

1 . Try Wix SEO Wiz

Wix has developed an intuitive and free tool that can help you improve your rank: Wix SEO Wiz. The Wiz is the magical personal assistant when it comes to SEO and will guide you every step of the way. You can easily find it on your Wix dashboard.

How does it work? When you have answered some basic questions and filling in your keywords, the Wiz offers you a tailored plan. This includes all the activities you need to take so as to rank higher on Google, Bing, and co. This awesome tool has allowed 67% of websites using the Wiz to look on Google’s first page. Emagine, how many new visitors and clients you could bring in — simply by using SEO tools by Wix. Google themselves said about the magic Wiz: “For the Wix users, this [Wix SEO Wiz] is a fairly cool experience because they can see their page in the search results instantly after they have created it. No waiting & no wondering period between’ Am I on search or not?’ Within seconds, they are on Google.” (Source)

2 . Use long-tail keywords

It sounds like a slimy amphibian, but don’t worry, we are just referring to keywords that contain more terms than ordinary. Okay, let’s rewind. For instance, if you’re the proud owner of a cupcake shop, you’d want a searcher to enter the keyword ‘best cupcakes’ and find your website. However, this may be too hard as these shorter keywords create millions of results, which makes them much more aggressive.

This is the reason you need to go for long-tail keywords. Try finding more specific keywords by adding your specialization and/or location. Looking at our cupcake instance, you could go for gluten-free and vegan cupcakes in Brooklyn. The more targeted your keywords, the greater as you will be able to attract the right traffic and increase the chances of searchers clicking on your own website from search results. Not sure how to pick your words? Want to hire someone who can do all this hard work for you? You can hire a Wix SEO expert here.

3 . Choose the right domain name

Having a good domain name is important. In Wix, you will get your free domain name and join it on your site. It is not only an SEO best practice, but it is also going to offer your site the professional look it needs to compete online.

However, having a domain isn’t enough; you have got to choose the right one. The way to go about doing it? There are 3 things to keep in mind when taking the domain name. First, you want to keep it as brief and catchy as possible to make the Internet browsers wish to click when viewing your name. Secondly, your business name or area of expertise should be included so that visitors can easily understand what you do. And finally, it’s an excellent idea to include your primary keyword, if possible. This may increase your chances of coming up in the search results for your chosen word. This guide may help you to find the perfect domain name.

4 . Write proper titles & descriptions

After Filling in your metadata, your titles and descriptions should be your first attention. But if you want to be a grade-A optimization student, you want to write genuine titles and descriptions for all pages of the website. Using the identical metadata may seem like your site contains duplicate content. This will hamper your ranking.

Equally important would be to write titles and descriptions which are catchy and attractive so that Internet people will choose your site rather than another outcome. Want to know exactly how it’s done? Read this post.

5 . Make it mobile-friendly

50% of searches are done via mobile & this number is only going to continue to grow. At the same time, we can not stop it; the best thing to do would be to get used to it. For example: if you want to be successful in the internet jungle, using a mobile-friendly site is non-negotiable. Luckily, your Wix site already comes with a mobile-friendly version. Not to mention that it is possible and super easy to implement accelerated mobile pages (AMP) so that your blog posts load more quickly on mobile when clicked from search results. Want to be fast? 

6 . Submit a sitemap

A sitemap is, in simple terms, a strategy of your site. It shows how your different pages are linked to one another. Why do you want it? It’s helpful to send a site to search engines so that they can crawl your website more easily and fast, which will improve your overall SEO. Essentially, it’s just like when you take a look at a map before visiting a new town. One way to submit your site is through Google’s Search Console. The process is bit technical.

The more easier way to submit your sitemap is using Wix SEO. All you need to do is link your domain name, and with a click, you can easily submit your sitemap. Yes, it is that easy.

This all things may seem quite technical. So I would suggest you hire a Wix SEO Expert to do all job for you.

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