Printing In-House Food Labels

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Printing In-House Food Labels

Food labelling is a vital part of keeping your brand running smoothly. With the right labels, customers can easily identify your products and avoid purchasing duplicate ones. Labelling is also an opportunity to make your product more appealing. However, many small and medium business owners choose to use third-party labels that can be expensive.

This article will discuss 6 primary reasons why you should be printing labels in-house instead of hiring the services of a third party. We will also shed some light on the factors that should be taken into consideration before you hit the shops to buy a food label printer. So let’s begin!

Here’s Why In-House Printing is a Better Option than Outsourcing


You can’t afford to lose a customer because your food labels are illegible or blurred to read. Having your in-house printing facility will allow you to maintain control over the quality of the label and ensure that it’s always printed correctly.

Meeting the FDA Regulations

When you print food labels in-house, you know what is printed on each label. You can then be sure that the ingredients of your products are accurate and up-to-date. It will ensure that your product is in-line with the FDA’s regulations.



You’ll benefit from reduced costs when you print your food labels, especially if you’re using state-of-the-art technology and equipment from a reliable manufacturer like DAL. The savings come from not having to pay for outsourced printing services, as well as being able to control the quality of what goes out onto your packaging.

Increased Productivity

With in-house label printing, you’ll be able to increase efficiency by doing more work in less time. It can help you meet deadlines more efficiently, especially if you’re trying to sell products on a tight schedule or at low margins due to increased competition in the marketplace.

More Flexibility

When it comes to using a third-party printing service, certain limitations come with their services that you won’t have when printing in-house. When you print your labels, you’ll be able to customise them based on specific requirements or needs. It can lead to increased flexibility within your organisation and  across the entire supply chain, which can lead to greater profits down the line!


If you’re tired of waiting for on-time deliveries from other companies, printing your labels will make it much easier. You can get your orders out faster than ever before! You’ll also have more time for things that matter to you and your business, like growing your business or taking care of family obligations.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Label Printer for your Business

Now that you know the many benefits of in-house label printing let’s talk about the main factors that should be considered when choosing the right label printer for your business.


Print Quality

Print quality refers to how clear the text on your labels will look when printed. If you’re looking to produce high-quality labels with a large font, you’ll want a food label printer that can  handle the job easily. On the other hand, if you’re looking for small labels with simple fonts, it might be best to invest in a printer that has limited capabilities.

Printing Speed

Next comes printing speed. Look for a label printer that can handle large quantities of work quickly without having to wait too long between each print job; also one that doesn’t have any problems dealing with different types of paper and thicknesses. The faster your printer can print out your labels, the less time you’ll have spent waiting on them to finish printing before they get put on store shelves or distributed at parties or events.

Maintenance and Operational Cost

Maintenance and operational costs are always important when considering which label printer is best for your business. These costs include replacement parts for damaged equipment or frequent cleaning of ink cartridges or other components that need attention from time to time (like if there’s dirt or residue inside one of them).

Ability to work with Different Sizes

It’s important to make sure that the label printer has enough space on its platform so that it can print labels in all of the sizes needed. It will ensure that you can print on as many different types of labels as possible without having to go back and forth between two different printers or software.

Automatic Label Cutter

Make sure that you choose a printer that has an automatic label cutter. It will help you save time and money by eliminating the need to manually cut your labels. This feature can be especially useful if only one person prints most of your labels.



Lastly, ensure that your new printer has multiple connectivity options so that it can connect with other devices like scanners and receipt printers (if applicable). It will ensure that data can be transferred quickly and easily between them.

Final Words

Food labels are a valuable tool for businesses, but they can be expensive. In-house printing means you have more control of the process and can make adjustments as required. We hope this article provided insight into why in-house printing is a better option than hiring a third-party printing service. So before you hit the shops to find the right food label printer for your business, make sure you do some homework.

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