6 Reasons to Use a Rollator after an Orthopedic Injury

6 Reasons to Use a Rollator after an Orthopedic Injury

Going through a severe knee injury can be one of the most devastating moments in a person’s life. Not only are they likely in extreme pain, but it’s possible that they may not be able to go to work for a number of weeks. However, instead of sitting down waiting for your knee to heal, why not take back control of your life? One of the best ways to accomplish this is to use a rollator (knee scooter). Read on to learn six of the best reasons why a rollator should be used after an orthopedic injury.

Better Alternative than Crutches

Crutches have been used for years, and within those years, people and medical experts have begun to understand that they may not be the best form of assistance for those with an injured leg or knee. Crutches strain the muscles underneath the arm, which then leads to other parts of the body having to take over the workload. This, of course, is not ideal when you need every muscle in your body to compensate for the loss of strength in your leg. A rollator allows the rest of your body to remain free of stress, and thus other injuries are not likely to develop because of an overuse of crutches.

Less Chance of Accidental Pressure

One of the most common issues that occur with people who have an orthopedic injury is accidentally putting pressure on their injured leg/knee. The reality of the matter is that if a person feels like they are going to trip, the mind’s natural instinct is to place two feet on the ground. Rollators protect people from going this route as their leg is already on a firm location, and thus that instinct does not come in.

You Can Move Faster on a Rollator

A concern of many when they obtain an orthopedic injury is thinking that they are now going to be extremely slow at doing everything. Although extra care should be taken during an injury, rollators are excellent devices for moving around the home and even in the streets. In fact, you may be able to move faster on a rollator than on your two feet. This freedom of movement allowed by a rollator provides people with the opportunity to get back to work and earn a living for themselves.

Allows an Injury to Heal Properly

There’s a reason why casts are rigid; doctors want to limit movement as a means of helping the area heal properly. However, when people use other items such as crutches, their leg continues to move. Moving to the side or moving forward requires some momentum, thus forcing you to use your injured leg. A rollator keeps the injured leg in place and on a cushion, thus helping it properly heal.

Great Alternative for Diabetics

If healthy individuals tend to have issues with walking with casts or crutches, those with diabetic issues are likely to not even be able to utilize them in the first place. Because diabetics tend to have issues with their feet, placing added stress can not only be painful but dangerous as well. This is why rollators are an excellent alternative for diabetics.

Freedom of Movement

One of the best things about rollators is that it allows you to keep doing everything you did before. For example, those who need to reach objects on a shelf may continue to do so as rollators have breaks that allow people to stop and stretch out. This is especially important for those who care for others, such as an elderly parent or children, to name a few.

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