6 Points to Consider When Buying a Household Automatic Soap Dispenser

Everyone is usually interested in having a clean house or a clean car. More obviously, people like to wear clean clothes, because cleanliness is usually a good trait. But do we care as much about the cleanliness of our hands as we do about appearance? Most of us think we should wash our hands only after using the toilet.

However, the CDC recommends that washing hands is necessary to protect ourselves against viruses and bacteria whenever touching an item. That is why the use of an automatic soap dispenser can be beneficial when considering these cases. Washing your hands with a touchless hand wash dispenser can help prevent daily contact with large numbers of germs.

This insight is more important than ever in this critical period with Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. According to the CDC, on the importance of handwashing and its role in saving human lives, it is essential to have a sensor hand soap dispenser in every home. Below, SVAVO has brought some useful points to consider when buying a household automatic soap dispenser to help you keep your hands beautifully clean!

Adjustable Liquid Volume

What makes an automatic soap dispenser stand out is that it can automatically adjust the amount of liquid discharged. In other words, when your hand is close to it, it will trigger the induction and automatically discharge the volume of liquid that you have set before. It’s so smart and convenient that you don’t have to spare a hand to press like a traditional hand soap dispenser. Therefore, it is wise of you to consider a soap dispenser with the function of adjustable liquid volume. The automatic soap dispenser from SVAVO has two adjustable liquid volumes in 2.5ml and 1.5ml, respectively.

Material and Appearance

Automatic soap dispensers with various size, specificity, and many positive features are often installed in high-traffic environments, such as office spaces. Today, an automatic soap dispenser is used in interior decoration due to being more stylish in the kitchen and bathroom of residential buildings. For this reason, many companies have produced devices with different appearances and materials. But in general, regardless of the choice of color, which depends on each person’s taste, perhaps the best material to buy a touchless hand wash dispenser is ABS plastic. The sensor hand soap dispenser‘s plasticity has more advantages in health and beauty than in other cases because it makes the device durable and resistant to impact.

Size and Weight

The size and weight always play a vital role in the purchase of any product. The same goes for buying a sensor hand soap dispenser. If you want the places to use soap dispensers are some small sanitary places, such as bathroom, kitchen and toilet, it is wise of you to choose a relatively medium soap dispenser. For example, SVAVO automatic soap dispenser only has a unit size of L71.1*W105*H171.5mm and a unit weight of 271.6g. In this case, there is no need to worry about it doesn’t cater to the design of the washing desk or it’s too big to use. Before purchasing the device, it is better to make sure of your desired capacity, size, and weight.

Features and Functions

You might think that all soap dispensers have the same function and features, but competition among manufacturers and advances in technology have also impacted this market. If you are looking to buy a durable and advanced device, it is better to have an automatic soap dispenser with multiple features. The first point of the device is better to be waterproof so that there is no problem in case of contact with water. The second point is better to have the option that the lid of the device compartment can be opened from above to easily refill. Also, in some devices, such as automatic soap dispensers produced by SVAVO, a multifunctional button has been designed, which you can use to turn the device on or off, switch the liquid volume and turn on the clean mode. Therefore, all these features can directly impact your purchase satisfaction and attention to them will be an important part.

Price and Value

Price plays an important role in people’s decision to buy a product. Most people don’t think that buying a product is an investment, so when the price of a product exceeds expectations, they are likely to give up. But for an automatic soap dispenser, as a matter of fact, it is a justifiable investment for that it will bring you more valuable values. For example, compared with the manual device, an automatic soap dispenser gives you a convenient and intelligent life experience so as to bring you pleasure. Therefore, when choosing a touchless hand wash dispenser, the current price is not decisive, and the long-term investment value it brings to you is worthy of consideration.

Where to place them

The first point to use an automatic soap dispenser is how to install it and where you want to place it. A touchless hand wash dispenser can be installed directly on the wall or placed next to the faucet, which are both convenient choices. However, if you want it to be used for other purposes, such as toner, makeup remover or detergent, a soap dispenser that can be easily moved and placed is what you can’t reject.

With the above-mentioned functions, SVAVO automatic soap dispenser is getting more and more attention lately. In addition to touchless hand wash dispensers, SVAVO has also developed the Internet of things technology to provide other health solutions, such as hand dryers, disinfectant dispenser stations to meet the health needs of customers in different scenarios. More information about SVAVO products can be found on its website.

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