5 Ways You Can Use a Temporary Fence

Good fences make good neighbours” is a line from a popular Robert Frost poem. What it comes down to is some situations will be better with boundaries. This is true for your commercial and residential areas as well. Sometimes you just need a good fence.

We’ve all seen those types of fence barriers at music concerts, parades, or even sports events. But have you given some thought to just how versatile these temporary fences can be?  Fortunately, temporary fencing hire makes it easy to create the barriers you need for any interim period.

Since they’re so easy to set up, these fences can serve as a cheaper alternative to their permanent counterparts. Temporary fences can be used temporarily for crowd control, public safety and even theft deterrence. They make for a much easier solution than erecting fences. Do you or your company need this?

Different Uses for Temporary Fences

If you think temporary fencing is only used at construction sites or music festivals, you might be missing out. Temporary fencing can be used for a few different reasons other than the ordinary.

Some of these applications might make some of your events more convenient. Let’s have a look at some useful ways you could benefit from using a temporary fence.

Construction Sites

The most common places you might have seen temporary fencing is around construction sites. Often called “construction hoarding”, temporary fences serve to keep unauthorised people out ofdesignated areas.

Not only do the fences keep nosy intruders at bay, but they also serve as some protection to the equipment and building materials stored on site. These types of fences can be easily erected, moved aroundto where you need them and taken downonce the project is complete.

This resource saves the construction company the cost of putting up a permanent fence for a short period. If the fencing is owned by the company in question, they can simply take it down when done and erect it at the next site.

Outdoor Events

Outdoor events such as music festival, sports events and yard sales could benefit from the use of temporary fences. These fences serve as an indication of which areas are open to the public.

They also serve as methods of crowd control. Fences can be used to form passages leading visitors around the venue. You can create some order when people are leaving a venue so there isn’t extensive pushing and shoving.

Kiddies Birthday Parties

Are you thinking of having a kid’s birthday party at your home? One of the hurdles you’re facing might be keeping all those excited children organised in one area instead of running across the whole premises.One option is definitely to make use of some temporary fencing.

Since these fences are easy to put up, it’ll be easy for you to protect areas you don’t want little feet intruding in. This includes your precious rose garden or the pool. You could even use the fencing to form a giant square that identifies the designated play area.

Keeping Pets Away from Guests

If you’re having a function at your home, what do you do with your less-than-social pets? Instead of locking them in a room in the house, or even the garage where they’ll be hot and frustrated, consider a temporary fence.

Temporary fences can be used to cordon off a section in the back of your property. This will allow your pets to see you and not be frustrated at being locked in a hot and stuffy house.

Baby Gates

Temporary fences can be used indoorsas well and serve as baby gates. Typically, baby gates keep your little ones from going downstairs or playing in areas that aren’t safe. You can also place these temporary fences in front of fireplaces or open doors.

Since your baby won’t stay small for long, you might not want to invest money in buying a baby gate. This makes hiring a temporary gate the perfect idea.

Benefits of Using Temporary Fencing

Some of the benefits of using a good quality temporary fence include:

  • Temporary fences are affordable and made of durable materials
  • It’s possible to hire temporary fences for as long as needed
  • They’re available in different sizes
  • They can be easily installed and taken down when necessary
  • They’re easy to move from one job site to another
  • The fences are versatile and relevant to many industries:
  • City workers can use them as barriers around manholes
  • Farm workers can use them to keep animals in one area during grazing
  • Event planners can create private areas in a public place
  • Contractors can keep pets away from work areas on private properties


There are many innovative ways to use temporary fencing. Not only can they be used for business purposes, but they can also be used at home to keep your pets and children safe. The big advantage is that temporary fencing can easily be hired. Different sizes are available to suit each of your specific needs!

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