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5 Ways Dedicated Server Hosting Can Help Your Business

Your small business wanted to get off the ground, and you chose shared hosting for you didn’t expect your website to have much traffic, and most importantly you want to stay within a budget. Your business is growing, as well as your website, and you need to upgrade your hosting plan. A dedicated server hosting is powerful and can handle intensive workloads. 

With a dedicated server, a business can enjoy an ultimate hosting experience in the workload-optimal server environment. It will help your business have full access for the system resources and control over the hosting. Everything on that server, like bandwidth, RAM, and storage, is yours. All you need to do is choose the server for higher reliability, security, performance, and scalability. 

Get to know how dedicated server hosting can help your business

You can find numerous dedicated server hosting providers online. If you take one look, you will find most of them offer similar features. Nevertheless, to make things easier, you should look for the aspects explained to get you the value for your money. 

  1. Dedicated resources 

With dedicated servers, you don’t have to share the resources with other websites or users. Being a single tenant, you can have an exclusive use of the latest hardware offering disk space, bandwidth, and RAM. Unlike shared hosting, dedicated resources help remove most of the issues related to:

  • Another user slowing down your website by using up resources
  • Network congestion
  • Slow loading of webpages during traffic hours
  • Security threats due to a bad script from another user
  • Frequent downtime and occasional crashes

You can ensure stability on a dedicated server as you do not compete for resources.  

  • Fast website load speed

The availability of dedicated resources allows various elements on the web page to load faster. If the number of people visiting your online store increases, the software is quicker to handle it. Your website will figure on the top pages of the search engine results if it loads faster within two seconds. 

Other than the above, website speed has a great significance on the conversion rates. Poor page-loading time can result in low engagement metrics. For instance, the second delay in a website’s response time will reduce up to 11 percent of page views. If a website takes over 3 seconds to load, it will lose about 40 percent of visitors. 

Some hosting providers use SAS technology of 15000rpm to handle a large amount of data. It makes disk I/O operations 10 times faster and more reliable. 

  • Advanced security

A fast-growing website or online store may have to deal with a lot of confidential information. With dedicated hosting, you can meet your website’s high-security demands. Your customers may type in highly confidential details like debit or credit card details, contact details, and login credentials, which have to be safeguarded using advanced security. 

By opting for a managed or unmanaged dedicated hosting, you can avoid malware issues and downtime due to a tenant’s website suffering from a DDoS attack. Moreover, the provider will provide real-time server monitoring and advanced protection against cyber-attacks.

  • Higher scalability

You have the flexibility to easily shift to a larger dedicated server space at any time. The hosting provider can meet your request for more storage space, processing power, and bandwidth. With a dedicated server, you can scale up or down depending on your requirement. You can save time and effort moving files, editing DNS, and reconfiguring applications. 

  • Server customization

A dedicated server, even if managed, gives you complete control of the web hosting environment. By changing hardware specifications, you customize the server. You can install any plug-ins, server components, applications, and library. 

The above aspects will help you know how a dedicated server hosting can help your business grow to reach the next level.

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