5 Valuable 90s Toys That'll Make You Rich

5 Valuable 90s Toys That’ll Make You Rich

While the newer generation might equate what the 90s was like to its style comeback, anyone who was raised in the 90s knows that toys defined the overall essence of what it meant to live in the 90s. Nostalgia plagues our fast-paced, technologically advancing society. With that nostalgia comes old toys worth money.

From Polly Pockets to Pretty Pretty Princess and Hot Wheels, the 90s had any kind of toy a kids’ imagination could dream up. If you’ve held onto any of your toys from childhood, they might be worth something. The most valuable toys from the 90s may be some you least expect. 

Keep reading to discover which toys are valuable from the 90s and which ones will only increase in price.

1. Most Valuable Toys From the 90s: Barbie Dolls

What collectibles are hot right now? Barbie dolls are in, and probably always will be.

While new barbie dolls still fill at least one aisle at Target in the kid’s section, there are many rare versions of Barbie that get sold for a high price. Like any collector item, Barbies still in an unopened box in mint condition are deemed the most expensive.

Some barbies range from a few hundred dollars up to a few thousand. The Bob Neptune Mackie Fantasy Doll, Bob Mackie Empress Bride, and Ice Cream Shoppe Barbie are only a few of the prized barbies waiting to be bought. 

Whether you have an unopened box or a playhouse set, it’s worth looking into how much it’s worth. 

2. Pokémon

First edition Pokémon cards from the 90s go up to thousands of dollars. Mint-condition cards, booster packs, and box sets are prized possessions to Pokémon collectors. 

There are some box sets from the 90s that are for sale up to fifty thousand dollars. Pokémon is still a hit phenomenon today, and unopened boxes bought even in recent years have only increased in value. 

The popularity of the characters over time, in addition to nostalgia, has made Pokémon worth a lot. Pokémon cards are toys worth money in the future and toys to invest in.

The card quality is going to be very important. Scratches and smudges significantly diminish card value. If you have a card in great condition, get it graded from PSA. Having a graded card makes you able to set a definitive price for your card, so you know how much it’s worth.

There are other things that make certain cards more expensive than others. In first-edition releases, there were commonality ratings. A circle indicates common, a diamond indicates uncommon, while a star indicates rarity. In first-edition Pokémon releases, holographic cards are more expensive nowadays.

3. Nintendo

There are various things Nintendo has released in the 90s that are worth a lot of money to this day. The Nintendo 64 is highly esteemed. Some arcades have them. Your grandparents may have them. Where a Nintendo 64 turns up can be a bit random, but it is always exciting coming across one.

Goldeneye 007 is a Nintendo 64 game worth almost fifteen thousand dollars. The Super Mario Nintendo Game Boy is sought after by many collectors. Another Game Boy worth a lot of money is the Pokémon Pikachu Edition.

You might have a game, console, or Game Boy from the 90s worth a lot of money. Don’t get ripped off by another GameStop again. Look into how much what you have is worth, and if it’s a lot, the right buyer will come around.

4. Furbies

Furbies are kind of like a more kosher version of Gremlins. But, only slightly. They get a bad rep for being incorrigibly ugly these days but don’t let their unsightliness stop you from seeing how much they are worth.

These toys talk and are electronic. They resemble a fuzzy hybrid owl-hamster. At the time, they were a must-have item. 

Furby released limited-edition versions, along with holiday versions. There were so many made that collectors can identify key differences between different types of Furbies. Because Furbies were so critically acclaimed, they are collectibles in high demand.

Furbies sell for a few hundred dollars. However, there was an unopened Furby that sold for ten thousand dollars. 

5. Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies are some of the most valuable toys from the 90s. They are old toys worth money. Just like any other collectible item, the average Beanie Babie is worth only around twenty dollars. However, the greater the condition it is in and the rarer it is, the higher the price increases.

Some Beanie Babies worth a lot of money are Peanut the Royal Blue Elephant, Claude the Crab, and Valentino. Some of these rare ones range from ten to fifty thousand dollars. 

Beanie babies have a cult following, and there are many collectors out there. Beanie baby collectors would be happy to exchange cash for your stash.

Decide to Sell or Invest

These are only some of the most valuable toys from the 90s. Going through your old things and looking up asking prices on sites such as eBay can help you determine which toys you’ve been holding onto that are stacking up cash. 

Toys can be an investment if handled properly. They are collector items that go for a crazy amount of money. Think about selling or investing in any of these toys from the 90s to increase your wealth.

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