5 Trendy Backsplash Tiles Ideas for Your Home

Tiles have always been a part of the realm of interior design that adds a delicate and refined look to space.  Tiles come in traditional patterns and designs from modern and contemporary, the list goes on and on. Tiles provide a great canvas and can accentuate a space immediately. They can be used on kitchen walls, bathroom walls and floor, pool floors and even countertops! 

These tiles come in so many different colours, patterns and textures that there’s one for every type of aesthetic out there. The best part is tiling can be done as a DIY project as well, save up on costs and allow you to personally oversee the work. One such tile type is the back splash tiles, similar to the name, these tiles take care of the backsplashes. Oriented mainly towards kitchen and bathroom spaces, these tiles have now turned from a functional phenomenon to an aesthetic element. 

Listed down are some of my favourite picks for back splash tiles that will inspire you to spruce up your home decor with it. 

  1. Liven Up Space

Using bright-coloured tiles to brighten up a kitchen and bathroom can really change the atmosphere of it. This adds a bit of colour and joy to an otherwise bland space. Instead of using only one kind of colour, you can use 2 or 3 in a regular or irregular repetition that would keep the eye busy while adding pops of different hues and shades. 

Since subway tiles specifically come in so many different colours all in the same size, it’s the best and easiest choice to liven up the room best and easiest choice to liven up the room. 


       Source: Pinterest                                                  Source: BelkTiles

  1. Accent Tiles

Accent tiles have different patterns as compared to all the other tiles. Usually, surrounding tiles will be a continuous pattern or singular colour and an accent tile would be added to break the monotony.

Having accent tiles in a room draws the eye to it and the best way to utilize accent tiles is to put them in areas that you want to pique interest – like near a photo frame, near a window or plant or toward the ceiling.


Source: The Tile Shop

  1. Texture Play

Since ceramic tiles come in so many different textures, they can complement the surrounding decor well. For a minimalistic bathroom and kitchen design, 3D tiles or tiles that have an overlay texture would really break the minimalism and add a bit of flair to space. 

Some tiles also have the appearance of marble and wood, so using these tiles as a substitute for actual marble and wood is a great cost-cutting benefit while appearing the same.


Source: Belk Tile

  1. Pattern Play

Tiles that have patterns on them or make a pattern when put together is the perfect way to pique interest in the room. While continuous patterns might appear monotonous, setting them against plain and minimalistic furniture like cabinets and appliances really brings out their character and make them shine. 

So if you’re using patterned tiles, make sure to paint cabinets a plain complimenting colour to get its full effect.


Source: BelkTile

  1. DIY Mosaics

Source: HGTV

I know that breaking backsplash tiles might be a horrifying thought, but if it’s in the name of aesthetic, I don’t see why not. Using different tiles and breaking them into small pieces and rearranging them back on the backsplash like puzzle pieces is not only a fun project but also gives the space some vibrancy! 

Since all tiles will be used, none of them go to waste and you now have a room that is fun and exciting to be in!Overall, adding back splash tiles to walls are a great home renovation and DIY project that really give amazing results. Choosing the tile, grouting and fixing them to the wall can be a lot of work, but the final product that is an amazingly tiled wall, is truly worth it! 

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