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5 Tips To Get Started On A Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet



Getting started on a new diet is one of the most difficult things to do. Habits are so ingrained in human beings, that it simply takes time and effort to change habits. This is especially true with eating habits.

Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet

So you´ve watched Forks Over Knives, The Game Changer and/or Seaspiracy, and now you are convinced about the benefits of a Whole Food, Plant-Based diet? And you have decided to give it a try? If yes, you have come to the right place. It’s time for you to start on a WFPB diet!

What is WFPB?

WFPB stands for Whole Food, Plant-Based. This way of eating is about maximizing the intake of plant-based food products (from whole sources), while minimizing the intake of animal-based products.

Things like beef, fish, cheese, milk and butter are not part of the WFPB diet. Instead, the emphasis is on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Also, plant-based products in their whole form are superior to those that are processed. An example of this is olive oil versus olives.

Olives in their whole form contain all their original nutrients, while olive oil is highly processed and has lost a lot of its original nutritional value. To get the most out of plant-based food, it is thus best to consume wholesome products.

5 Tips on How to Start a WFPB Diet

  1. Find a few recipes that you like and make them often and in large batches
  2. Include filling foods such as (sweet) potatoes
  3. Do your meal prep
  4. Connect with others who also follow a WFPB diet
  5. Slowly work your way through changing your eating habits

Find a few recipes that you like and make them often and in large batches

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they get started on a WFPB diet is that they want to innovate all the time. It is best to find a few recipes that you really like, and to then make the same recipe frequently. This will make it easy for you and your plant-based family to adapt to the new way of eating, and from thereon you can explore other recipes.

Include filling foods such as (sweet) potatoes

Salads are not going to do the job. If you rely too much on light foods such as fruits and salads, you will most likely quickly find that you won´t last too long. Instead, focus on building your diet around filling foods. Our favourites include potatoes and sweet potatoes. Whole grains such as brown rice and quinoa are also great foods to keep you full and satisfied for a while.

Do your meal prep

It helps if you have a large freezer, as it will allow you to store batches of WFPB meals you made. Meal prepping is something highly recommended as it not only saves you time, it also saves you the hassle of trying to figure every meal out. Pastas, rice dishes, lentil soups are just some examples of meals that can easily be prepped in large quantities.

Connect with others who also follow a WFPB diet

As you may have noticed, not many people are keen on a Whole Food, Plant-Based way of eating. Who do you turn to when you have questions or concerns? Thus, to be successful, you may find it challenging to find the right support in your direct environment. Therefore we recommend finding support groups online, such as the following Facebook groups:

Slowly work your way through changing your eating habits

People try to jump into something new and for some that will work, but most of us need some time to adapt. If you suddenly quit all animal products and processed foods, you may find it challenging and get discouraged quickly. Instead, a slow-paced transition in which you, for example, replace one habit each week, may be more suitable for you.

Most importantly, try to enjoy every moment and embrace the new tastes and flavours you are being exposed to!

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Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Picking Wholesale Bread Suppliers Perth Has to Offer



Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Picking Wholesale Bread Suppliers Perth Has to Offer

If you are starting a food business in Perth, such as a restaurant or a grocery store, it is always a good idea to buy bread and other baked items wholesale. In a sense, it will offer you more advantages than sourcing them from retail bakery shops.

For starters, partnering with wholesale bread suppliers Perth has today will provide you with lower-priced, fresh, and quality baked goods. Not only that, but they can also provide you with a sufficient amount of products no matter how many items or what variety you want to display in your establishment. Moreover, they can also tailor their services, unlike when you deal with retail shops.

Now, what you need to remember is to choose the right supplier amongst the plethora of options available in your area.

Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a Wholesale Bread Supplier for Your Business

While having a number of options for wholesale bakeries Perth has today is good, it can also make the task of choosing the best one quite tricky. So, how shall you pick the right one for your business? Easy—just know the common mistakes food business owners usually commit and make sure to avoid them.

Not Creating a List of Products That You Require

First and foremost, you should have a list of baked items that you want to offer to your customers or guests. Determine which products sell out quickly and ask if your potential supplier can provide them to you in a timely manner to maximise sales. The more product variety a supplier has, the better option it is for you.

Purchasing Bread Products at the Retail Level

As previously implied, you should avoid sourcing your bread products from retail stores or supermarkets. Instead, you should get them from reputable wholesale bread suppliers Perth has today. Not only does this make purchasing more convenient for you because you are buying all your products from one distributor, but it also saves you money by buying in bulk.

Choosing a Supplier That Is Very Far from Your Location    

Freshness is always an important element in bread. And, if you choose a supplier that is very far from your location, the freshness of their products might be compromised.

So, like Melbourne food businesses would prefer to partner with wholesale bread suppliers Melbourne has today, you should also pick a supplier that is based in Perth for your business. This ensures all your products will be delivered to your place as fast as possible.

Not Checking on Quality

As a food business, you should ensure that you are selling only the best to your customers. And, you do not want to get your reputation tainted by offering low-quality bread.

Now, to know the quality of products a supplier offers, you should request to have a taste test. Try the flavours. Even if you find a supplier with low prices, but their bread tastes dull, then do not hesitate to move one with your search.

Aside from the flavour, you should also determine if their baked items have the right texture. This means that your chosen supplier should only use the best ingredients for their products.  

Compromising Quality Over Price

Of course, you should have a budget to stick to. However, this does not mean that you have to sacrifice quality over price. You need to strike a balance between the goodness of the bread you sell and the procurement cost.

And, while quality bread from reputable wholesale bread suppliers could cost you more, this is just a little price to avoid getting negative feedback from your customers.

Not Checking on Service Excellence

Like you strive to offer excellent services to your customers, your bread supplier should also go beyond satisfying your requirements. You can gauge this trait during your initial meeting or call when they sell themselves and answer your questions.

Ideally, your chosen supplier should be transparent about their process. This way, you will also know if they are a perfect fit for you.

Forgetting to Negotiate    

Like buying wholesale bakery supplies Melbourne has today, you should not forget to negotiate with the supplier for a more favourable price.

Aside from the price, there are other things that you can negotiate with the supplier that will sweeten the deal, such as shipping costs and terms of payment. You will never know—they would agree to meet you halfway on privileges that will help reduce your operating costs and increase your profit margins.

Parting Thoughts

By avoiding the pitfalls mentioned above, you should already be good on your way to finding the right wholesale bread suppliers Perth has today for your business. So, do your research and gather some feedback from similar businesses in your area. The information that you gather will surely be very useful in vetting the suppliers on your list.

For more tips on managing and growing your business, feel free to browse our site!

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Why Has South African Wine Sales Done So Well in the Last 10 years?



South African

Wine of South Africa has become known around the world due to high quality, favorable climatic condition as well as the dedicated work of the winemakers. They truly love their craft and their land. Many collectors around the world appreciate the wines produced in South Africa, for their unique character.

History of Wines in South Africa

Over time, the areas planted with grapes began to expand. Nevertheless, the African wines have not caused yet the confidence in the world of collectors. This was due to the fact that the winemakers did not possess proper knowledge and offered so-called “illiterate” drinks.  

Everything changed when a new Governor, Simon van der STEL, who was not only a connoisseur of the wine of nectar, but he was engaged in winemaking came to power. Thanks to him, new vineyards began to appear in the country. The Governor began to plant vines in his personal estate as well, producing quality red and white wine products. His products became famous not only in this country but abroad. 

Despite the development of wine production, the quality is intoxicating potion had not reached the proper level. In this regard, during the 17th and 18th centuries Europe almost didn’t know about African winemaking. In the 19th century, the situation improved slightly. 

The production of wine products in this area has increased from half a million liters per year to 4.5 million. 

This happened after the British occupation of the Cape. For the Republic, it was the turning point. However, even then they are unable to enter the world market. Then came a period of decline, when the government ceased to control the planting of vines. Only at the beginning of the 20th century, the wine industry in South Africa gradually began to resume. 

The reason for this was combining the best wine country in the United Cooperative of Winemakers in South Africa (KWV). The cooperative included more than four thousand producers from different areas of the country. KWV had a right to such actions: establishing quotas for the cultivation of grapes, fixing prices on products, issues about increasing the vineyards and the construction of new types of grapes, and so on. It was a big step on the path to world fame. Today, products of South Africa are known and appreciated around the world. 

Wines Today in South Africa

Today, the total area of Africa is occupied by the grape plantations. It is more than 110 thousand hectares. Annually, the country produces about nine billion hectoliters. Undoubtedly, such achievements of South Africa were more than one year and owed their success to the following factors: local soil and favorable climate. 

A new stage of the revival of winemaking happened in the mid-50-ies of the twentieth century. During this period, winemakers began to use the technology of cold fermentation, which is reflected in the appearance of new aromatic alcohols. 

In 1973, South Africa has implemented a system of Wine Origin, under which a wine is determined by its origin. Despite the fact that this classification was fairly simple, according to the Europeans, it has become possible to control the production of wine. In addition, customers gave preference to certified products, it has also yielded results. Already in 1993, the country was ahead of Chile and New Zealand in terms of supply in the UK. Winemakers today are successfully using the unique microclimate and rich South African soil for the production of very good drinks. 

Today in South Africa there are thirteen officially registered wine-growing areas. The most significant for the country are Worcester, Stellenbosch, Paarl, and Robertson. 

A variety of new grape varieties contributes to the production of a large number of different African wines. Eighty percent of all grape nectars, manufactured in South Africa, given to white varieties, which can be herbaceous, tart, fragrant, sweet, etc. Popular all over the world is the African variety is Chenin Blanc, which is about thirty percent of the total area of all plantations. South Africa is also famous for quality table wines, featuring not only distinctive flavor but also low price. 

Nowadays, the winemakers are paying great attention to the construction of Chardonnay, which proved to be in Africa. The wine producers also increase the area of plantations reserved for the Riesling grape. In this country, it has a slightly different taste than, for example, in Germany. Sweet types of Riesling are already known to many connoisseurs of white varieties. From red grapes, which differ by a rich and fruity taste, the leaders are Cabernet Sauvignon – elegantly gives notes of blackcurrant, Merlot, Pinot Noir – nicely complemented by the scent of strawberries. 

The famous South African Shiraz

The wine Shiraz South Africa is also successfully made, it also refers to the red varieties. Pinotage is considered the hallmark of winemaking in South Africa. In addition, the fortified wine such as, for example, Jeropiga, known for its unique flavor characteristics. We offer a general list of the most common grape varieties in South Africa.

White wines – Chardonnay is probably the most famous dry white wine around the world. 

Chenin blanc – these are grapes produce a wide range of wines, from dry to dessert, Colombard – these drinks present a distinctive acidity and tropical fruit flavor, they are often served together with seafood, Rhine Riesling – is of German origin, has a complex and pleasant taste, Cape Riesling – is a memorable honey aroma, Sauvignon blanc is gaining in popularity with each passing year more and more. 

Red wines: Cabernet Sauvignon originates from Bordeaux is considered one of the best red varieties. It is often blended with Merlot and Cabernet Franc. As a result of the aging process in oak barrels, intoxicating potion acquires a pleasant aroma of cedar and currant. 

Cabernet franc is usually used to blend with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot is very aromatic, but softer than Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage is a unique grape that is received as the result of crossing Pinot noir and Cinsaut, has a rich fruity, Pinot noir – has unique notes of ripe cherry, Shiraz – has a mild flavor and chocolate flavor. Of course, this is not a complete list produced in South Africa grape production, as this country entered the top 10 world leaders in wine production. 

It produces more than ten million hectoliters wine of nectar per year, and it accounted for three percent of total production of this alcoholic beverage in the world.
This South African wine article was brought to you by . Saffatrading is South African food exporter including wine products. Saffatrading stock various traditional South African food products including biltong, droewors, food products like cakes, rusks and biscuits. If you are searching for traditional South African products then please visit

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10 Reasons Why You Should Eat Seafood





You may be thinking that seafood isn’t something you can eat. You’re wrong—it’s healthy for you! When most people think of seafood, they only think about the risks like mercury poisoning or food-borne illness. But seafood offers a plethora of health benefits and it can actually make your diet healthier. Here are some reasons why you should eat more seafood.

Seafood contains high-quality protein which is useful for building and maintaining healthy muscles.

You can find seafood in a variety of delicious forms like sushi, fish tacos, and even as the main course! Seafood dishes are quick to prepare and they’re great for people on the go.

Fish oils contain nutrients that promote brain health such as DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

By now you’ve probably heard about how scary mercury poisoning is—but did you know that only some types of seafood have it? If you eat most kinds of commonly eaten shrimp or lobster then your body will be fine because these animals don’t store enough mercury. However, if there’s too much mercury stored in king mackerel or tilefish, you may suffer from mercury poisoning.

Seafood is a great source of vitamins and minerals like iron, iodine, selenium, and B vitamins.

Fish oils contain omega fatty acids which support your cardiovascular health by reducing inflammation.

If fish isn’t on the menu at home then seafood delivery Sydney can be an easy option! It’s simple to place an order over the phone—and some restaurants will offer free shipping if you spend enough money with them! Seafood tastes really good too so it makes for a nice treat once in a while.

At least twice per week should be consumed in order to get all that amazing seafood has to offer! Make sure that when you do eat seafood that it’s fresh and, if possible, wild-caught.

Seafood is delicious! And it’s healthy for you too which makes it all the more reason to love seafood! Seafood can be eaten in many different ways like sushi, fish tacos, or even as the main course of your meal. Eating seafood will make your diet healthier because there are so many health benefits of eating this food group—it’s not just about mercury poisoning anymore (although that is a big concern).

Seafood is extremely healthy food to eat. From omega-three fatty acids to protein, seafood delivers many health benefits. Eating seafood can help with weight loss and promote better sleep quality as well!

If you are interested in eating more seafood but not sure where to start or how much of it your body needs each week, read on for our top ten reasons why you should be adding more seafood into your diet now!

In conclusion, seafood is incredibly healthy food to eat. From omega-three fatty acids to protein, seafood delivers many health benefits. Eating seafood can help with weight loss and promote better sleep quality as well!

Seafood is a very healthy type of food that everyone needs in their diet every day. From omega-three fatty acids to protein, there are so many different types of great nutrients packed inside every serving of fish or shellfish – it’s no wonder these foods deliver so many important health benefits! Eating seafood will make people feel much happier because they have good brain function and sleep better at night. Eating seafood is a very important part of everyone’s diet plan because it makes people feel healthy, confident, and attractive all the time!

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The Best Sport Drink



Sport Drink

Spindrift Sparkling Water is my favourite sports drink. It is excellent for running, walking, or doing activities around the house. Our Spindrift is an old fashioned sparkling clean glass bottle with a twist top. It tastes exactly like when you squeezed some lemon juice in it and drank it from a crystal glass bottle many years ago. Except for better tasting.

You probably can’t find this in your area or store. This beverage comes from small family farms all over the world. These natural flavors are what make this beverage a favorite for households all over the world. I am sure if you tried it you would agree.

There are a few things you should know about Spindrift Sparkling Water. It is not the sparkling water you find in most stores. This is real squeezed fruit juice that comes from family farms all over the world. The liquid is free of any sugars and calories and has zero calories.

You have probably noticed by now that most products today are low in calories. This is not the case with this beverage. Even though it has zero calories and no sugars, it has a high concentration of vitamins and nutrients. Because of the high concentration of nutrients, it will help boost your immune system. It can even help prevent cancer and other illnesses and diseases as well.

The high concentration of Vitamin C and minerals also helps make Spindrift sparkling water a healthier alternative to seltzers and other diet sodas that have less nutritional value. These nutrients can help fight off cancer cells and reduce the risks of heart disease and other conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. Many people who have switched to this new healthy alternative have also reported an increase in energy levels, clearer skin, weight loss, healthier hair and fewer allergies. They say that they feel younger because they do.

Since the traditional seltzer is also made with sugar, Spindrift Sparkling Water may be better for you than those sodas with sugar and calories. Some people say they prefer the taste of the Sparkling Water over the carbonated soda and seltzer. Those with kidney issues or diabetes should use the non-carbonated beverage to counterbalance their regular liquid intake. When selecting which of the many flavors you like best, choose the fruit-flavored versions for individuals with medical issues. If you want both versions equally, it works well as both a beverage and a quick snack.

If you do not like the taste of the sparkling waters as much as the seltzer version, you can replace the seltzer with sugar-free sparkling waters. Many people believe that the lack of calories is the main reason for choosing the non-carbonated drink over carbonated beverages with calories. Since the carbonation causes an increase in the calories in the glass, the seltzer may be the more beneficial choice. Many people enjoy the taste of the Spindrift Sparkling Water. It does taste just as good as any other carbonated beverage on the market.

If you enjoy seltzer, lemon, orange, cranberry or other Gatorade Flavors, you will want to try Spindrift. The two flavors seem to go well together. If you prefer the original seltzer flavor, it is available along with all of the other flavors offered by this company. Spindrift is the perfect solution for a healthy lifestyle and watching your health while enjoying a refreshing drink at the same time. You will find sparkling waters and seltzers that will help you stay fit while participating in your daily exercise or sports activities.

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How to choose the best Indian Store in Hamburg for Grocery



best Indian Store in Hamburg for Grocery

I am an Indian expat residing in Germany for 5 years and have experienced life in almost all parts of the country. 

Being an Indian, I always searched only for Indian grocery items, be it masalas, spices, herbs, rice, or any other related products. Indian food is meant to be a luxury category in Germany, and they charge a lot for the same. 

Furthermore, shopping for Indian groceries or food items in these foreign countries is an exhausting yet undeniable task. But during my visits and stays, I have discovered a few secrets for purchasing the best quality Indian food and the best prices.

The easiest way to avoid paying unnecessarily high food supplies in foreign countries is to go for online platforms. This is a straightforward technique, disposing of the monotonous routines of visiting the heavily crowded yet out-of-stock stores to purchase staple goods. 

With the options of multiple online stores, all you have to do is place your orders from the best ones and wait until they are delivered to your doorstep. One of the top-ranked online Indian grocery stores in Hamburg and other parts of Germany is 

Why is choosing the right Indian Store in Hamburg important? 

With the availability of multiple options for online grocery stores in Hamburg, you need to find the best ones and place orders with them only. This is because online stores risk fraud and scams, leaving you with undelivered or undesired orders. 

Hence, checking out the customer reviews is always suggested before placing any orders or making the final payments., the biggest and most opted online Indian grocery store, has multiple positive online reviews that will help you know whether its customers are satisfied with their purchases and orders or not. 

Moreover, you need to ensure the authenticity of these platforms before entering your bank details into the same. has an active HTTPS verified connection, which says that customer’s information is 100% safe with the website, eliminating any risk for scams. 

Factors to choose the best Indian store: 

Apart from these technical points, different websites claim to provide the best Indian spices but deliver low-quality or wrong items. Indian spices are not readily available with all these stores. Therefore, you need to check the product details before placing any orders. 

While scrolling down the product page for, you will find all the product information mentioned in detail over the platform. This will help you get better clarity about the product you’re ordering, ensuring correct deliveries. 

All the orders placed with are completed and successfully delivered within 24-48 hours of order placement, giving you options to orders even at the rush hour. 

The customers also need to go through the return and refund policies of these websites. This will help them with a backup plan, that in case of a wrong or unwanted product being delivered, they can get it exchanged for any other item. provides a 14-day return policy to their customers, with easy return and replacement procedures. 

What makes the best Indian Store in Hamburg? is ranked at the top for Online Indian Grocery Stores in Hamburg. This is an enormous store with the availability of multiple categories and options that you have been searching for. The store is more prominent as a Grocery Expert, fulfilling all your needs at the best affordable prices. 

Moreover, you can also explore the list of many discounts offered and coupon codes available on the website and app, which will help you place orders at unbelievable prices. 

All the orders placed from are delivered either on the same day or the next day of order placements. The store is referred to as a one-stop shop for all your desi needs, dealing with more than 100+ top Indian brands.

 What are the pros and cons of an Online Grocery Store? 

While exploring multiple stores to get the best quality at the best possible rates, I have found many pros and cons for online stores, discussing them in the pointers below. 

Negative Aspects of Online Grocery Stores:

  • Online stores may sometimes sell expired, counterfeit or low-quality products at higher prices.
  • Customers need to meet the minimum order amount to get free deliveries for their orders.
  • Some online stores may sell their products with different or fake expiration dates. 

Positive Aspects of Online Grocery Store:

  • Customers can scroll down a wide variety of options.
  • Online shops save your time and fuel, delivering your orders to your place.
  • Online shops provide multiple discounts that are not available at offline stores. 

Overcoming all the negativities for online grocery stores, has detailed information about all their products mentioned on their webpage, eliminating any chances of dealing with counterfeit products. 

The website provides free delivery on all their orders and has easy return and refund policies for their esteemed customers. 

Conclusion: provides you with incredible online arrangements for special days, depending on celebrations and events. The website has limited discount offers for all their festive seasons, allowing you to get the essentials at the best affordable prices. 

Check Out Weekend delivery offers and book your slot before it fills out!

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