5 Tips to Beat Insomnia and Sleep Better

If you’ve been having trouble sleeping, you’re not alone. Countless people all over the world struggle to get a wink of sleep every night but with little success. The thing is though, that we have years and years of research at our disposal that reveals so much about how and why humans fall asleep at certain times.

By leveraging that knowledge to our benefit, we can at least try and beat our insomnia for a better, happier life. Keep reading to learn more about beating insomnia and getting better sleep.

Use the Right Mattress

More often than not, the main issue people face with sleeping is that they’re not sleeping on the right mattress for them. The sad part is that many people don’t even think that their mattress might be the problem.

If your mattress is too soft for you, or too hard, or doesn’t provide the right heat conductivity, not only can it mean poor quality sleep, but it can also mean that you’ll develop body aches because of a lack of proper support during the night.

If you’re confused about the kind of mattress that would be best for you, consider buying a good quality hybrid mattress.

This Real Simple article explains what hybrid mattresses are: “A hybrid mattress is a bed made from a combination of materials designed to bring you the benefits of multiple mattress types. Typically constructed with coils and foam, hybrid mattresses can also be layered with different kinds of foam, like memory foam and gel-infused foam, as well as various types of latex.”

No Napping During the Day

We get it, after a whole night of no sleep, there’s nothing that seems better to you than a quick wink at the office or a little nap on the couch. But give into that temptation and you’ll be setting off a vicious cycle of sleepless nights and uncomfortably short but frequent day time naps that are nowhere near good enough for your body.

If you want to be able to fall asleep on time during the night, consider not sleeping during the day and avoid taking any naps. This way you’ll be ready to snuggle into bed for a peaceful night’s sleep as soon as the clock hits 10pm.

Set the Mood

Treat sleep like a big event you have to prepare for. Take a warm bubble bath or a warm shower in advance, set the temperature low enough that the sheets and your blanket look inviting and welcome, turn off all electronics and relax.

Drinking calming teas like Chamomile or even warm milk will help your body calm down and make you feel drowsy. Keep the lights off in your room and just focus on relaxing – you now have hours ahead of you where you need to do nothing but sleep, relax, and re-energize.

Daylight is Good

Your body’s internal clock works in mysterious ways, and exposure to sunlight during the day will help your body know it’s day time. Gradually,you’ll start feeling sleepy during the night all on your own.

This is why you should do your circadian rhythm a favor and keep the curtains drawn in your home and your offices during the day.

Avoid Heavy Dinners

Your body won’t be busy falling asleep if it’s busy trying to digest the chicken wings you just had. Keep your dinners light and simple, and avoid eating two to three hours before you go to sleep. This way your body will be able to relax and slip into slumber with your brain, allowing you the rest you so badly need.

SLeeping better is an uphill journey for many people, but the investment you put into your life will only pay you back two fold. If you sleep better, you’ll be able to concentrate on your day to day tasks more, feel less stressed and anxious, and the quality of your life will seriously improve.

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