5 Things You Should Know About React Native App Development

5 Things You Should Know About React Native App Development

React Native is one of the most popular programming languages, used to fuel some of the most notable apps on the market. React Native app development is widespread, and you’d be hard-pressed to find many apps that don’t use it.

If you’ve been curious about using React Native to program applications, read on. We have five excellent reasons why you should begin learning the language for app development today.

1. Stellar Cross-Platform Support

One of the main reasons to build a React Native app is for the excellent cross-platform support. While the language focuses dominantly on mobile, there’s still a great amount of cross-platform use for the language. A great React Native example app that benefits from this is Facebook.

Much of this cross-platform comes from React Native being compatible with both Apple and Android apps. This is much better than having to maintain two different versions of the app due to different frameworks. With React Native, programmers are able to help keep all versions secure and updated from a single platform.

2. Build Faster and Cheaper

React Native is a bit younger than a decade, which has given it a sizable online community. Because of this, you’ll likely have access to countless components and third-party plugins. This can help to make things go much quicker and cut down on the work you need to do.

Faster building means you can build a React Native mobile app significantly cheaper than many other languages. This can also help you to focus on other factors of development.

3. Simple and Straightforward

Compared to many other languages like flutter, React Native app creation is incredibly simple. That isn’t to say that it can’t do much or anything like that, but only that what you can accomplish with it is relatively easier to accomplish. 

This makes it a powerful tool for a team of developers that doesn’t contain many veterans. 

4. Great Amount of Online Support

As React Native has been around for nearly a decade, there’s a great deal of online support. We already mentioned easy-to-access resources, but there’s more than plug-ins and such that you’ll be able to utilize.

Plenty of people have been programming in the language since it was released. You’ll find many useful blog posts, resources, guides, and how-to’s online. These can be useful to tweak, expand, or simply to build React Native apps. 

5. Easy to Fix

Because React Native is so simple, problems are usually (relatively) uncomplicated. Many developers enjoy to fix or create React Native app and tools. 

That isn’t to say it’s incredibly easy, of course. The average React Native developer will still need a good deal of training. However, the ease of troubleshooting is a welcome relief for those that have struggled with some languages.

React Native App Development

While these five reasons to focus on React Native app development are strong, they’re far from the only ones. If you have more questions about React Native, please feel free to browse our blog or contact us.

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