5 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Alberta

When you are moving to a new area, you should always do some research to make yourself familiar with the place that you will potentially call home.

There are many areas to move throughout Canada, but none really compares to the cities within Alberta. Whether it’s St. Albert real estate that catches your eye or another area, you’ll be sure to be very happy.

Before you decide where to move in Alberta, here are some things you need to know.

Get Familiar with the Different Cities

  • Edmonton: The capital city of Alberta. Edmonton is referred to throughout Canada as the festival city due to the large number of festivals that take place here. Because of that, life in Edmonton is never boring.
  • Calgary: Calgary is the largest city within Alberta. It’s one of the top 3 largest cities in all of Canada. Due to its size, it’s definitely more expensive to live in Calgary, but with that comes more job opportunities.
  • Red Deer: This is the halfway point between Edmonton and Calgary. You can get the most out of all 3 cities by moving to Red Deer. It’s one of Canada’s fastest growing cities and it is preferred by many to live in Red Deer.
  • Lacombe: Another one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. With rapid growth occurring, Lacombe is a great place to move with more and more jobs popping up. The growth also brings more businesses and things to do.
  • Albert: Albert is a super safe place to live. The crime rate is well below the national average. If you’re looking for a peaceful and quiet place to live, take a hard look at Albert.

Cost of Living

You don’t have to make an overly large amount of income to live in Alberta. The average income is just under $100,000 CAD. There is, however, a 10% income tax for individuals who make up to $130,000 CAD.

Jobs in Canada typically pay well, so you shouldn’t have an issue moving to a city within Alberta.

Public Transportation

There is both a bus and train transit system in Alberta. Bus and train routes flow through the cities making it easy to get around if you choose to go carless.

You should have no issue getting around Alberta.

Electricity Providers

There are over 30 electricity providers in Alberta. You will most likely have your choice, but providers can vary by which city you will be living in.

Do your research and find which provider has the best option and pricing for your needs.

Internet Providers

TELUS, Shaw, and ClearWave are some of the best internet providers in Alberta. You can find a complete list of internet service providers online by searching Google once you are dead set on which area you will be moving to.

Much like electricity, find a provider who provides the best option and pricing for your internet needs. Always take into consideration gaming systems and streaming platforms as you will want fast internet if those types of things are important to you or someone in your family.

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