5 Things to Keep in Mind When Decluttering Your Closet

Going through the closet in your apartment may be the last thing on your mind. But that’s precisely why you should make time to do it.

If this is a project you’ve been putting off for a while, there’s no time like the present to get it done. If you procrastinate, the mess is only going to continue to grow. 

It doesn’t matter if you need to go through your bedroom closet, hallway closet, or any other closet in your home. You should ask yourself the following questions whenever it’s time to sort through things (and that should be sooner rather than later!).

1. What Will it Take to Clear Things Out? 

When the project first begins, you need a plan of attack. It won’t work if you just open the closet door and stare at everything. Wishing it’ll magically get organized won’t make it so! 

Take Stock of What’s In There

It’s first essential to take stock of what’s in the closet. Are clothes taking it over? Are shoes mixed in there? What about tools and other random accessories?

Consider making a list of everything inside the closet. That way, you can take note of everything you have to sort and decide whether or not to keep it. 

Decide What to Keep or Move 

Not everything in your closet needs to live there. If there’s another place you can put your shoes and boots, do it. If your scarves would look nice as hanging decorations and you currently have nothing on your bedroom walls, take advantage of the opportunity and get them out of your closet.

Finding ways to move things out of the closet will help you organize the interior.

As you strategize, start thinking about what you can get rid of entirely (more on this next).

2. Will I Ever Wear or Use it Again?

While going through your belongings, ask yourself if it’s something you’ll ever wear again. Or, if it’s an accessory, ask yourself if you’ll ever use it again. 

You could be keeping an old vacuum in your closet even though you recently got a new one. Instead of keeping it as a backup, donate it or give it to a friend. It likely won’t last much longer anyway, so why allow it to take up space? 

The same goes for clothing. There may be a “favorite” jacket in there that you haven’t worn for months. If you’re afraid to wear it because you don’t want it to get dirty, get past that!

Chances are, if there are items that have been sitting in your closet for several months, you’ll never use them. Wear the clothes that are in the closet or donate them. Otherwise, like the vacuum, they’re only going to take up space. 

3. Is it Worth Keeping? 

It doesn’t make sense to keep things that smell bad or have rips and holes.

You may have a favorite pair of hiking shoes that you’d like to keep, but they’re pretty beat up. Do yourself a favor:

Buy a new pair and get rid of the old pair.

Some hiking shoes are acceptable as backups, but you need to let them go at a certain point. 

As for clothing and accessories, ask yourself if they’re worth keeping. If you repurpose the item, that’s ideal. Taking the time to use it in a new way is fun and helps save the planet! If you can’t repurpose it, either donate or toss it.

4. What Type of Supplies Do I Need to Reorganize Everything?

After making the tough decisions, it’s now time to figure out what to do with the items you’re keeping. Look over your belongings one last time before moving to the reorganization stage. 

It won’t work to throw everything back into the closet — you need a plan of action. Make a list of required supplies, such as baskets, bins, or a closet dresser. 

Then, create a mock-up plan. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but your drawing will prompt you to envision what goes where. You’ll also know which supplies go in which basket or bin.

(By the way, labels are great for knowing what’s in each basket!)

From there, it’s time to put everything back in the closet and complete your project. It’s alright if your closet doesn’t look perfect the first time; at least you’ll have a sense of where things belong. You can always move items around later on. 

5. How Can I Keep Things Organized Moving Forward? 

After everything is said and done, it’s vital to keep your closet tidy.

Even though your closet is now organized doesn’t mean it’ll stay that way. That’s why it’s a good idea to incorporate closet-cleaning into a weekly cleaning schedule.

If you have specific days you organize things, make sure your closet is a priority. Commit to cleaning everything and then maintain its tidiness. Your closet will look orderly, and you’ll know where to find everything! 


You now know where everything is in your closet. So, reorganize other areas in your apartment the same way. Come on; you know there are plenty of other rooms that need your magic touch! 

By now, you’re a pro at organizing things, so you’ll know which steps will help you reach your goal. Now, all that remains is staying on top of the mess and keeping your apartment tidy and clean

Even though it may seem like a huge undertaking, you can do it! Gather some strength and show your closet who’s boss! 

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