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5 things to consider when choosing the best law school for you

Choosing to become a lawyer is not a decision taken lightly as it takes many years and a lot of hard work and determination. As such you want to make sure that you attend the best law school for your circumstances. With it being such an important decision, there are several things to consider when deciding which schools to apply for. Doing so will set your mind at rest that you end up in the right place.


If there is a specialty that particularly interests you in law, then the location of the law school you attend can help. This is because it is common to be hired locally to the school you attend and various industries congregate geographically. So, if you’re interested in political law and policy, Washington, D.C. is the ultimate location to look at law schools. Learn about where is best for your specific interests and look at which programs the local schools run.

Be Realistic

Be realistic about which schools you are likely to get into early on. Upon studying how to get into Harvard Law school you will quickly realise that there is several years worth of dedicated work needed. As law is a postgraduate degree, the minimum for entry is a bachelors degree and passing the LSAT. For a topflight school you’ll need much more than this to impress the admissions department.

What Does Each Program Offer You?

While you need to prove your worth of being accepted when you apply to law school, it pays to check out what they offer you too. While you’ll learn a lot in the classroom, it takes hands on experience via externships, to really teach law practice. Therefore, a law school that offers plenty of practical opportunities is beneficial to your hiring potential after graduation. 


Any course of study is hard work, especially once you get to postgraduate level, so it’s vital to have a good support network in place. Your school is a key part of that support structure, so you should research what support they offer to law students. This should cover mental health as there a many long hours involved, through to exam prep for taking the bar exam. Don’t forget to look at student organizations as well, as these provide excellent social opportunities which is vital to mental wellbeing.


Should you be successful in becoming a fully qualified lawyer, you will have to deal with a variety of people throughout your career. Learning in a diverse environment is essential to dealing with various people and scenarios at a later date. Being in such an environment also exposes you to different ways of thinking and approaching problems, which is beneficial to learning. Consider the diversity of not just the student body, but also the faculty, so that you get a good idea of the school’s attitude.

By taking these various factors into to consideration when choosing which law schools to apply to you will give yourself the best chance of a fulfilling and successful law career.

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