5 Smart Tips To Host A Successful Event During The Covid Outbreak

Amid the pandemic, it is of no doubt that the event industry is one of the worst affected, but with technological advancements the industry is back on its feet. While the event industry is one of the most creative and happening one, it requires a lot of planning and out-of-the-box thinking. 

Conducting events virtually is no joke and can’t be done in a day or two, but with little more energy, virtual events can be made fun. While we understand that the in-person events are a lot more engaging, virtual events can be successful too when the below steps are implemented. 

Engage more with your attendees and communicate clearly

In-person or virtual, conversations about events with your attendees must be clear as water. While in-person events offer a lot more, virtual events can be made interesting starting from day one. Communicate well from the very first email you send your attendees after the event trigger. 

Craft an excellent picture about your brand and the upcoming event in front of your attendees so they don’t ever overlook your emails, calls, or messages. 

Utilize the right virtual event solutions for your events

To create a successful event, it is also important that you choose a platform that suits best for your needs. Amid the pandemic there have been many technological advancements around the industry and most of the solutions are top-notch. But the one solution that is making rounds is Goldcast

Goldcast is a modern-age event platform that not just lets you host an amazing event, but also helps you focus more on accelerating your sales funnel. With Goldcast, you not just attract and retain your attendees, but can gain actionable insights about your attendees’ behaviour, analyze the data, and approach your attendees in the most desirable way. 

Give your event a taste of both live stream and pre-recorded videos

Pre-recorded videos when created with a solid purpose can be more entertaining. A mix of both live stream and pre-recorded videos give the attendees and the speakers some time to breathe, look at something that is not directly related to the event, and dive into something knowledgeable and interactive. 

While listening to a speaker continuously might lose attendees’ interests, it is always better to show something that will keep them going forward. 

Make the best use of your mobile application

Mobile application is the first thing your attendees might see in the registration phase. All your interactions with your attendees earlier will depend on how well your mobile app functions. Your mobile app can be a master of engaging your audience with live polling, messaging, push notifications, and engaging content. 

Make room for virtual networking

Creating an event that highlights some exciting product and provides knowledge is different, and providing a room to network is different. While attendees might be interested in your product, they are more interested to network. 

Choose a virtual event platform that lets you create such rooms where your attendees can hangout and talk about relevant things. If you want your event to be a success, don’t take this opportunity away from your attendees. In fact, market this one point as much as you can and you will see a lot of registrations coming your way. 


Virtual events are as powerful as in-person events. But to make it a big success, you must implement ideas that are yet not in the market, and closely bind your attendees to your brand. The more features you implement that attendees, the more you can see your virtual events going big. 

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