5 Signs It’s Time to Install New Door Lock

Door locks are among the most critical security mechanisms. They safeguard your life and property from thieves, burglars, and those looking for a quick means to gain entry. By installing the right kind of lock in your door, you will be able to protect what should be your most valuable possession- your life. You must know some signs that it’s time to install new door lock with these tips.

5 Signs It’s Time to Install New Door Lock

If you’re in a new house

New houses often indicate that you need to change the locks because thieves can easily target the area and use it for their gain. New homes serve as a magnet for thieves because they know that there’s less security. You must know that your door lock installation will only protect your property, not the area around them. You must also install locks for doors leading to your yard and garage.

Your door lock does not always work.

If you have tried to open your door and it seems stuck, it is time for a new door lock. If you can’t open your door from the inside, there could be a problem with the locking mechanism inside the door itself. Scrutinize your lock and see any signs of wear on the external part of the lock disengaging from its supporting hardware. Look for faded or cracked paint on that surface as well. Also, inspect for any other signs that your lock may not function properly, such as rusted or damaged hardware.

If your door locks are old

Most experts agree that a lock that is ten years old is on its way out. It is especially true if it’s showing signs of wear and tear. A worn-out lock can also indicate that burglars are targeting your residence. Old locks require more maintenance and upkeep than new ones, so this may be something to consider in your next-door lock replacement consultation with us. The wear and tear on your lock can also give them away.

If your home has been broken into before

If you have been burglarized before and found nothing but your TV and phone missing, then it means that thieves know that your locks are easy to exploit. A new lock will protect your property and deter thieves who want to steal valuables from inside a home. It is a big reason why thieves target homes in the first place to learn if the house has any security system in place.

If you suspect it

It’s always lovely to trust yourself, but always take precautions. If you suspect your home is being targeted by intruders and are unsure of your security, it’s time to install a new door lock. It may also be a good idea to install additional locks at other entry points that can be accessed by the same means that the intruder used to get in. Consider locking up your doors and windows when you leave home as well. Install new door latching mechanisms in your garage door as well.

Install new door lock mechanisms if you think you’ll need more protection. You can always consult with professionals to help with the process, but it also pays to do a little research on your own. Therefore, to install a new door lock, follow these signs and use these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to having a safe and secure door. Contact a residential locksmith service today if you want to learn more about your options.

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