5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs SEO

Of course, you may have heard of SEO: Search Engine Optimization. And suppose you have not heard about your business. In that case, you are seriously in danger, because with the technological advancement of the internet and the devices that allow access to it, such as smartphones, tablets, watches, among others, it is pretty standard that the number of people who place trust in search engines to search for crucial information at the time of purchase has increased exponentially in recent years.

Expand your Product or Service to a Larger Audience

Did you know that search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, among others, can have the potential to attract different masses of buyers to your website? Imagine, Google gets more than 63,000 searches per second, that is, 5.4 billion searches per day, and yes, I researched how many seconds a day has! Optimizing your website and content allows you to understand what you are trying to sell.

So you can offer the best value to customers, which is the best “search” experience. And it goes even further! In 2021, this number is expected to grow by 53.7%. If you see low numbers on your website, it is time to invest in SEO strategies to help your company attract and retain customers.

Of course, you can only achieve the above if you have the right agency or enough knowledge to do it yourself. Agencies can be expensive so it’s always worthwhile to take an SEO course and learn SEO to be successful in getting a larger audience to buy your product or service.

High Return on Investment

According to Marketing research, sites that have invested in SEO are receiving more than 50% of total Internet traffic. The ranking on the first page of Google takes you to a 90% greater reach. SEO leads have a 14.6% closing rate, compared to just 1.7% outbound leads, such as print ads. Of all the marketing efforts your company should focus on, building a solid SEO strategy is essential to expanding your business.

SEO brings ROI (Return on Investment) – an average of 40% for companies that implement a good SEO strategy and are ranked on the top pages of SERPS – Search Engine Results Pages.

SEO Brings More Loyal Customers

Customer return is one of the factors that the search engine takes into account. In addition to the performance of your website being necessary, the type of person who enters your website also plays a significant role, and that is why. The happier “searchers” are with your content, the more likely they are to share, publish and forward your site to others, which in turn adds credibility to your site.

To attract these “Seekers,” you need first to identify the audience you are trying to reach. Once your audience is identified, you can start creating niches or segmentations of that audience and producing content that will resonate with each segment. Using the right content SEO strategy for each niche will bring them specifically to your website.

SEO Helps to Improve User Experience

Implementing the correct keyword phrases or questions for your content helps make it easier for users to navigate, allowing them to find the things they need without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information online. Think of your website as a unique store for your customers’ needs, what questions you should answer based on the products or services you sell, and how you can help them make the right choices.

By providing optimized quality content, you provide your customers with a sense of trust and credibility. And trust is built over time; getting to know your guests and writing about the important things will allow you to strengthen the user experience more and more.

Increase your Customer Retention Rate

With so many ways to reach consumers, sometimes the market is saturated with information that is not necessarily what they are looking for. For starters, you never want to rank keywords that have nothing to do with your content, which is a big red flag for search engines. Wasting your guests’ time on your website with information that you are not an expert just harms you.

That’s why researching your audience takes time! It takes time to create specific keywords that can describe precisely what you’re trying to convey. The time and effort invested in carrying out this research will pay off in the end, as you will notice how the bounce rate decreases. Remember that you want visitors to stay on your site as long as possible! The right SEO techniques will help your company get there.


In other words, SEO is the type of action/investment that your company MUST do as soon as possible. The world is increasingly digital, and companies are following the same flow.

Imagine that you are in a city where the best commercial location in the city is running out of spaces for your company to settle. Internet space is not the problem, but the gigantic accumulation of information is a threat to your company being seen as “a stand in front of a large commercial building.” We are talking about an investment with a return of 40%, on average. I don’t remember receiving such an exciting proposal a long time ago!

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