5 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Contractor for Painting Your House

Painting is really hard, whether on a canvas or a home. So, save yourself from stress and leave the work to trustworthy Painting Services in Berkeley CA.

It’s a task that requires professional expertise for good finishing and long-lasting results. Painting a single room may be a DIY project, but if you choose to paint the whole interior and exterior of your property by yourself, you are likely to end up with bad results.

However, Painting Services Berkeley CA has the right tools, expert painters, and experience to do the job seamlessly. There is always a difference between a painting DIY project and professional painters. Paint contractors have more experience and knowledge about techniques that help improve the outcome and efficiency.

Why Hire A Painting Contractor?

Most people wonder why they should hire a contractor for painting their house. Well, there are countless reasons but below you can read about 5 of them. Hopefully, you can choose the Best Painting Service Berkeley CA for your home.

Professional Experience

They are workers who specialize in painting. Their skill level is far above an amateur painter. Most of all, they know which paintbrush and roller are to be used for painting straight lines and the right way to tape edges. Thus, their skillful job eliminates the need for repainting sooner than necessary and translates into the longevity of the paint.

Quality Work

Professional painters have the best tools and techniques to do the paint job with precision and perfection. They use quality paint best suited for your home that will stay on your walls for years. Moreover, professional painting service ensures that there are clean lines, and no messy flakes, debris, or chips. A painting job that a Residential Painting Contractor Berkeley CA does skillfully will last for years.

No Clean-up Required

There are a lot of cleanups required after a painting job. However, a professional company saves you the trouble of cleaning up as they know the proper way to dispose of the paint materials. Additionally, their years of experience will also help in making only a little mess in the first place. This means you can relax without any worries of cleaning up afterwards at all.

Saves You Money

You would definitely exceed your budget when doing a paint job yourself. On the other hand, professionals get special discounts on paints and tools from local paint stores. This way, they can present an affordable painting service to you. Tus, they will deliver quality work while staying within the specified budget. Hiring a professional painting company may seem like a lot of money upfront, however, it is actually lower than doing it yourself.

Timely Completion

Unlike a DIY paint job, hiring painting professionals will save you a lot of time. What’s more, is that your house will not be messy because of painting materials. A painting company has a team to complete your painting project within a specified time. Thus, you can get back to your normal life as soon as possible. The preparation and work required for moving furniture, removing any wall decor, buying the supplies and the actual painting process can take a lot of your time. You can save a lot of time by hiring contractors for this job.

What to Do After Hiring a Contractor

Reputable painters also know how to handle and properly dispose of hazardous wastes. So once you make the decision to hire a professional painting contractor, it’s time to specify the work. With each painter, make sure you receive an estimate for the same work. Prepare a list of what work is pending, and be sure to include what paint color and gloss level you’d like. Also, you should always provide a completion date. 

Both you and your painter should sign a written contract that specifies the project’s scope. It should include details on how they will prepare surfaces prior to painting. It should also include how the workers will paint surfaces, the exact paint products they will apply, a time schedule, and payment terms. Additionally, when making payments, avoid paying cash. If this is not an option, be sure to get a receipt upon payment. These are some tips you should use after you decide to hire painting contractors.


Using a professional painting contractor takes the stress out of painting the inside or outside of your home. Furthermore, finding the right one is the most important decision in order to achieve the best results. Quality exterior paint works as an added layer of protection from weather damage, insects, and dust, etc. In addition, good paint can even prevent exterior wood from rotting. 

Lastly, while hiring a contractor ask them very detailed questions about their services. Also, do some research to find the best contractors for your home. It’s always better for you to prepare yourself in advance and to know about services before using them.

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