5 Qualities To Look for Before Hiring a Criminal Lawyer

Facing a criminal charge can be incredibly traumatic. A criminal charge can negatively impact your mental framework and cause you to feel anxious, angry, or ashamed. To mitigate such anxieties, you need to hire a criminal defense lawyer that will handle your case and work toward getting you the best possible outcome. To ensure that you get the best lawyer for your case, here are five qualities you should look for before you hire a criminal defense lawyer.

Can Think Outside the Box

A good criminal defense lawyer is one who can think outside the box. It is not enough to think ethically, analytically, or logically. At times, a lawyer needs to think creatively to discover the best solution for your problem.

A criminal defense lawyer from the Spodek Law Group will think outside the box until they find the best solution for your problem. When you hire a lawyer that uses cookie-cutter arguments, the chances of winning your case drop significantly.

Is Empathetic and Not Money Minded

Does your potential lawyer think about your case, or is their main priority getting paid? Before hiring a criminal lawyer, ensure that they are empathetic about your situation and demonstrate high emotional intelligence.

A criminal lawyer from the Spodek Law Group can understand your mental and emotional needs and balance between showing empathy and being responsible for your case outcome.

Has Experience Handling Your Specific Type of Case

Your potential criminal defense lawyer should have relevant experience specific to your case. You should not assume that all criminal defense lawyers can handle your specific case because different criminal defense lawyers have different areas of specialization.

For example, some criminal defense lawyers focus on street crimes and may know nothing about white-collar crimes. As such, if you have been charged with a street crime, you should hire a criminal defense lawyer from the Spodek Law Group that has experience handling street crimes.

Can Give a Breakdown of Fees

A good criminal defense lawyer should give you a transparent breakdown of fees for all the services they plan to offer you. The breakdown should include investigation costs, expert witness fees, copying costs, and court costs.

Criminal Lawyers from the Spodek Law Group Have Excellent Communication Skills

A good criminal defense lawyer should have excellent communication skills. If your potential lawyer cannot communicate effectively, how will they argue your case?

It is your lawyer’s job to convince judges and juries of your peers to vote in your favor. A lawyer who cannot communicate properly may end up turning the judges and jury away from you instead of appealing to them. To avoid this, hire a criminal lawyer from the Spodek Law Group who can communicate persuasion and help you make your case.

Hire a Qualified Criminal Attorney

If you are facing a criminal charge, look for these qualities before hiring a criminal defense lawyer. The best criminal defense lawyer will think creatively, be empathetic, have experience handling your specific type of case, can give you a breakdown of fees, and communicate properly.

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