5 Proven Tactics to Transform Yourself From An Artist to Entrepreneur

The transformation from being an artist to becoming an entrepreneur is not as easy as you might perceive. Glass artists, just like entrepreneurs, have products to sell.

To achieve this, an artist must have at least the business skills and an inner willingness to approach the market with a business mind. 

Here, in this, we have gathered practical tips to embrace being an entrepreneur. So, let’s scroll down and have a look:-

1. Think of Yourself as an Entrepreneur 

First things first, many artists struggle to be labeled as a business person, because they don’t think of themselves as an entrepreneur. This is where most artists go wrong — if you don’t trust yourself, how others will. So, what’s the best way to force yourself into thinking you are an entrepreneur? Write it down on your business card. 

If you have a personal website, then clearly define that you are a glass artist cum entrepreneur. It will inject immense self-confidence into you. 
2. Price Your Artworks

Yes, it is essential that you price your art works properly with a strategic plan in execution. Through research of the market will present you with a fair idea on how to price your artwork. Check out online galleries and open studios to know what other artists have priced their art pieces. 

Remember never to undersell your art. Your art price must be a genuine amalgam of the hard work you put-in. But, at the same time, being proud of your unique skills is wonderful, you should never let your emotions impact your pricing. Finally, have confidence, and stand by your price. Have compelling answers to combat the client’s request for negotiation. 
3. Generate a Buzz Around Your Artwork

Don’t wait for the opportunities to come to you, instead, hunt for it. Having said that, you are required to create a buzz around your artwork. Be an active artist on social media, share your views with your prospective audience. The more you interact, the stronger your artist image will be in the market. 

Also, be sure of what you want to promote. Use the latest art glass supplies and create something that deserves the attention of your audience. 

You can also share video tutorials on video platforms such as YouTube to have an impactful voice in the art glass community. Don’t feel shy about self-promotion, because eventually by doing so you will turn your art skills into profits like an entrepreneur. Let various art magazines and local papers know about your recent art studio exhibition. Send emails to your contacts, summing up what you have created and how you created it.  

Spread the word by sharing professional photographs of your artwork digitally. You can make sales by sharing images of your recent art piece.

4. Get a Handle on Your Finances

Financial planning is something that every artist should do. Regardless if you are a full-time artist, a side-hustle, or practice glass art for fun, you have to deal with money at some point. Have a good grasp of how money is coming and where it is going. 

Monitor how your business is performing, and what you can do to generate revenue from glass art. All this will help you make informed decisions about your glass art business. 
5. Be Clear About Your Goals

Every entrepreneur has a vision and then plans to implement their vision. So, what is your vision?  Now, you have to identify where you want to be with your art practice. And, next, within the vision, there are goals that you want to achieve. After that within each goal, there are tangible, small but powerful steps that every artist needs to take. 

Finally, staying on top of your finances, branding yourself, and the price of your artworks hold the key to your success as a glass art entrepreneur. 

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