5 Proven Steps for Content Promotion

5 Proven Steps for Content Promotion

Researching, writing, creating, and publishing content is daily activities for the content creator. A decent and innovative piece of content isn’t enough to catch people’s interest. 

Obviously, it would make you grow frustrated inside your head, especially when the other competitor has more attention than yours. After all, it’s pointless to create amazing content if no one sees it, right?

To avoid this disaster, you must understand how to promote the content. You can work less hard if you promote your content. That is, you can retarget new audiences or repurpose existing content for new platforms without having to create new ones each time.

Moreover, there are so many tools on the internet that will help you to promote your content. Buffer or HootSuite for managing your social media. Canva or Lumen5 for making presentation videos, design, and many more.

In short, promoting the content could make your content more noticeable and increase your exposure. There are a variety of options on how to promote the content. We could discuss it with the list down below.

#1. Email Broadcast

The first thing that people at work do on this day is to check their gadgets. It’s for checking the fresh news, new messages, or new emails. One thing in common with all of those activities is reading.

You could use this opportunity to send them an email, whether it is content with fresh news or with your first content.

Send an email to your list whenever new content is published. Provide a brief preview of the information to entice readers to click through, as well as a call to action inviting them to share it.

It would be great if you could embed the live action or animation videos to attract your subscribers. Another thing is to use a newsletter. Newsletters, in particular, are a good medium for promoting your material.

Sherrie Ashley, the co-founder of PeopleFastFind “Consider a newsletter to which you have subscribed. It most likely contains the core message, followed by important pieces linked throughout. Alternatively, it might be listed at the very bottom.”

#2. Social Media

Social media promotion is a simple yet must-have thing in digital marketing. Social media is the main backbone of communication for this modern society.

With the help of algorithms, sometimes we could stumble on the content that we liked or with the content that has the same context. And if we like the content, we could share it on our social media page or share it with a friend.

This also provides content creators to make their content become more noticeable. There are a few tips to make your content incidentally seen, such as:

  • Targeting specific audient by mentions or tagging
  • Using a quote
  • Using a proper hashtag
  • Tag relevant business/people with the same context

Daniel Foley, SEO Expert at IVA Advice says “Another thing that the content creator should remember is every social media has its own recipe for success. One of them is using a different quote or using a different concept for each platform.”

#3. Rewards

People have a tendency to do something when they get a reward from it. As the content creator, you can use it to your benefit. You may encourage people to share your content by developing a rewards campaign or a referral-marketing program.

Promoting content in this method allows you to reach a group of people who may turn out to be your greatest clients.

For example, you may host a webinar or be invited to one as the main host. You might take advantage of this chance to invite participants to share your material or the webinar with a friend or on social media.

Don’t forget to give them an incentive, such as an eBook or a free voucher. As the incentive rises in size, so does the exposure.

#4. Paid Ads

Advertising your content is a relatively new concept that may be effective, particularly when compared to typical direct-marketing approaches.

One of the methods is using paid ads. Paid ads on social media allow your content to reach more prospective clients in your field who aren’t currently on your following list. Paid ads might be helpful since you can control who sees them.

Daniel Foley, SEO Expert at LUCAS Products & Services says “You can hire an explainer video company to create video ads for better engagement. In most situations, these things fall under the concept of pay-per-click (PPC), which means that even if a large number of people view your post, you only have to pay when someone actually clicks on it.”

#5. Online Community

Modern civilization allows us to socialize without having to physically congregate or meet others. People might just open their devices and share information with one another, especially when there is a discussion on an online platform.

By utilizing this, you could show up with the answer or even share some jokes with them. By socializing on an online community; also increases the chance for your page to be seen by others.

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