5 Natural Ways to Use in Clearing Blocked Drains

There are plenty of plumbing issues that can happen in your home. However, nothing tops blocked drains as one of the messiest. It will require a thorough house cleaning, especially when there is a flood in the kitchen. 

But before you can proceed with your kitchen cleaning, you have a bigger task to tackle – clearing the clog from your drain. 

You have many techniques to choose from but the most effective in removing clogs from your drains are by natural means. Starting with gentle options before going into the more aggressive route is the best way to do it.

Here are five recommended methods to clear your blocked drains.

#1. Use a Bent Hanger

Food particles, dirt, hair, and soap scum are the usual causes of blocked drains. These items will bind with the soap scum, accumulating on your drain pipes. Over time it will clog the pipes and slow down the water flow.

The simplest and easiest way to remove this kind of clog is using a wire hanger. Straighten it and make a hook at its end. Push it down slowly on the drain and begin fishing for the clog. Do not try to push the hanger down as it will move the blockage farther. With continuous hooking and prodding, you can dislodge the clog. Afterward, grab your cleaning supplies and start your house cleaning routine.

#2. Dish Detergent

The blockages on your shower drain are usually caused by the hair while for toilets, the usual suspects are toilet paper and other non-flushable items. The easiest way to remove these clogs is a dish detergent. Simply pour it on the drain and leave it for a while to work its magic.

The dish detergent will break down the residue and lubricate the drain. Follow it up with hot water and voila the clog is gone. Do your usual house cleaning to finish it off.

#3. Baking Soda and Vinegar

Remember your science project? It works well with blocked drains too. Pour half a cup of baking soda on the clogged drain and follow it up with a combination of equal parts water and white vinegar. To get the best result, leave it for an hour and rinse with hot water.

If this does not work, use washing soda. This is another version of a cleaning agent with sodium bicarbonate. It works because it is alkaline and breaks down the clog better. Follow it up with hot water and repeat the process until the clog is completely gone.

#4. Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Your house cleaning buddy can be used for clearing blocked drains too. Use the wet and dry vacuum to suck up all the clogs from your drain. 

Avoid making a mess by ensuring that the plughole is completely sealed then turn the vacuum to the liquid setting and let it do its job. Check if the water is running on the sink after each cycle.

#5. Cleaning the P-Trap

If you find the above techniques ineffective in clearing your blocked drain then it is time to level up. This however can make a lot of mess. So get ready for an intense kitchen cleaning.

The P-trap is the curved pipe under your sink and it is made to catch the debris from your sink. Before disassembling this contraption, make sure to place a bucket under the sink. It will catch the excess water. Unscrew this pipe and empty its contents. Clean the debris and reassemble after cleaning.


Having a blocked drain issue can be a problem. Before the house cleaning begins, you need to tackle this problem first. Use these techniques to remove the clogs. If the problem persists, better call a plumber. 

And if the house cleaning from the aftermath is too much for you to handle, call the professionals to help. Visit Urban Care to get in touch with an available cleaner in your area.