5 Must-Have Makeup Supplies

For many, makeup is just about going an extra mile with the looks! However, for some others hauling every new product on launch, makeup can seem more of a therapy. Most cosmetics give women a sense of self-esteem. Especially, lipsticks have positive psychological effects and develop cognitive skills! The benefits of makeup cannot be summed up and are indefinite with varying individuals. Australian women are holistic towards beauty, says the founder of the Beauty Chef. 

However, if you have just started wearing makeup, shopping for wholesale makeup in Australia can help you customise your makeup bag without blowing your budget.

Whether you are working or attending high school, a personalised to-grab makeup bag can be highly functional. Remember that Australia spends more than $888,405,000 on beauty imports. So, here is a list of cosmetic supplies to own for an exhilarating experience,

A Primer

Priming your face before makeup is a step that you should never skip! Also, if you want the rest of your cosmetics to stand right on point, a primer is highly inevitable. Most women suffer from skin damages like pore accumulation, lines and wrinkles on the face and, an apt primer can hide all your blemishes below the makeup! For best results, always go with an oil-free formula and also those with anti-ageing properties.


A concealer can help you get that even and regularised tone even when your face has parts of discolouration! Also, you will not find a makeup stash without some concealers, so that marks its significance. Concealers come in different types. They can be sticks, liquid-based or even creams. 

However, not every face type requires the same concealer, as they differ in terms of coverage. If you want to have a not so made-up look, go with sheer-coverage concealers. Also, make sure to check the concealer’s tone so that they match your skin naturally!


No doubt that voluminous lashes can add to the glam-dam look! Eye makeup can make a huge difference even without concealing or priming! Black mascaras can instantly lift your eye’s appearance and suit every makeup type, be it smokey or minimal. Make sure the brush type can comfort your usage before buying mascaras. Classic brown is another colour option for those with light-tone lashes.


For those who put over a thick layer of foundation, some subtle blushing can lift the complexion. The right toned blush can give your cheeks a glowing tint without making them look artificial. However, if you pick blush powders, then shopping for the right brushes is equally vital. For a natural look, always go with lightly toned blushes. Avoid colours like vivid red and maroon.

Lipsticks and Liners

Your makeup bag can never have enough lipsticks as there are infinite shades to try! You can also choose between gloss and matte finishes when it comes to lip shades. However, to get the best lips done, use a lip liner to shape and then wear lipstick. Nude shades can work well on a warm makeup look.

Benefits Of Buying Makeup Supplies In Wholesale

  • Undoubtedly, when you want to have a customised bag full of cosmetics, price is a factor to consider. Australians spend $22 billion to look good per year, and buying wholesale makeup in Australia is an economical choice in the first place.
  • Also, wholesale shopping makes you get in bulk. So, you will never run out of essentials in times of emergencies.
  • In most cases, wholesale shopping products come with free shipping, so you save some extra bucks on transport.
  • As beginners, little will you want to make expensive cosmetic mistakes! So, wholesale shopping can be the safest choice for your money.
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