5 lip-smacking Indian dishes that go well with rum

A huge number of people is fond of drinking different types of liquors. However, they have very little idea about the dishes that can pair well with different types of liquors. There are a few best rum brands in India which manufacture the best quality rum. However, when accompanied by the best dishes on the side, you will have a great experience for sure. Anyone fond of drinking rum must try the following Indian dishes to get the best taste.

5 dishes that go well with rum

Here, the details of five Indian dishes are given that makes a perfect pair with rum. However, you should be aware that not all dishes match with random types of rum. You should always choose the pairing dish, considering the type of rum you are drinking.

Spiced Nun

If you are drinking a dark rum, it will be best for you to pair the spiced nun with it. Nuns are available in different varieties in the market. You must make sure that the spices like black pepper dust and cardamom are mixed with the nun. This side food is rich in carbohydrates, and you can expect to feel full after eating it.


Kebabs, especially made of mutton or lamb are one of the most prominent dishes of North India. If you are drinking a dark rum or sweet rum, kebabs can be the best pick for you. To get the authentic taste, you should always make it with all the necessary spices. If you are willing to buy kebabs, you should look for a corner that makes the best quality kebabs.

Chicken 65

In India, the liquor enthusiasts generally consider drinking rum during the winter months. They pick up some of the best brands of dark rum, navy rum or sweet rum. A spicy dish like chicken 65 can be a perfect pair for the types of rum mentioned above. This Indian dish with a lot of spices can give you heavenly warmth.

 Dry Paneer roast

Paneer is a popular name for Indian cottage cheese. It is found predominantly in the country and mainly acts as a staple diet for the vegetarians. Roasted paneer can be one of the best side dishes with rum for the vegetarians in the country. Dry paneer roast can be paired with a dip made of spices mixed with the paste of coriander leaf.

Fried banana

Fried banana is quite a common dish in South India. You can pair it with dark rum. You can get the real essence of the dish if you add some raita made of curd as a dip with the fried bananas. A few drops of lemon juice can go well with fried banana.

If you are looking for the best brands of rum, try searching for it on the Liquor Trends. However, even you enjoy the drink with your favourite side dishes, maintain proper decorum when drinking. Always drink responsibly and avoid getting highly intoxicated. Furthermore, you must be sure to always avoid driving after drinking.  

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