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5 Link Building Strategies to Acquire Quality Backlinks in 2021

Link building as suggested by its name is creating links and networks for a website or a webpage. It’s an art that is quite underrated and not everyone can be the Link Builder.

In this article, we have discussed a few link building strategies to acquire quality backlinks and be the best at this art.

Continue reading to become the best link builder in the town.

5 Useful Link Building Strategies

Guest Posting

Among the many favorite techniques mentioned by the SEO Experts, guest posting has been at the top of the list. The vast majority of experts believe it is among the most successful methods to expand a backlink portfolio. Guest blogging, as a component of a link-building plan, allows you to boost the website’s visibility by adding a link on someone else’s blog. The links can be inserted with a No-Follow (sometimes even a Do-Follow) feature in either text body or in the “About the Author” section if the website admin permits it. As a result, you can include a link to a certain blog on the website, allowing the author to boost the prominence of their own blog.

Resources and Links List Pages

Another strategy you can use to create backlinks to your website is by outsourcing the resource pages and link lists. This method entails making your high-quality material available as a resource page for a specific niche. Let us imagine you have special content that focuses on top IT boot camps in the US. You can suggest a link to the source and get your article linked to it.

Social Media Backlinks 

When it comes to promoting your business or portraying oneself as an expert, this method is really powerful. Building a personal profile and committed groups on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc, can help you earn trust and improve your brand positioning. It is ideal for leveraging your sponsored traffic and causing people to choose to learn further about your business. The visibility of your business on social media has a good impact on your personalized SERP i.e., Search Engine Results Page. With new SERP elements that consumers are more likely to click and you are ought to get more business. If you do not have a social media profile or have never used one before, now is a fantastic time to start. Nevertheless, keep in mind that this method is more about acquiring branded visitors than it is about growing the number of get quality backlinks to your business.

Public Release and Content Submission

Another great way to build links (our personal favorite as well) is by submitting the news worthy information (a product launch, an update to existing product etc) to the PR websites such as PRNewswire, PRLog, PRweb. Other things that you can submit is research, polls, opinions, cheat sheets, guides, and other type of content on platforms that allow these services either for free or after completion of payment. These platforms can be marketplaces, aggregators, article promotion websites, wikis, news portals, PR portals, online magazines, forums, or blog platforms.

If you are promoting a specific product, such as e-commerce, software, or services, this method works effectively.

Collaboration with Opinion Leaders

Testimonials, reviews, and interviews with well-known influencers and popular members of your target audience are fertile ground for expanding your backlink portfolio and raising brand awareness. Involve professionals in the promotion of your brand by doing interviews, AMA sessions, obtaining high-quality evaluations, and gathering brand evangelists. This plan will undoubtedly aid your business’s long-term growth as well as the development of a solid bond between the company and its targeted audience.

Skyscraper technique

Choosing popular content with plenty of backlinks and improving this is the most magical and efficient approach! However, it is not as straightforward as it appears. This method necessitates extensive research into the niche for which you are creating content. Identify all of the content’s flaws and deficiencies, such as text structure, readability, visual components, and keyword density, that are aimed at the intended audience. Make something that is superior to what your competitors are offering. Once you have created superior content, contact the sites that have links to the source and request them to change one of them with yours.

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