5 Jobs to Outsource in 2021

The way we do business has changed dramatically in recent years, with the pandemic highlighting the brilliance of outsourcing and digital communication. Nowadays, it’s not always necessary to hire full-time staff when you could use service suppliers on a more ad-hoc basis. So here are 5 jobs you may want to outsource in 2021.

  1. Content Writers

Need a website update? Perhaps you’ve a blog that could do with regular content? Then why not hire the services of a professional content writer? Many content creators have super SEO knowledge and incredible research skills. They’re able to turn work around quickly, follow briefs and help with everything from rebranding to ranking. Look for writers with published articles and an exceptional portfolio. It’s also possible to find writers that focus on more niche topics such as medical, financial or scientific writing experts.

  1. Social Media Managers

If you know that social media can improve brand engagement and awareness but don’t have time to manage multiple accounts, hiring a social media manager could be the way forward. From regular posting to coming up with social strategies that’ll boost follower numbers and ROI, social media managers have a wide range of skills. When looking for a social media guru, ask to see any channels they already run as this will give you an insight into campaign ideas and implementation as well as the way they interact with followers.

  1. Accountants

Keeping your accounts up-to-date is an absolute must whether you run a limited company or are a sole trader. That said, it’s not always easy to fill in tax returns on time, manage books and stay on top of time-consuming payroll issues. For that reason it’s a good idea to hire professionals such as Accountants in Brentwood who have the expertise to take on a wide range of accounting jobs on your behalf. Offering compliant, timely services that tick all HMRCs golden boxes, accountants can be used as and when you need them. 

  1. Graphic Designers

While you may not require a full or even part-time graphic designer for your business, there may come a moment when such skills are very much needed. For example, you might want to redesign your entire website. Or, maybe a new logo, brochure, leaflet, magazine or t-shirt design is required, and you have absolutely no idea how to get started. Those with artistic flare and graphic design software knowledge will make light work of a task that could take you months. So it’s a good idea to reach out for professional help.

  1. Personal Assistants

A virtual personal assistant that you can hire by the hour or on an ad-hoc basis can be a great way to free up time. Personal assistants can effectively be based anywhere and can be allocated a wide range of tasks from event management to clearing inboxes. They can also schedule meetings, dabble in bookkeeping and perhaps even take on basic payroll services if you have a small enough team for it to not be overly complicated. Of course, if your team expands then payroll services in Brentwood may be much more appropriate. But general day-to-day tasks are what a personal assistant is qualified for.

Outsourcing specific roles and tasks can be kinder on your business budget but be sure to look around for professionals with a credible portfolio and reputation.  Just Know to How

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