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5 Improved Ways to Get Rid of Caffeine Addiction from Your System




Those who love coffee have an addiction to it. A mug of coffee brings a fresh start every morning. However, at some point, you may have the thought distressing you that’s you are intaking too much caffeine. And when you have that feeling, it’s right time you should get rid of that addiction.

In the beginning, you may face challenges since it’s your daily habit to take mugs after mugs of coffee. But you can let that habit go out of your system by following the ways described below.

Stop Consuming Caffeine: By the time you notice the adverse effect of consuming too much caffeine, you should brace yourself and avoid caffeinating. Caffeine not only remains in coffee as you think but also remains in dark chocolate, tea, soda, some desserts, and ice creams. 

Therefore, you should cut your appetite for such delicious items in front of you. 

Reduce the Number of Intakes: It might not be possible to say goodbye to caffeine entirely, but you can reduce the number of intakes instead. If you were consuming about 4-5 mugs of coffee a day, bring it within 1-2 cups a day. After that, caffeine’s stimulatory effect will work out within this time.

Add More Fiber in Food: Fiber-rich foods help to release extra caffeine out of your bloodstream. It would help if you focused on adding whole-grain food, beans, vegetables, lentils, seeds, and nuts to your meal. It will keep you healthy at the same time.

If you maintain a healthy diet full of vegetables, protein, and fruits, you can control your appetite for caffeine. Make a routine meal chart. Add another drink item and make a habit of intaking it. It will help you get rid of coffee addiction effectively. 

Keep Yourself Hydrated: The more you keep your body hydrated, the more you can fight against caffeine’s effects. Over-intake caffeine tends to make us feel jitters, sleeplessness, nervous, shaky, and other uncomfortable situations. 

But when you drink more water instead of coffee or other caffeinated items, you can reduce caffeine’s side-effects on your body. You will start feeling active once again. Plus, it will help you intake less caffeine if your body is hydrated.

Stay Active: Nothing is more powerful than keeping yourself active and busy. Practice hard work, regular exercises, meditating, or yoga to work out in a routine. Working out can become the most friendly coffee alternatives

You may prefer taking medication or other solutions to reduce your addiction, but try out this natural process to keep yourself healthy. If you can’t maintain a gym membership, you can do little workouts at home or practice walking every day. 

It’s about keeping yourself active to let go of a depressing situation or jitters happening because of caffeine intake.

Moreover, divert your mind when you feel like having a mug of coffee. Drink something less caffeinated or not caffeinated at all to start a healthy start. 

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Chicken Recipes for Dinner




What’s for dinner? The age-old question. To make dinner, or to not make dinner. First time home cooks are often daunted by the thought of cooking their first meat dish, for fear of serving a bad meal, or worse, an undercooked meal. Here is a no-fail recipe that only requires a few ingredients and even fewer steps.

Chicken can be cooked or baked, savory or sweet, roasted over a spitting fire, or tossed into a hearty stew. Whichever unique way you choose to cook this dish, one thing can be guaranteed; it’s delicious! Here is a simple chicken recipe that anyone, regardless of skill level, will be able to cook.

For this recipe, I like to pick up one or two packages of raw chicken tenderloins. These are smaller and bake faster in the oven. I find most people typically go for chicken breast, but I find those large chunks of chicken take considerably longer to bake and this recipe is all about simplicity. If you need more chicken recipes, check out Corrie cooks.

One ingredient you absolutely must have is olive oil. I prefer to use extra virgin olive oil, but a light olive oil would work just as well if you’re trying to cut calories. Olive oil is the magic ingredient in this recipe. The next thing you’ll want to collect is 2-6 of your favorite spices. You can go as simple as salt and pepper, of course, but I like to add a little more flavor to my chicken. Here is a shortlist of dried spices and rubs I have incorporated into this recipe, though not at all once!

-Salt & Pepper
-Garlic (minced or powder depending on your level of garlic addiction)
-Onion Powder
-Red Pepper Flakes (if you’ve got a spicy-tooth)
-Herbs da Providence
-Italian Seasoning

Just to name a few. First, preheat your oven to 375°F. You’re going to start by quickly rinsing your chicken tenderloins. Pour just a little of the olive oil into the bottom of your pan; I find glass casserole dishes work best. Lay the tenderloins upside down (whichever way you deem to be the “bottom”) and try not to let them touch. This helps keep them from sticking to each other as they bake. For the “bottom” of the tenderloins, I keep it simple, just a dusting of salt and pepper. Now flip them over so they are “right side up” again. The trick to getting great tasting chicken, I’ve found, is to rub all of your spices in. Start with whatever spice is closest to you. Give a good dusting and then rub it in for two to three seconds. Each time you sprinkle a new spice on the tenderloins be sure to rub it in. The last spice I add is salt and pepper; just a quick dusting over each tenderloin. We don’t want the chicken too salty as we want the flavors of the spices to shine. Once you’ve added all of the spices it’s time to use that magic ingredient – olive oil! Pour a little olive oil into the palm of your hand, hover over the tenderloins, and slowly pour over individual tenderloin, then gently press the olive oil in. I usually just pick up each tenderloin to ensure an even coating of olive oil. The reason for this is the olive oil helps lock in all those delicious spices amping up that flavor profile. It also keeps the chicken from drying out during the baking process which is a common mistake a lot of new home cooks make. No one likes dry chicken.

Once all of the tenderloins have been sufficiently spiced and oiled, it is time to put the chicken in the oven. Bake at 375°F for about 40-50 minutes. I typically take them out at the 40-45-minute mark and cut one of the tenderloins in half. If the fluid is clear and the chicken has no pink left, it is done!

With just a few quick steps you’ve turned boring chicken into a dinner favorite!


No Fail Chicken Dinner

– ¼ teaspoon garlic powder
– ¼ teaspoon onion powder
– ¼ teaspoon dried basil
– ½ teaspoon Italian seasoning
– Salt & pepper to taste
– ½ cup of olive oil (plus a little extra for the pan)
– 1 to 2 packages of chicken tenderloin (packages typically come with 6-8 tenderloins)

1.) Preheat oven to 375°F
2.) Coat bottom of pan with olive oil
3.) Lay tenderloins in pan so they do not touch and are “upside down”
4.) Give each tenderloin bottom a dusting of salt and pepper, turn right side up
5.) Sprinkle each tenderloin with equal parts garlic powder, onion powder, dried basil and dried Italian seasoning, being sure to rub each spice in.
6.) Quick dusting of salt & pepper
7.) Drizzle olive oil over each tenderloin and rub or press into each individual tenderloin to be sure each is coated evenly and thoroughly.
8.) Bake at 375°F for 40-50 minutes until cooked through, checking chicken by cutting one in half, making sure no pink is left.


Simple Baked Chicken


– Cooking spray, or olive oil
– 2 cups rice of choice
– 1 (10.5-oz.) can cream of chicken soup
– 1 (10.5-oz.) can cream of mushroom soup
– 1 cup water
– 1 teaspoon dried oregano
– 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
– Kosher salt
– Freshly ground black pepper
– 1 (1-oz.) package onion soup mix
– Freshly chopped chives for garnish (optional)

1.) Preheat oven to 350°F and lightly pour olive oil into the bottom of your baking pan. I recommend a 9-12-inch glass baking dish.

2.) In a large bowl mix together your uncooked rice, cream of chicken soup, cream of mushroom soup, water, and oregano. Once this is well combined pour this mixture into your baking dish. 

3.) Season chicken with salt and pepper then place on top of rice mixture. Try not to let the chicken breasts touch as they may stick together as they bake. Sprinkle onion soup mix over chicken then cover with aluminum foil and bake 1 hour and 15 minutes, or until chicken is cooked through (no pink) and rice is tender.

Garnish with chives before serving.

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New trend of marketing and the fancy cookie boxes




New trend of marketing and the fancy cookie boxes

Cookies are one of the most desirable and all-time favorite snacks for all age groups. Believe it or not but cookies are the most filling and easily accessible go-to snack anytime around the clock. Cookies are readily available everywhere in numerous types, shapes, and flavors. If you are a cookie lover, you can always get a wide variety of cookies and biscuits to make your pick. Snacks like cookies and biscuits have always been very demanding for quite a long time. With the continuous increase in its demand, cookie and biscuit businesses are also on the rise. They are making various innovations with each passing day. 

Importance of cookie packaging:

Everybody loves snacks like biscuits and cookies, but their packaging is as vital as the snack itself. You cannot deny the impact of the appearance of the packaging. The way a snack is packed determines a lot about the quality of the product and the decision-making process of the customer. Therefore, the packaging of cookies and biscuits is given great significance in such businesses. Unique styles and designs of packaging impart charm and attraction to the store shelves and various market displays. Product packaging can be very beneficial to cookie or biscuit businesses. 

Cookie packaging online: 

Are you looking for some attractive and cute cookie boxes? You do not have to worry about it anymore. With the latest technological innovations, cookie businesses are coming up with mind-blowing ideas for wrapping up biscuits and cookies. You can find a wide variety of cookie packaging and choose the one that suits you best. You can easily buy cookies and biscuits anywhere near you as they are readily available everywhere. However, with the rapid increase in the cookie business, plenty of online websites have come up where they sell cookies and biscuits with various types of stylish and glamorous packaging. Their packaging boxes are made with extra protection for retaining the freshness and quality of the cookies and biscuits. They provide the packaging in all shapes and sizes. they attractively present the cookie packaging, displaying the cookie type, weight, ingredients, origin, manufacturer, etc. The material of the custom boxes used for packaging is of the utmost quality. It helps in maintaining the flavor of the cookies fresh for an extended period. Moreover, the packaging that they provide is reliable. It protects the product against UV radiation and light. It also protects the cookies and biscuits from damage during transportation. They sell cookies in the following packaging forms:

  • Cookies packed in piles
  • Cookies packed in trays
  • Cookies packed in boxes
  • Cookies packed in cartons
  • Cookies packed in tins

But, out of all the forms of packaging, cookies packed in boxes are the most demanded ones. Therefore, they are available in distinct varieties. 

Customized cookie packaging:

With the brilliant advancement in technology, you can get your cookie packages customized according to your ideas. There are various websites available where you can buy cookies and biscuits with the type of packaging that you prefer. You can get your boxes styled and designed in any way that you want. You can have many custom partitions and slots in your box where you can pack different types of cookies in a single box. They will provide a wide variety of materials, colors, shapes, sizes, etc. You just have to choose the required features for your cookie packaging. They will design it for you according to your instructions. 

If you are looking forward to buying presents for friends for New Year’s Eve, delicious cookies packed in glitzy cookie boxes would not be a bad idea. So, what are you waiting for? Go to your nearest cookie stores or just connect to them online. Place your orders now and get your cookies with the most remarkable packaging. 

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A Distinct Variety Of Natural Colors That Reflect The Goodness Of Nature In 2021.




Color is an estimate of the quality and nutrient content in foods. The prime objective of adding color to foods is to make them appealing, supplement the loss of dyes during processing to enhance the quality, and also to influence the consumer to buy a product. Currently, the demand for natural dyes is increasing globally due to the expanded awareness of therapeutic and medicinal properties and their benefits among the public and also because of the recognized intense toxicity of synthetic colors. Natural dyes are those that are derived from naturally occurring sources such as plants, insects, animals, and minerals. Out of all the natural dyes, plant-based pigments have medicinal values so are mostly preferred. Nowadays, the food market and additives suppliers are continuously stimulated to work towards the development of the technical and physical attributes of the coloring preparations. The development of cost-effective, ideal technology for the preparation of food color and its application in foods is daunting and the requirement of the day. 

Why Are Coloring Additives Used In Foods?

People’s perception is typically influenced by the appearance of the food and this indicates the flavor. So, it is essential to note that the color of a food or beverage often dominates over other sources of information regarding the flavor. From numerous studies, it has been observed that the color of a food or drink can play an intense role in flavor perception. Different foods are linked with a variety of vividness by people. So, color strongly influences the hospitality industry as it attracts people. Undoubtedly, it is a distinctive quality attribute of foods and the objective of adding color to foods is to make them engaging, augment the loss of color during processing, improve the quality, and also to influence the consumer to purchase a product. Coloring is added to food for the following factors that are to restore color lost during transforming, to enhance color that is already present and to diminish batch variations in processing.

Color & Perception – Marketing strategy of food by major spirulina extract manufacturer are highly determined by color. It affects almost everything one does in life starting from purchasing items for one’s home, his/her clothing, or their food, decisions are made while giving dyes the most importance. It also recommends the flavors that are unforeseen when eating or drinking. 

Booster For Natural Colors – With time, there is growing consciousness about the detrimental effects of the usage of synthetic colors, and the chemicals demand of natural food dyes in the international market abruptly increases. 

As an encouragement for using natural food dyes in novel products like baby toys and crayons, organic textile printing, handmade paper, etc. has been executing and accompanied in a few developed countries.

Love Speed

With plenty of ingredients to cater to diverse application sections, eminent professionals, and a well-appointed facility at their disposal, they make sure that they remain agile and responsive to all their customer needs. Paprika oleoresin manufacturer reflects and learn with each passing project, and strive to keep the fastest in project turnarounds. Though it may sound unconventional, growing big and moving fast is the way of life.

Care For The Environment & Its People

Many of the suppliers take environmental sustainability and responsibility seriously. The occupation is attuned to nature and has no irreversible impact on the environment. The processes deliver products with minimum to zero atmosphere impact. They are committed to maintaining and improving product quality and food safety standards. They ensure that all the patrons are made aware of the commitment to the environment.

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Malt Vs. Milkshake: Everything you needed to know about it




Milkshake is most probably the most famous beverage drinks in the Western world. The glass complements every food item. Burger with a milkshake or a sub sandwich is going to be the national food of the USA, and no one will oppose most likely about it. You already can imagine how famous the milkshake is in the West. Thanks to the TV tradition and open-world connectivity, the drunk is equally renowned all over the West and world. It is very natural to think there are thousands of varieties of milkshakes depending on the culture and availability of the food items, fruits, and such. But, most people confuse milkshake with malt. According to the authenticity and recipes, there is a difference between a malt and shake. If you want to know about them more, then please scroll it.


Milkshake is quick to make a drink with the goodness of milk, fruits, and several flavors. The ethnicity of the milkshake is purely western.


It would help if you took a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the mixer. Then add a few cubes of the fruit you want. Adding a fruit strap and dry fruit bits will increase the taste by many folds. You are almost finishing the steps. At last, add a cup of heavy cream or whipped cream to the mixer. Now, churn the mixture till you get the fine and frothy appearance of your milkshake. It will taste heavenly. Now, you can add extra fruit syrup or chocolate topping to increase the taste.


Malt is more popular across the eastern world. Adding a bit of malt on the plain milkshake is the signature here. Malt is a grain derivative that comes from barley, wheat, and sugar mixed with water.

History of malt

At first, malt was the feed for malnourished and weak children. The mothers’ favorite as malt was easy to digest, very cheap as it originates from the country’s wheat and barley ears. Besides, it was tasty, and so, the children loved it. During 1992 William Horlick found the formula very interesting to try on for adults. After several fries, he could powder the malt and evaporate the milk into powder form. The new malt disks consist of this condensed milk powder and wheat particulates.

Malt ingredients

Preparing malt is not as simple as the milkshakes. It is a multi-step process. You will need vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, whole milk powder, malt milk powder, whipped cream, and cherry for the topping. More or less, you will need one or two cups of each ingredient to complement your taste.

Malt recipe

Though there is a  difference between a malt and shake, Malt making is more or less similar to milkshakes. At first, you need to take one or two scoops of ice cream. The vanilla flavor is perfect for the malt’s base. Then add fruit cubes or chocolate syrup to the mixer. Mix it well till you get the bubbly appearance. Adding whole milk will give a lovely texture and smell. After churning for some time, you are ready to pour serve. All you need is a spoonful of malt sugar and the right mix for the last time.


Usually, metal glasses look best for the malt serving. Golden or white bronze glass is the best serving dish. You can brush the bottom of the glass with chocolate syrup and then pour the mixture into the cup. After that, pour down the thick mixture in the mirror. Now is the time for topping. Add one or two cherries to garnish. Your favorite dry fruits will also do the job fine.

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Popular coca leaf beverage you must try




Agwa de bolivia is the only coca liquor in the entire world. It is a premium herbal coca liquor which has South American flavors. You can enjoy it as a drink or can even use it as an ingredient for preparing your cocktail. The drink has the beautiful flavor of coca leaf alcohol.

It is prepared using dried coca leaves which are steamed distilled to get an alcoholic extract. This extract has the essence of the original plant.

Relish the try essence of coca leaves beverage

People who are always eager to taste different types of alcohol must consume this herbal drink at least once in their lifetime. Agwa de bolivia is a highly versatile ingredient. It is masked with the flavor of dried fruits. At first, you will get a bitter taste on the tongue but it will settle down quickly and give you a nice feeling. The bitterness sensation is something which you are going to relish. The drink is infused with over 36 different types of ingredients to make it unique. You can also use it in your homemade cocktails. 

All the drinks are easy to make and are also quite delicious. The alcohol changes its color when it is frozen. It also has an exotic flavor and goes well with any kind of drinks. We have various ingredients using which we prepare our Bolivian Coca leaf drink.

How do we prepare the drink?

The juicy coca leaves are handpicked from the Andes. After that, they are processed in research labs. The primary alkaloid is completely removed and the coca leaves are then macerated and distilled to get the flavor and natural color. The distillate is then mixed with over 36 different types of botanicals. The flavor is approved by our master blender.

The flavor is blended with different types of water, sugar, vodka and natural colors. The liquid is then added to an aeration tank where the strength and viscosity is determined. It is then transferred to bottles and shipped to you.

Few of the most delicious beverages which you can prepare using agwa de bolivia

Bolivian Bloody Mary: Bolivian Bloody Mary is a signature drink which is prepared using agwa de bolivia. 

Chief Ingredients:

  • 25ml AGWA de Bolivia
  • 10ml Worcestershire Sauce
  • 100ml Tomato Juice
  • 5ml Tabasco Sauce
  • Pepper
  • Pinch of Salt
  • Lemon Slice
  • Celery

How to prepare:  Mix all your ingredients together in a mixing vessel and add ice cubes to it. Pour the liquid in a glass and stir it well.

Bolivian Mule: Bolivian Mule is another popular drink option for the agwa de bolivia lovers. The drink has a unique taste to it.

Chief Ingredients:

  • 150ml ginger beer
  • 50ml agwa de bolivia
  • lime wedges
  • Ice 

How to prepare: Pour some chilled agwa in a glass along with ice. Add the ginger beer to it and garnish the drink with the lime wedges.

Bolivian Mojito: The bolivian mojito is no doubt the most popular agwa drink. So, if you have a thing for mojito, you must try it out.

Chief ingredients:

  • 50ml agwa de bolivia
  • 20ml sugar syrup
  • 30ml soda
  • 8 mint leaves
  • 4 lime wedges
  • Brown sugar

How to prepare: Add the mint leaves and lime wedges in a tall glass. Add the agwa, sugar syrup and soda to it. Stir well and enjoy your drink.

So, there were some of the best coca leaves beverages that you must try at least once in your life. Do let us know how you liked your drink.

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