5 Hyaluronic Acid Tricks For Glowing Skin

When it comes to keeping your skin radiant, there are always new products on the market touting their ability to help out in this department. Yet, there is a handful of tools that have been time-tested and have outlasted trends; one of those is Hyaluronic Acid. This potent hydrator is a must-have for any skincare enthusiast, and today we’re going to go through 5 tricks that will keep your complexion happy thanks to it.

What Is Hyaluronic Acid?

While the word “acid” may seem harsh and intimidating at first, worry not, it won’t harm your skin or leave you with burns. benefits of hyluronic acid serum for the face  is a clear, gooey, bioavailable substance.Known as a humectant, it absorbs moisture from its environment and traps it. This unique ability allows it to play a crucial role in maintaining lubrication and moistness in key areas. 

The main area that it can be found is within your skin. In fact, here it accounts for 50% of your body’s total levels. So what does it do? Well, a major thing is that it keeps your skin moisture levels up. This allows your skin to retain its plumpness. 

The other key area that HA can be found is your joints! As anyone who took a simple biology class in high school should know, the area between your joints contains a fluid that allows for easy mobility. Part of that fluid mix is Hyaluronic Acid. It acts as a shock absorber and lubricator here.

Feel like a Hyaluronic Acid wizard? Good. Now let’s get to the fun stuff: The 5 tricks for glowing skin. 

(H2) 1: Fix Troubled Skin 

Is there anything worse than when you have dry, flaky skin or perpetual problems with acne? They are two of the most common skin issues that face us as humans today. HA can help.

For those who suffer from eczema, Hyaluronic Acid has been shown to help when applied as a topical cream to help reduce flakiness thanks to its potent, hydrating powers. 

As for acne? Well, there are two ways it can help you.. The first may be surprising to you; acne can come about when the skin complexion is dry and overcompensates by producing more oil. This, in turn, creates a cycle of breakouts. Using a hydrator like HA can help stop the cycle before it starts. The second way it can help is to re-hydrate the skin after using stronger products like Salicylic Acid that are known to dry the skin out. 

(H2) 2: Find A Type You Like

Aside from serums, HA comes in many helpful forms.

There are injectables which are used as fillers to plump up the skin’s firmness. They go deep into the layers of the skin to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles for a younger look.

Not one for invasiveness? You can also take Hyaluronic Acid Supplements by mouth that will over time show great results like better joint mobility and skin firmness. 

(H2) Wait For Best Results 

We’re all prone to impatience when it comes to our skincare routine. After all, if we have an 8 product line-up, something’s gotta give, right? Well, this is one product you want to be sure to apply properly for best results, A quick but handy trick is that when you’re applying Hyaluronic Acid, wait 15 minutes before moving to the next product. 

(H2) Combine It With Other Staple Products For Rave Results 

The best way to get the most luscious skincare results with Hyaluronic Acid? Use it in tandem with other power ingredients. Here are a few of our favorite combinations. 

With Vitamin C. Adding hyaluronic acid to your skin after applying a vitamin C infused product helps to create a bright and dewy palette. 

With Retinol. For all you skincare lovers, you know the power of Retinol, a Vitamin A derivative. It helps to fight fine lines and get rid of dark spots. Unfortunately, it is drying. So pairing with hyaluronic acid is a surefire way to have the best results. 

(H2) Use All 365-Days 

HA is a year-round product. It’s beneficial in the summer months when you’re exposed to UV rays longer, which can lead to dry skin. It’ll replenish low hydration levels to ensure that your sun-kissed skin glows instead of flakes. Likewise, the power of hydration proves true in the winter as well, when temperatures drop leaving moisture hard to find. Hyaluronic Acid works to pull in as much moisture as it can from your surroundings and retain it to keep your complexion bright.  

Now that you’re in-the-know, go out and try the tricks! We’re positive the results will astound you.

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